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  1. Very good reading indeed and I couldnt agree more, mature cannabis is what we want! Thank you for sharing this, Im copy/paste this straight to my little library (If you ask me you can go on forever, knowledge around the cannabinoids are so interesting) /Love
  2. This flourescent museum is a happy treat, located in Jordaan www.electric-lady-land.com I love Hunter's bio selection! Pz
  3. Grooovy grow dude!! Looks very very good. Some really shizzle you got going! Been looking at the Shark for my next set of genes, and Im impressed so its leaning more and more towards it congratz m8 to a success!! Its flawless! Keep it real!! Peeze
  4. Dank u wel maar vrienden! Thank you very much my friends! How's that gallery looking in this thread for you guys? For me it doesnt look good, picture over text and text is not in order (I use firefox). Camera coming back today, so this weekend is in Ingemar Bergman-mode
  5. Thats the spirit!! I love cloning, always makes a fellow grower smile You ever heard of Willow Water? It is homemade rooting solution, since I tried this out I havent bought a single drop of hormones. If your are a outside grower this is a must Out of the Willow tree you can leach out indolebutyric acid (IBA) and salic acid. IBA is a rooting hormone and salicylic acid works beneficial with the cutting ( main ingredient in Aspirin). Salicylic helping the cutting fighting off bacteria and fungi very effective. Any Salix tree can be used. Soak choped up salix in cold water for about two-three w
  6. Sweet stuff duude!! Despite your watt eating lamps you have to be CO2 negative with that massive jungle Maby you could start dealing emission permits on the forum, hehehehe Hope that budding amazes you and rips off like never before, they should be eager to bud up! /Love
  7. lovegun


    Thank you I got some poorly hunged and wrinkled mylar and painted tinfoil wrapped around the bubblers
  8. I love you!! Really good job, you are worth it all maaajn Can feel the shizzle smell all over! Did ya toes feel the hit or is it in the office (head)?
  9. Jimmy- Thanks alot dude, I hope I could get more active on the forum from now and get some fizzle to dizzle and learn and get learned My job and life is cultivating and have been serious for the last ten years or so. Im aiming to be the best. For me to be able to sleep well at night (beside to be kushed out) I have to know that my plants are having the best time and Im blessed that my non-smokable and non-medicating girlfriend have the courage to encourage me to continue on my work to be the best cultivator around (and I do have a looong looong way left, if its ever possible, hahaha) and not
  10. lovegun


    BB|SC BB|SC SC|BB BB|FN FN|SC SC| empty ..make sense?
  11. This is from my second hydro grow. Im running a ~220L re-ceirkulating deep water culture aka. Bubbler. Im feeding with GHE floras series and Canadian Xpress and running 850w mh/hps cooltubes. ~1m2, 2.2m height. 5-SC, 5-BB and 2-Fast Nevilles.. See my journal also http://www.strainhunters.com/forums/topic/3572-super-critical-big-bang-hydro-grow-video-bloom-time/
  12. Thank you guys for your time!! I must say that the Crit is one of the most strongest set of genes I ever had the pleasure to grow, I'm getting more and more indications on breeding this larger Crit of mine, I do have some clones out at some friends grow spots that finished veg a week a go. I am a little short on good pollen though, I got some old pollen from a BOG Lifesaver (which is the best wizzle I have grown indoors) I believe it is too old, four years in the freezer and have been moved around in between different freezers and defrosted one to many times Well see about that.. But she's f
  13. Allright now folks let me introduce to you my doomed girls! (I do sincerely recomend you to lit up on your favorite stash during this reading, Im serious, dont know if you undestand everything if you dont do it, 'cuz I was heavily medicated when I wrote this and I read alot of Dr H S. Thompson so I tend do blur away as him. Im also medicated 24/7 so expect a lot of jibberish and broken english. And please bare in mind to laugh a lot with me and at me. Let's have some fun yo!) Here we go http://www.growhd.tv/video/Super-Critical%252C-Big-Bang-in-Hydro-week-7/de0faf03d1d1e29277117633fea3530d Fiv