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  1. @ Iceni organics Many congratulations my friend! @Federikush The seeds are hidden, not visible to the naked eye. But they are shipped from Holland, let me know if you are interested.
  2. There is no deadline for doing the culture diary, but it would be interesting to do it soon to be able to see the results. Great Torken, great choice
  3. @Djini I have added more info about the new genetics @Hydra I'm not sure, let me check.
  4. Hi guys, We are happy to announce the new possibility to test our genetics for free. In return, we only ask for a cultivation diary in this forum Are you interested in growing any of these new strains? King´s Juice Holy Snow (Hawaiian snow x holy punch / 60% sativa - 40% indica / 9-10 weeks flowering time) Jack´s Dream Velvet Moon (dosidos x holy punch / 40% sativa - 60% indica / 8-9 weeks flowering time indoor) Chemical Bride Dark Phoenix Green House Amnesia (Our special Amnesia ) Only one genetics can be requested. When you
  5. Do you have any photos of the end of flowering, before harvesting? It looks really big and those buds sure put on more weight, but I'm not a big fan of removing so many leaves, to be honest, although it's just my personal opinion
  6. How are those little ones doing? Sounds very interesting genetics, to be honest, I haven't smoked it yet. But I really like the lemony flavor, so it sure is great!
  7. Hey buddy, how's the preparation going? Do you already have a good selection of genetics?
  8. Really leafy and very healthy, when the summer is over... they will be good trees, for sure! Thanks for sharing friend, I take site.
  9. Hello theshroomshop and welcome to forum, That sounds great, anything related to cannabis research is always welcome. Personally, I've been smoking cannabis for about 30 years, so if you have any questions about it, maybe I can help you I'm not a big mushroom user, so in that aspect I don't have many answers hehe. Cheers!
  10. Welcome to the forum my friend, Those pictures look great, and the plants too!!!! It will be great to have you on the forum. Right now we are not giving out seeds for testing, but it is something we do several times a year. Surely in a short time we can do some new test and count on you too! Cheers!
  11. Hello OmShiva and welcome to forum, We are sure you will be great in Morocco, it is a beautiful place, with very nice people, a bit distrustful at the beginning, but very nice. Sorry friend, in this forum is not allowed the traffic of substances, neither that type of contacts, etc... There is no information of that kind that anyone can give you here. It is also not good to ask for those things, you can be banned. Hope you can share some pictures of your trip later All the best
  12. Hello Dinospark tayress, and welcome to the forum! Hey buddy, those buds look great, what can you tell us about them? Cheers, Jose
  13. Hello Djiny and welcome to forum! Hey, let me know a little more about your problem with hermaphrodite plants, I'd like to do some research. How are the new batch of seeds working out? Do you have any crop journals I can check? Cheers! Jose
  14. SmokwiriIt will be great to have you here, besides following your work in growdiaries I also have an old dog and I love marijuana, so I'm sure it will be fun to share photos, anecdotes and tricks about growing and about dogs hehe Cheers! Jose