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  1. Hey Hunters I had a chat earlier with HC01 another forum member and he mentioned about using Honey on his feed schedule 1ml/L and then 2ml/L towards the end of flowering. This made me very interested in this thus has made the Topic of the day for me and after a little searching and reading, there isn't very much information our there on the subject but from what i could it helps it helps a lot! Personally i think Honey is a Incredible food and has antibacterial properties, i use it instead of Sugar for my Cups of Tea one spoon in the morning and then at night and i swear it helps my throat and breathing and apparently its good for the immune system, teeth and finer nails so being a smoker every little helps hehe but the bit of information out there on using it on our plants is all a bit inconclusive and as there isn't a post about this subject well it led me to create this one. The applications i have found so far are - HC01's method of 1ml/L then 2ml/L towards the end of flowering, that's one feed with honey then next feed with Nutrients and so on. - Using Manuka Honey for Clones/Cuttings - Using it to sterilize and protect fresh cuts from Fim/Topping techniques So my Question to everyone is, What is your past experience's with it and what are your thought's on using it? Peace
  2. Lovely buds dude!! Definitely some good porn there hehe I'll be tuning in to ya next diary for sure! The Tang Ghost Train is a lovely smoke! I'll ask the mrs later see if she has some nugs left of ours and il post some pics, she did ask if u had the nutty pheno? I preferred the Orange fruity pheno which you speak of and yeah bloody lovely that! Nutty's a bit too strong for me lolol Best of luck on ya next grow
  3. Looking good man I'll be pulling up a chair hehe, do like a few of Nirvana strains so looking forward to what you get ? I'm venturing into the hydro world too but using Coco so i won't be much help lolol il be learning with ya hehe Best of luck with ya grow dude Peace
  4. Don't we all brother but understandable! Still a bit hard to see the top shoot but looks like there has bin some growth since the last time which is good news ? I have not used that nutrient before so i cannot comment, what is the NPK ratio of it? Should say on the bottle perhaps someone else here has had experience with it who can help! What does it say on the bottle? Is there a grow schedule on there website? With most nutrients it's half strength at least with young plants, perhaps even if it states 4ml/l say then i would go 1ml/l for the first feed and increase... Young plants are sensitive and can over feed easily! By the look of things they are a big pot for a small plant, next time i would pot in a smaller pot then pot up to a larger pot! I go from a coffee cup to a 1 litre pot to 6.5 litre pot and flower in a 11 litre pot. So if anything i would feed some root stimulator of sorts to develop a good size root ball before feeding if not you will get a build up nutes in the soil where the roots haven't reached yet etc It's your first grow so do not take it as criticism please we're all learning ? hell you should have seen my first grow hehe your doing great compared hehehe
  5. Yeah man good call, always best to be safe than sorry Oh awesome il have a hunt and take a look good plan too i think they have sold out now so if u find a keeper keep a mother hehe I'm looking forward to more collabs hopefully coming soon! I'm just about to start another run of the TGH but this time in coco see how the do. Looking forward to your future updates! I haven't bin active on the forums for a couple year now so no doubt i have lots to catch up on hehe Peace
  6. Sup dude sorry to read about your troubles! I was warned about a similar situation, the owner warned of such things happening and to the point where he's hired 'security' to move unwanted people away from the shop! It's a dodgy time can't a dude just get some nutes in peace anymore! It's a bit of a pain but after going to the shop take a detour grab a coffee or park in the supermarket go to do your shopping or whatever to kill time and hopefully they will lose interest and bugger off hehe For me it's like a 30mile drive to the shop so if anyone fancies following me that long il take em through Bat country haha In other news I picked up some Tangier Ghost Train when they released em and yeah I think you might be happy hehe had two killer phenos from my pack! One of which i still have a mother of (Mrs favorite) Both similar in growth but taste and smell differs, the more fruity one we found to be the stronger out of the two... Good luck for the future dude Stay safe! Peace
  7. Heya dude From much experience from popping seeds, it's fair common to perform a "seed-section" hehe and peel the remaining shell and inner protective layer off using a pair of needle tipped tweezers and a steady hand hehe so in future if the seeds popped have come up and look like they are struggling then peel off without hesitation ? You probably did lose some growth time while the shell was covering the leaves.. Up to u if you are worried that it will under perform and you have more seeds then pop till ya drop as long as ya got the space hehe always better to have too many plants than not enough hehe I usually always pop more than what i need coz i can always give em away or plant em anywhere n may surprise you with some extra outdoor nugs at the end of season hehe If your still worried and can't see any growth post some more pictures of the main stem and apex (top) shoot as if that's damaged at an early stage then that can slow vertical growth dramatically.. Hope that helps anyway.. I'm pretty wasted so jibbed a bit hehe Cheers
  8. Still can't believe this! Haven't bin active in ages and come online and see this such sad news! He was good man! Lotta love for that dude! I remember when he gave some Panama Haze when i first arrived in Amsterdam one of the finest smokes i had the whole trip! always had kind words and full of wisdom and inspiration could talk about strains for days! The community lost a good man! May his work continue with others and his knowledge he passed to us is passed to many others! Much love hunters and keep hunting and fighting the good fight! Peace
