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  1. yeah i got my account back..... its been a really long time if anyone wants to catch me im at Instagram:




  2. cogollo

    HTCC 2014

    im getting ready, in a few hours i´ll be headed to madrid airport to catch a plane to amsterdam!!!! that free boat ride sound great i never went in boat on the canals!!! i hope we have a good time and we meet lots of people, im carring also some good quality full melt hash an mi new mini tube to dab amsterdam and my homegrow amnesia to smoke there!!! se you guys at the cup!!!!!!!!!!
  3. tomorrow im flying with my friend and with suso from silika spain early in the morning from Madrid airport, we will arrive at the dam arround 11 in the morning so arround 14:00 i will be in the greenhouse coffeshop chilling and trying the entries, see ya all tomorrow!!!!!
  4. this year its gonna be amazing, only a few days left, see you all there!!!!
  5. i just won 2 judge passes to the cannabis cup in the Andrew pyrah internet competition so i will save some money that i will spend one trying more strains , i hope we can find some gh bubba kush in the menu, that would be crazy!!!!se you all the cup
  6. see you all the 27 at the gh!!!!! i will be there at 18:25 looking for all the strain hunters lol
  7. i will be there for sure, i would say to meet in any coffeshop that has plenty space for all of us, something like prix d ami that i remember that was a hudge place, and i also remember some yummy amg haze on the menu , or if we can get one big table in the greenhouse united coffeshop would be great lol see ya there!!!!
  8. this week im gonna book the fligth and the hotel and i will be there for sure with more spanish friends!!!1 see ya all at the cup
  9. this guys are serious with their work i have meet them a couple of times and they are very nice people
  10. the times hotel, its between coffeshop amnesia and coffeshop grey area lok i just sleep the past 4 nigths there
  11. my friend have grown this strain indoor, and where some good plants, but the in the flavour the hints of the real og kush where minimum, but it is a nice indica hybrid
  12. anyone will be there those days wanna reach out for smoking some pure joints at the harlemeer straat greenhouse?
  13. yes i tryed the shoreline, but only one gram so i will like to repit that one, also the abusive og, that i liked a lot the last time.i saw the kali mist in green house menu, so i will like to try that one, i only have tryed a few buds of that strain
  14. i like the hamburgers from burger bar in warmostraat
  15. i didit knew about that law, i dont mind if i dont smoke any concentrate becouse here i have some good concentrates, yes i have tryed some strawberry haze from easy times, and also i had some nycd x la confidential that was amazing, i would repit those 2 lol any more sugestions about good strains?