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  1. Just curious if the one that grew was the one with a fully developed tap root ?
  2. Were there any particular phenos you just can't wait to get back home to germinate? Any skunks w/high leaf to calyx ratio? Please develop and make available your treasures! Thaks for it all.
  3. Hello I'm looking to buy your personal collection, the older ther better. PM me. Thanks.
  4. I hope they begin to offer the original bcskunk western canada landrace, the one that smells so strong you can smell it a block away, with a high leaf low calyx ratio..
  5. Great work during his time on this plane of physical existence. May he now have his cake and eat it to.. I'll be sure to send my condolences to his wife on facebook.. Thanks for the news
  6. I'm pretty sure that the manufacturers have taken out the UVB range due to health concerns, UVB and UVC, which are responsible for the direct DNA damage that leads to skin cancer. The MH do seem a lot less blue then they did years ago. I find it hard to suggest to anyone something that can harm them, I'd imagine that's why there's not much published on the issue. Regardless, the UV in high altitudes and near the equator range between 10 and 16 so depending the the varieties origins, I'll hang the lamp the apropriate distance from the canopy after determining the radiation at that level. On ano
  7. I've read that it has wonderful results on THC/Cannabinoid/Resin production. Anyone have any experience? I'm about to try it out..
  8. Hello to everyone, happy to have found this site where like minded people can discuss and possibly trade? I have Skunk1x Lowrider (m39) and Freezeland seeds. The latter is a robust ceder smelling outdoor giant that packs a good head punch.