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  1. Full steam ahead and full sail ahead! This is going great my friend, thanks for sharing The buds look spectacular, good hand!
  2. Wow!! Large internodal distance, perhaps a problem indoors. When the same thing happens to me, in my indoor, what I do is to bend them, I do it in the last or penultimate node, and that helps them not to stretch too much. (Cropping). I hope they behave well and drive you crazy haha They look very energetic Thanks for sharing!!!
  3. Hey bro, thanks for update! Yes, I have several detected cases of hermaphroditism in Chemical Bride in Indoor, so we are already doing more testing of this batch. I just want to check if this is something that happens with led or any type of lighting. I'm very sorry for your bad experience and I hope the survivor will be able to offer you succulent buds As always, excellent photos my friend. Always well defined and sharp, you can tell you have a good hand.
  4. Thanks for the update bro! Wow, those buds look delicious and they are still half flowering. Great job! Chemical Bride and Cheese, both very nice, they look great. I wanted to ask you about the Super Lemon Haze, it should be pretty dry by now I think, have you smoked it yet, good smell and taste? I think you are starting Lost Pearl soon too, it will be great to see how they grow in your hands. Have a nice day!
  5. Wow, sorry to hear about the hermaphrodite plant. I'll keep an eye out for the rest of the follow-ups with Chemical Bride, I think there is some more case, so I'll follow up on the batch and do some testing. Thanks for sharing. Hey, those survivors look great, lots of buds that are sure to fatten up for you to enjoy good times hehe Good job buddy!
  6. These buds look fantastic, very appetizing! Really nice, great job my friend. So sorry to hear that a plant decided to be a hermaphrodite, hope it didn't hurt your crop too much. I'm also sorry that the customs people, broke part of your seeds. Lately it is complicated to send things to UK, there seems to be a lot more pressure on customs. Thanks for sharing, everything looks fantastic!!! Great job
  7. Wow, those plants look great my friend. Great job About the outdoor plant which one is the Chemical Bride, hahaha just kidding. Thanks for sharing!!!
  8. Nice cropping mate, they look very healthy, you are sure to get a great forest in this Scrog. Thanks for sharing! The pictures look great, what camera/setup do you use? Have a nice day
  9. Hi mate and welcome to forum! Of course, it will be great to see your cultico diaries In this forum we write mainly in English, so everyone can understand what we write. If like me, your English level is average, you can try an online translator. I use deepl.com and it works very well. Have a nice day
  10. Hi mate and welcome to forum It will be great to see your growing diaries and share growing experiences with you Have a nice day!
  11. Let's see how they branch and behave indoors Thanks for sharing my friend, good job!
  12. Those wide and well marked leaves indicate a good phenotype my friend, it will be very interesting to see how they bloom Thanks for sharing!
  13. Hey buddy, thanks for sharing! The plant looks very healthy I too usually bend the stems when height is an issue, it's a very effective solution. I hope that those beginnings of deficiencies will be solved with the regulated PH. Have a nice day!
  14. Yeah, growing fast and very healthy, congratulations for the good work. I take site to see the evolution. Thanks for sharing!