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  1. Landraces (plantas autóctonas) Esta serie de artículos esta enfocada sobre las más importantes landraces del cannabis. Todas las miles de variedades de cannabis que usamos hoy en día derivan de un relativamente limitado numero de landraces, que han sido usadas para propositos medicinales, religiosos y recreacionales durante siglos. El cannabis se originó en Asia central, y desde ahí se ha propagado hacia todos los rincones del mundo. A veces ayudadas por la naturaleza, a veces por el hombre, las semillas de cannabis han conquistado distancias inimaginables, diseminando sus genéticas, adaptándose a los nuevos medio ambientes, cambiando sus características y por lo tanto resultando en incontables combinaciones. Algunas de estas combinaciones se estabilizaron ellas mismas a través de la endogamia en medio ambientes particulares. Algunas de estas landraces se han preservado, aisladas en áreas remotas del planeta sin contacto con otras variedades de cannabis por largos períodos de tiempo. 1) Marruecos - Kif Marroquí 2) Malawi – Malawi Gold 3) Sudáfrica – Rooibaard Sudafricana 4) Isla Reunión – La Hierba Perpetua 5) Tailandia – Sativa Tailandesa 6) Afganistán – Indica Afgana 7) India – Himalayan Mal Kazajstán – Kazajstán Rudelaris 9) Méjico – Sativa de Oaxaca 10) Panamá – Panama Red 11) Colombia – Punto Rojo Colombiano 12) Brasil – Manga Rosa Brasileña Mi nombre es Franco, mi pasión es el cannabis, y mi trabajo es cazar variedades para Green House Seed Company.
  2. Excellent job mopman. That slex looks awesome, really frosty. Take care.
  3. Hi bro, your english is more than enough. I`m sure you will find plenty of help at this forum. Take care.
  4. Hi bro, I don´t know which strain you have, but for sure looks really healthy. That says, you are doing a good job. This plant for me is a hybrid, with more % of sativa than indica. Which strain it is ?... well, impossible for me to say with just a picture. Please keep us update. Take care.
  5. Nice bro, welcome to the forum. I love Trainwreck and your plant look awesome. Good job. Take care.
  6. Hi man, welcome to the forum. Really nice set up you have there. We will love to see more pictures. Take care.
  7. Welcome to the forum. Who do not has been a little paranoid while working with plants, jeje. Take care.
  8. Hi bro welcome to the forum. I see some really tempting buds there. Congratz.
  9. Hi mate welcome to the forum. You have many auto strains no to choose from. I put some SMA this past summer with impressive results. Take care.
  10. I agree with If you want a good bio-funguiside you could also try with propolix ( propoleo alcohol soluion for agricultutal use). The bees produce the propoleo to seal their honeycombs and potect them from fungus attacks. Take care.
  11. Damm bro, this sucks, I hope you have better luck next time. If you can get clones now you still have time to have a decent crop. Take care.
  13. I love weed brownies, those are tasty, haha. Get well soon bro.
  14. Hi bro, welcome to the forum. We will be happy to see those pics. Take care.
  15. Hi man, welcome to the forum. I hope soon all America will legalize, It would be really good, because I´m sure many country will follow. Take care.
  16. hi bro, welcome to the forum. It would be really nice if you can share some pics of your road trip. Take care.
  17. Hi bro, welcome to the forum. I wish the same as you Cheers.
  18. Hi Ukranian Guy, welcom to the forum. I´m sure, here you will find a lot of info and many interesting people to talk with. Take care.
  19. Welcome to the forum, man. As cannabissapean well pointed out, the main problem with your plant is they did not got enough sun. I hope they catch up now you put them outside, take care.
  20. Hi man and welcome. Personally I´m not a big fan of auto strains, but I have to admit they are really a success. Most people I know are really happy with the results. Take care.
  21. Hi, mate welcome to the forum. It would be really nice to see your grow report if you want to share it with us. Cheers.
  22. Hi, man, welcome to the forum. I tried grew a SMA this last summer outdoor and I got impressed with the result. Take care.
  23. Hi bro welcome to the forum !! Your english is really good. In your country as in many other, things look a little behind regarding cannabis laws, but do not wory this will soon change around the world. Take care.
  24. Is not legal to grow in Spain. People is really used to see plants or others smoking. But you can have big problems if you got caught cultivating more than you can probe is for your personal use. Take care.
  25. Hi bro welcome to the forum. It would be nice to se a grow report. I personally use PF with really good results. Take care.

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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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