  9. Hey Hunters, Nootropic From Wikipedia, Nootropics ( /noʊ.əˈtrɒpɨks/ noh-ə-trop-iks), also referred to as smart drugs, memory enhancers, neuro enhancers, cognitive enhancers, and intelligence enhancers, are drugs, supplements, nutraceuticals, and functional foods that improve mental functions such as cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, attention, and concentration. The word nootropic was coined in 1972 by the Romanian Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea, derived from the Greek words νους nous, or "mind," and τρέπειν trepein meaning "to bend/turn". Nootropics are thought to work by altering the availability of the brain's supply of neurochemicals (neurotransmitters, enzymes, and hormones), by improving the brain's oxygen supply, or by stimulating nerve growth. I have always bin interested in the Enhancement of the human body/mind ever since watching sci-fi movies as a kid and i am fascinated with the human body and how it works. I have also bin following (not literally) a comedian/martial artist/Cannabis supporter/commentator called Joe Rogan a brief intro to Joe - He does a few podcast's a week http://www.ustream.tv/joerogan he has really interesting guests like Stoner's, Comedians, author's, Martial Artists, porn stars, muscians even deadmau5 to think of a few. A couple of years ago he had a guest called Aubrey Markus Scientist/CEO of Onnit and they where talking about Nootropics this got me interested in the subject... not half as much as Canna but still enough to make me want to try some. So with that i made an order with "Onnit" http://www.Onnit.com at that time they only made a couple of products but i was mainly interested in "Alpha Brain" so i ordered a pack and i noticed positive effects. Since then they have changed and improved the formula and have released other supplements too. Which led me to make another order and again i feel positive effects which led me on to this post. Here are a few which Onnit make. If other hunters know of any other companies please list Onnit have a uk distributor for any uk peeps who would like to try. Source - http://www.Onnit.com Alpha BRAIN® The idea behind the Alpha BRAIN® dietary supplement was to create the first ever fully balanced nootropic. Alpha GPC and Huperzia Serrata maximize acetylcholine levels while other ingredients assist in elevating dopamine and GABA levels, crucial components to remaining calm, focused, and mentally driven. Our vinpocetine assists in delivering oxygen and nutrients to the brain via increased blood flow, and the combination of neuro-specific antioxidants, led by our proprietary AC-11® helps to clear away mental fog and reduce free radical burden. The result experienced by many of our satisfied customers is an extraordinary combination of lucid dreams, mental drive, focus, memory, and mental acuity. Shroom TECH™ Sport The idea behind Shroom TECH™ Sport was to create a supplement that real athletes could take safely every day, even the day of competition. We wanted clean energy, a proven track record, and general health benefits and we found it in our exclusive combination of cordyceps mushroom, adaptogens, antioxidants and methyl b12. Shroom TECH™ Sportbattles fatigue like no other supplement on the market, providing cellular energy through the production of ATP rather than stimulant based energy, and improves oxygen utilization to help you go longer, recover faster, and set a new personal best. New MOOD™ Serotonin has been shown to be the key neurotransmitter linked to mood, happiness, and positive outlook. With this in mind, New MOOD™ is designed to be the most effective natural serotonin booster ever created. Combining the two raw sources of serotonin, L-tryptophan and 5-HTP, with a converting catalyst, Vitamin B6, New MOOD™ is a serotonin boosting powerhouse. Adding to the naturally relaxing effects of L-Tryptophan are a host of herbs designed to help bring your body into a state of relaxed calm. Magnesium is a natural anti-spasmodic element vital for muscle relaxation, and vitamin D3 has further been linked to positive mood benefits. Crucial for when you are under stress or dealing with exhaustion, New MOOD™ is also ideal for daily use. When combined with a regimen of Alpha BRAIN®, all four major neurotransmitters, Serotonin, Dopamine, Acetylcholine and GABA are being provided with nutrient precursors to help the body create maximum mental and emotional prowess. Hemp Force In creating Hemp Force, the whole food protein supplement, we had four objectives: keep it simple, keep it nutritious, make sure it won’t make you bloated, and it better be delicious. We combined the protein powerhouse hemp with nutrient packed cocoa, and the hormone modulating superfood Maca, then sweetened with a little Stevia and realized we had found a little bit of magic. High in protein, fiber, and packed with minerals and nutrients like Omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids, Hemp Force is a delicious protein food supplement to be enjoyed by athletes and snackers alike. As i have found positive effects from them i thought i would post up about them and see if any other hunters have used any other Nootropics or just there views on them. I like to think of them as a 0.1% Limitless pill! but could it be a taste of the future..... with the research being done on Cannabis maybe we could be seeing a few Cannabinoids being extracted and being added to the mix. I felt i had to start the post off about Joe Rogan as i would not have found out about Nootropics if it wasn't for him or the many other interesting things they talk about so i had to give him credit and his standup is brilliant if your in the states go check him and death squad out! Same for Onnit as they are the only Nootropic's i have tried. It has got me and my friends that interested we're even thinking of bulk buying the ingredients and making up our own. Peace
  10. Hey peeps, it's bin a while! Hello to everyone old and new! Light em up! Peace!

