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  1. Hey bro, this looks very interesting. They have germinated very well and you can tell they are very healthy, I'm taking a seat to watch
  2. Great photos and video, thanks for sharing! You have a nice variety of good genetics in your garden, it will be very interesting to see how they develop. I use basil in my crops too, it's a good repellent
  3. Thanks for the update friend, they look very healthy, well sprouted, looking forward to grow a lot! Good job
  4. They look healthy and energetic! Let's see how this genetics branches out under leds, it will be good to see the study. Thanks for the info crack, now it looks like they will grow much faster.
  5. Hey friends, it would be better if you write in English, so that other forum members can read and understand the cultivation diary. Thanks
  6. It will be great to see how they grow under your care. I take site to see how they develop, thanks for starting!
  7. Wow, it will be great to see all three strains growing at the same time. Interesting diary, added to favorites
  8. Good job buddy, it will be interesting to see how they grow under leds. I take site and prepare me a good .... haha.
  9. Hello friends, everything is sent, it will arrive shortly to the addresses indicated. @Godess_T please don't make up. I have written you up to four times to receive the correct data, which have never arrived. So I give up, I'm sorry but if you don't live in Europe you can't participate this time. Have a nice weekend 😋
  10. Hello friends, 95% of the shipments have already been made, you will receive your seeds during the next week. Some shipments have not been made for lack of data, it is written to you by email. The new testers, I have sent you a private message, so that you can request the seeds. Have a nice weekend!
  11. All emails received. I am still waiting for some emails with data and also some data that have not been sent..... remember, full address, phone number (for the shipping agency), forum nick, and genetics you want to test Possibly all shipments will be made this week.
  12. Of the three genetics I mentioned, you can try them all, if you want. _________________________________________________________________ Thanks friends, I have sent you a private message. If anyone else is interested, it will be great to have you.
  13. Hi guys, I am happy to announce, that we can start a new testing session on the forum. Taking advantage of the fact that we have updated the forum, we want to offer the possibility to test our new genetics. In exchange for a grow diary on the forum. It's a fair deal, right? King´s Juice / Chemical Bride / Lost Pearl They are the candidates to participate in this new edition of testers. If you live in Europe or UK and want to participate, leave a message here. Cheers!
  14. Thanks friends, when we have new strains available for testing, I will communicate it here.