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  1. made this pipe the other day when the power was out.
  2. About a year ago I came up with a way to use a standard digital timer to run an abstract 16/12 cycle. I did not had the time to implement a test , but now I do. Now here how it works The difference is in hours of sun per week (hpw) on a standard 12/12 cycle you get 84 hpw on a 16/12 you get 96 hpw That is an extra days worth of sun in 1 week. over the coarse of a 8 week strain you gain over a weeks extra growth So here we go I started with a 11l dish tub with holes in bottom.( fits in the grow cooler perfect) filled it with coco and perlite I threw super critical and a mk ultra clones in. Then into the mini grow cooler. Now to set timer Monday at noon on Tuesday at 4 am off Tuesday at 4 pm on Wednesday at 8 am off Wednesday at 8 pm on Thursday at noon off Thursday at midnight on Friday at 4 pm off Saturday at 4 am on Saturday at 8 pm off Sunday at 8 am on Sunday at midnight off Now we see if my cycle works
  3. From the album bozo's pics

  4. From the album bozo's pics

  5. im back. super crit still running. some of what ive been up to since last we spoke
  6. sog 600w 9 plants ebb and flow hydro
  7. Was trying to post a few pics for you guys but uploaded keeps denying me . Keeps saying not permitted to upload this kind of file. Wtf they are jpegs and under allowed size
  8. I know a few of u are fishermen so i thought it would be cool to have a anonymous fish thread. stoned fish storys, pics what ever, all is welcome
  9. I decided to start my cheese for the cup entry. I've had the seed for a while and have wanted to start it and this was just a good excuse. I plan to fully implement my scrog regimen. as well as my full arsenal of toys, time lapes ,usb macros and videos. Now down to the basics Medium Nutrifeild loose Coco 70% Aztec coarse Perlite 30% Nutrients Advanced nutrients Jungle juice ( 3 part Base ) Fox farms Microbe brew ( root beneficial inoculent ) Botanicare hydroplex ( bloom enhancer ) General hydroponic Floronector (bloom sweetener ) Water management Ge sediment filter ( 1st filter in a ro system ) Milwaukee ph tester HDS ppm meter Lights 23w 6500k t5 ( clones ) 2x23w 6500k t5 ( pre veg ) 2x65w 6500k cfl fence type ( mothers ) 400w mh lumitec ballest ( veg ) 2x600 hps digital ballests ( flower ) Hoods Sun leaves Artic sun ( veg ) Sun leaves preditor cobra 6 ( flower ) 6x19 cool tube w/ bat wing ( flower )ill change to a preditor soon Ventilation C.a.p. 465 cfm 6" inline ( vents hood air ) C.a.p. 212 cfm 4" inline ( vents flower room and veg hood ) Can filter 33 200 cfm ( hooked to the 4" inline ) 165 cfm booster fan ( pulling intake air from under house ) 2x C.a.p. oval oscillation wall mount fan ( veg and flower ) emerson tower fan ( pre veg and moms ) Co2 Milwaukee co2 regulator ( up to 5cfm ) 20 pound tank Controller C.a.p. co2 4e ( controls heat, humidity and co2 ) Cameras Canon power shot sd1400 is ( 14.1 mega pixel ) Wingscapes plant cam ( timelapse ) Amcap usb micro scope
  10. New batch. 8 super critical, 6 cheese and 2 caboose. They are at day 27 since they were cut as clones. Another week or so I'll flower them
  11. Couldn't find my good cam. Here is some super crit
  12. pics of me scrogging great white shark, white rhino, 2 g13s the plants had been topped at 12" and then i had to super crop the plants to fit under scrog.
  13. A friend of mine had 1 reach 6 foot 120cm indoors under 1000w
  14. I fully believe they harm plants. I read this study about a month or so ago. I had got a wifi about 8 months ago and in that 8 months I had all kinds of problems. My Internet got shut off about 2 months ago and all my plants look 100 times better
  15. I call it the crinkle leaf pheno. Had the same thing on a wr once upon a time
  16. Nope just a crappy pheno.
  17. I hate the term mainlining. Stop using it as a pot term its for tweekers
  18. Cabooses are out. The mother showed a pollen sack after 7 days 12/12. Culled the mom 2 clones in this batch and 1 from next
  19. Ya no more scrog. I found for my set up it doesn't make sense
  20. I drink ever we got a shot called a "dale earnhardt". It is a flaming shot of ever clear dropped into an energy drink called nos . A few more recipes but those are top secret.. But in California ever clear is only 151 proof. Highest allowed level.
  21. finally got some bho to the crumble wax stage
  22. if the stain is test run to check its stability. any seed will do. I've have super critical running for over 2 years for a fem seed clone mom
  23. im back if only in spirit .running on purely mobile.not the best internet. just saying hello again.
  24. lost 3 months off my cycle but saved the genes. i knew it was dying before hand and already had a clone waiting to replace her. so I've had super critical over 2 years now. there is also a cheese mothers and a caboose that has been cloned for testing. 3 cheese and 1 super critical 2 weeks till flower. 3 more super critical and 1 caboose just transplanted from clone.6weeks till flower.i
  25. hello every 1. internet will be sorted sooner or later.sorry toke no bud porn lost 2 batches of clones in a row to a crazy yellow mold. then 1of my mothers died of old age(too long in small pot). electro tons of quail eggs i ate 22 yesterday. lol

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