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  1. Hello strainhunters, cannabis lovers and stoners. I have a bit of an emergency i think. Today i discovered some white spots on some of the serveral leaves on one of my super skunk. And was hoping some of could tell me if it is powdery mildew im dealing with. my setup is a 400W HPS bulbs in a 0.9 x 0.9 X 1.8 m tent and use im using GH feeding for short flowering. the humidity never net above 60% at night and is between 40-50% when lights are on. in the tent i have 4 plants, 2 of them is skunk #1 and 2 is super skunk. it is only one of the super skunks which has the white spots. wouldnt PM affect atleast both super skunk and not only one?
  2. Hello fellow Cannabis lovers and strainhunters This is my third try to grow Cannabis. All tree times have been outdoor in guerilla style because i have not yet been able to grow inside. My first attempt is document here in my first grow journal. which failed horrible and ended op with 25g "smokeable" of weed out of 45 plants mainly cause of deer's eating my plants. Second attempt went a litte better and got a decent amount of smoke 150g wich i enjoyed and gave me inspiration to try again next year this grow finished last year and most of the smoke i all gone but i decided to share it with you guys and to show that you can get some decent smoke smoke with little resources even in a country with average humdity of 85 % and lots of rain. And thought you maybe would like to watch some girls in the wild . the only soil i bought was the potting soil. for 0,5 liter cups i started the seeds in. so total startup cost if about 25 euro for potting soil, fertiliser and beer cups as startup pots. waited about 1 month before i planted them outside which gave them time to show preflowers, which told me from early on wich ones that where males from early on. This grow ive sprouted about 60 seeds. 30 of them is a cross from last year between an (onxy x bubblicous auto) x (old danish strain). and 30 mixed danish crosses. The reason i choose these strains is that the have high mould resistance wich is needed in the humid weather. These are my cross which will be in the most part of the pictures as they seem to be a bit more photogenic
  3. Thank you i do belive its P. Cubensis Ecuadorian i never tried the cambodja shroom would you recommend them? the 3 types of magice mushrooms i have tried is P.cubensis Mexican, P. Cubensis Ecuadorian and Psilocybe semilanceata. i prefer the cubensis i laugh more. But semilanceata is way stronger. last time i took them every single colour in the room melted together. had really hard to see anything. the best thing about semilanceata is that they grow in the wild in Denmark in the fall
  4. Hello Tokage & Dust thank you for confirming that is mold im glad i did the right thing i really got big hopes for the big plants, cant wait to see how large they get when they are mature now i just wait for the litte bud to dry and cure so i can taste my first home grown weed hehe i just saw the beautiful shrooms and had to take a picture of them. love all kinds of mushrooms. well i prefer magic mushrooms like these.
  5. Update: Hello everyone here is another update some of the plants have gotten really big. the biggest one is about 1,5 meter i would guess the autos are starting to look a little weak, i think harvest of them is near. forgot to take pictures of 2. but here is one of them One of the plants had some wierd web/mold on its so i was afraid is was mold og something bad so i decided to chop i down. could anyone tell me what is is? after trimming it looked like this. it aint much maybe 1-2 joints but really looking forward to tasting it these who havnt had it easy but still survives And last picture just some random shrooms
  6. Thank you Noiz sorry for the late post have been busy lately stay tuned for new update tomorrow
  7. yeah i will sacrifice some hash to the ganja gods and pray for better weather
  8. Hello Dust yeah as you said no major problems atm. so now i just need many sunny days thank you for following my thread your always the first one to answer
  9. This movie:Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood i also a really funny stoner movie check it out http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0116126/
  10. Update: i have been busy lately and the weather hasnt been that good. so this is the first time ive been there since last update. the twins is standing a little too close so i tried to tie them down with some plastic as i didnt have any string. the highest plant is about 90 cm tall. the autos the and survivors
  11. Now i know what heaven looks like keep up the good work
  12. Damn that mazar hash hash looks really good
  13. maybe i should go to barcelona first for a couple of days and then take the train to Andalucia do you know how many hours it take from barelona to malaga with train? Tal vez debería ir a Barcelona primero por un par de días y luego tomar el tren a Andalucía ¿sabe usted cuántas horas toma de Barelona a Málaga con el tren?
  14. Damn your guys are making it very difficult to me to choose so many wonderful places i wish i had more vacation and money so i could visit whole spain Malditos sean tus chicos están haciendo muy difícil para mí elegir tantos lugares maravillosos: D Me gustaría tener más vacaciones y dinero para que yo pudiera visitar a toda España
  15. thank you for the positive vibes yeah hopefully i have met the worst problems, and it will get better from now on bought some eco friendly insect spary wich should be gone after 24 hours, and shouldnt effect the buds.

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