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  1. I wouldn't know, Cloud Walker has several phenotypes so it's hard to say. However, the smell is a good indicator to differentiate them. Do you appreciate any shade more intense than the others?
  2. Wow Mama Jane, I love your crop diary, you did a great job. My congratulations
  3. It is a hybrid strain (possibly a cross between sativa-indica), because of the type of leaf. The heads are very strange, almost inecient. One appreciates a lot of resin but I do not manage to see any pistil... it is rather strange. Obviously it is impossible to know the strain in this way, it would be necessary to smoke a little to try with the taste and the effect. I've seen some strains from China that look like that, with no bud. Also some very pure sativas, which instead of forming a round head, form a species of small ear. But your plant is not a pure sativa, it is only necessary to see the sheets to know it. What does it smell like?
  4. Hello friend, how are those plants? I hope everything is fine and to hear from you soon My best wishes.
  5. Great, reading your smoke report has made me want to get high again right now hahaha Thank you for your crop diary, my friend. It's great and also very well updated, I love it. I'm glad you had a good harvest, well deserved. Have a nice week
  6. Hey bro, how are you? I hope everything is fine, and to hear from you soon Best wishes.
  7. Not really, I'm looking at the crop diaries, the crops of my closest friends, my own crops... with new strains you always have to be very observant.
  8. Yes, sometimes some strains take over the greenhouse and it is complicated to tame them. To me it happens that with the strains sativas to me... I only get lost two days, and I find a forest... it cannot be haha. Those buds look very good mate, I hope you can enjoy their smoke and tell us how it is. Have a nice week!
  9. Great, a guerilla plantation that doesn't have to be watered, it's the dream of all outdoor growers! They look fantastic, I hope everything will be fine I send you a lot of encouragement, I hope you are better from your accident (feet).
  10. Excellent! Great job, buddy. Thanks for the great updates. A beautiful harvest, well deserved.
  11. mmmMmm... I think I can smell from here the resin of those buds, they look very resinous my friend, great job. Those pots are really good, I still remember when I used them, but I had to water very often and that limited me a lot. Have a good week!
  12. Good thing you ended up with the plague, what treatment did you use? Those thrips are bad... they reproduce too fast. For pollen you can use the Mayan ones, it's the most effective and simple thing I know, but it requires a little work. Good work! Let's see how fat those buds get.
  13. It is clear that everything has changed, and the worst thing is that no one knows how long it will stay that way. Politicians lie, vaccines are not safe (it is impossible to make a safe vaccine in such a short time). The world is becoming a business for pharmaceutical companies. I dedicate my time to work, when I finish work, then to enjoy. Live today, because you don't know what tomorrow will bring.
  14. Hi Ravax and welcome to forum Tell us a little about yourself, are you growing a strain?

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