  11. Sup Dude Has bin a while! Hope life is treating you well dude! I've bin off the forum for ages too but re-logged recently woopwoop so thats another +1 for being back haha Hope all is good man n we'll spin a yarn soon! Cheeeers
  12. From the album March 2012 grow

    Cali Connection Buddha Tahoe OG flower Day 49

    © Potent

  13. Lovely lady dude! She is looking fine I've ran the female seeds version and the G13 labs version and i prefer the Female seeds from what i have read about the original by the Brother's Grim it's definitely the closest out of the two. It's a lovely fruity smoke. I hope you continue to have a great grow. Keep up the good work Peace
  14. 1 word - Incredible Top work as always, just Incredible Peace
  15. OH DAMN!!! THE FBK!!! I'll be following this grow for sure!! Good luck dude and happy growing!! Peace
  16. From the album March 2012 grow

    A top view of the 'Fim' Doctor, looking lovely going to have lots of lovely heads on it.

    © Potent

  17. From the album Strawberry Sour Diesel

    © Potent

  18. hehe i've bin hiding hehe just bin chillin living life yeah i'm bin a lil active hehe i got a few more to show you peeps soon. might create a thread not sure... the smell is hard to describe she's coming into her own now so the smell should become more apparent soon and with the other girls in the tent some are quite over powering.... it's like sour fruit if that makes sense hehe just yeah just wow really nice plant! Il keep you guys updated on her Peace
  19. Hey Hunters This will be a test of GreenHouse Kalashnikova Auto Strain Details - http://www.greenhous...-automatic.html Genetics - Kalashnikova x Green-o-Matic Setup 6litre Pots using 'Plant Magic Soil Supreme' with 'Plant magic Old Timer' range and Additive range They started life under a 125w CFL blue Moved under a 400w Dual Spec HPS after 1 week. Light Cycle 24/0 germination 20/0 Veg (3 weeks) 12/12 till finish Thoughts so far The Plants have reacted really well to the 20/0 light cycle and started flowering within 20 days providing there in 6l pots. Lots of bud sites and it's coming to 30days and there's already crystals forming! The Pics are roughly 2-3 weeks behind, ruddy camera's so next update there will be flowers!! Peace
  20. It's bin a while hunters! Here's some Strawberry Sour Diesel... http://www.strainhunters.com/forums/gallery/album/891-strawberry-sour-diesel/ Peace

  21. From the album Strawberry Sour Diesel

    © Potent

  22. From the album Strawberry Sour Diesel

    © Potent

  23. From the album Strawberry Sour Diesel

    © Potent

  24. From the album Strawberry Sour Diesel

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  25. From the album Strawberry Sour Diesel

    © Potent

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