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  1. Wow! This is serious! I take off my hat, my friend, very good photos and excellent buds
  2. Hello m3sca1 and welcome to forum It will be great to be able to see your growing diary!
  3. Thanks mate for info Those buds look fantastic! Very good photos too, very sharp and focused !
  4. Hello marcelloss, You mean root washing? I only use water, continuously until the dreanada water comes out completely clean. (about 10 - 15 minutes watering in the shower) . I do this always , about 10 - 15 days before the harvest. Cheers!
  5. Yes: Currently out of stock, we hope it will soon be available again
  6. I see you're enjoying that good weed Congratulations on such a good production, it seems I can smell it from here! It looks great Cheers!
  7. You mean an indoor growing room?
  8. Hello and welcome to forum This is a good place to share information and learn, many growers will be able to advise you Cheers!
  9. Hello! What strain is Pg+¿?¿? Thanks for share!
  10. I just read your private and I answered you over there haha.Although yes, it is best to ask in public, so more people can share their opinion. Cheers!
  11. Hello! Thanks for sharing! Those buds look really appetizing! And if your smell is intense pine, hmmm! rich rich! It seems like they still need a few weeks to mature, so no doubt it will be very productive too, great job!
  12. Hello, Whenever you smoke, regardless of whether it is tobacco, marijuana or parsley, toxins harmful to health, tars, etc. are inhaled. This is always carcinogenic. It does not mean that you are going to have cancer, but you are smoking carcinogenic substances. So how can I safely use marijuana? The answer is simple, you can't. However, we can consume marijuana, and greatly reducing the amount of harmful substances that are consumed. Currently, the least "harmful" way to consume cannabis is by using a vaporizer at a temperature below 190 degrees centigrade. Some good vaporizers, to use at home are: Volcano Arizer Extreme Q Some good vaporizers, portable (mini size): myghty or crafty Personally I've tried a lot, but a lot of vaporizers, and most of them are shit. However, these models that I have mentioned to you, stand out because of their great quality. Another option is to use cookies or marijuana butter, made from extract (trichomes) and not from vegetable matter (buds). But you know, that the effect takes longer to arrive and also, the effect is much greater than when you smoke or vaporized. Cheers!
  13. Actually, tourism is like this.... You really enjoy smoking free, without laws that prohibit, but it's true that everything focuses a bit on tourism (in my opinion). If you travel to Holland, it is a beautiful place, full of good grass and at more affordable prices (but not in Amsterdam, but in other cities and towns). I really recommend to see Holland with time, it is simply beautiful.
  14. Hi mate! Thanks for the update they look really good, let's see how the flowering goes. I have a doubt with a photo, you see something white leaves and stem is it because you pulverized? Is it an effect of the camera (flash?)? Once I saw something similar in my plants and it turned out to be oidium.... I don't want to scare, I just find it strange to see the leaves a little white. Cheers!!
  15. flo

    Welcome to the forum Those buds look good, and the plants look very healthy! Newbie is something automatic, when you accumulate experience in the forum will be changing. Cheers
  16. Could be a first stage of Trips / leaf miner.... There are actually many insects that eat leaves, so it will be difficult to guess without seeing the insect. Neem oil can be a good idea, natural repellent. Cheers!
  17. Hello Coolio, The first time is always a little complicated, everything seems complicated, but in reality, everything is very simple My advice: Use larger pots, at least 15 - 20 liters for autoflowering seeds, and more capacity (30 liters for example) for normal (non-automatic) seeds. If you use soil and large pots, you don't really need to use fertilizer/nutrients during growth, the soil contains everything. During flowering if it is positive to add an extra, flowering fertilizer (rich in PK, to help the buds gain weight). When to water? When the soil is dry. One trick is to put your finger (sink) into the soil, completely. If you take it out and the soil is stuck, it is not necessary to water. If you take out your finger and the soil is not stuck, then you should water What genetics do you plan to cultivate? Outdoors it is positive to start in spring Cheers!
  18. Hello!! I suppose you mean outdoor growing. Some people use low-power lights to complete outdoor daylight hours. Thus, they deceive the plant. But I definitely don't recommend growing haze / any sativa strain, outdoors and in winter (it won't work well, especially if it's cold).
  19. Hello mate and welcome to forum Thank you for your words, they are always welcome Cheers!
  20. Sometimes the simplest is the best Do you have fertilizers for tomato plants for example? You can use the same one, in slightly smaller quantities. If you opt for natural, humus is good for growth, guano for flowering. A little fermented manure is also good for flowering plants. You don't really need specific nutrients, just nutrients Cheers!
  21. They look very interesting, I always love to see the crop with leds thanks for sharing!
  22. Hello! Those buds looked very delicious hehehe!! When the seedlings are stretched a little, what I do is bury them when I do the transplant, so I can better control the height. Maybe it's a useful idea if you want to reduce the initial size. thanks for sharing!!
  23. Hi mate, You can already see how the buds begin to form, the smell is already intense? you have a good garden! Cheers!
  24. I did something wrong, I put 4 autopot in a mini wardrobe.... I couldn't move the plants and the excess moisture was constant, so I decided to stop on time. I recommend autopot, but in medium or large growing cupboards, or outdoors (in very small cupboards, I don't recommend it). These Holy Punch look fantastic, the beginning of flowering is always magical Now all you have to do is enjoy watching them grow, gain weight and mature! Cheers
  25. Sativas strain are very slow blooming, i.e. they have a very long flowering cycle. The more sativa they are, the longer their flowering. At first they only show smell when rubbing, but then the smell intensifies a lot, so it will probably be a more smelly plant for the next few months. Cheers!

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