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Everything posted by Flail

  1. Rockstar Kush, in Canada. Is, Soma's rock bud x Sensi's Sensi Star, as i Encountered in roughly 2011-2013 ish strong Afghani heritage in both parents. Hope this helps.
  2. OG is going to be the only "tough" one, The saved genetics are available of the other ones. and Technically in theory all the same genetics exist still for OG but we don't know exactly whats in there. we KNOW a good portion. Not enough is known to get spesifics. Thai X afghani, is a good starting point... but that plant in theory is the great grand dad to the original Kush/ OG cut that was going around in the late 90's. I don't think its been definitively proved, if the cut we are all searching for is an S1 or F1 (we can safely safe after all the breeding done with legit OG in Amsterdam, th
  3. back in the saddle again...

  4. 80% amber isn't going to be a problem i'd say a few weeks more maybe Looking great i see the orange hairs starting to turn.
  5. Flail


    welcome I believe there are a handful of hunters that live in Portugal already many good people again welcome smoke em if ya got em
  6. @ Green o matic hey bro if your short on flow i can toss ya my pass when i head back up north to go to work, that would leave you a good few hours to roam around. i'll pm you the deets, and for the love of jah, log on to skype will ya?
  7. Canada Is KUSH KRAZY!! looks like plans have changed looking to be at the expo on Sunday around noonish! look for the right hand club cast!
  8. I think i will be making a Visit saterday, who's all with me!
  9. there are actually about 5-9 diffrent grades of charcoal, oddly enough graphite is the top grade the lowest two grades are the ones available from the store for bbq tho the auto start stuff wouldn't help @ OP if using sparingly it could be used full cycle the plant only needs small amount of phos and sulpher
  10. Hey Dust.... Coal or char coal comes from plants... there is one contradiction. Here is another for you. coal has nice amounts of phosphorous and some sulfer ( higher grade coal has more but we don't need large amounts) from the composition i would assume that the absorption of small amount would be fairly quick, lasting a few weeks at most i think. same i would consider for coal ash, one must consider with burning coal that you are polluting the air alot with it with isn't always the best trade off. go ahead question this simple path (dead plant matter + centuries and pressure = peat +decad
  11. looks like heat burn + mag deficient
  12. Some members have some very desirable strains, but will all this send clone talk... Who's got the males? the girls shouldn't be the only ones travelling it would be super cool to start doing this. if i've got some cash left over after i buy my shit for outdoor i might be able to send a few out myself i'll be sure to let everyone know when i start running my zamal regz
  13. the smell and the taste at there definitely she is currently Drying out in preperation for its final flush
  14. don't mind the date on the pictures they were just taken.
  15. what i meant about the ventilation is that. the temperature wise. there would be heat burn on the leaves of my white russians if it got beyond 27*c my buddy running WW ran into the same thing. looking at the current pictures i'd say what the hell just find a few clone worthy shoots on the bottom and give em a try. leave the main one where she is. you can always try reverting
  16. Bongs when i'm At home or a good buddies place. if i'm out and about walking around, its usually just me. so big ass blunts are too much waste for me. I've got a small assortment of papers, Mainly raw papers king slims and 1 1/4 size. But i do have player blue(for has an oil) and zig zag white(cigarette fixes) if i'm feeling pimpin and got a bit of extra change in my pocket, I'll buy a tin of Panter slims that are made in Germany i think, they are cigarette sized cigarellos i think, hollow em out and its the prefect size for a personal blunt. just a touch of honey to seal or warp a raw around
  17. i would suggest waiting til your new place for the white, they need ventilation especially in our area, my old russians would be burnt up by now in the last few days you can always revert, its best to do now before she is spiting out pubs FYI: i thought that way of a pheno of my shiva skunk i ended up never finding again... just saying
  18. depends on the breeder and their comfort level, education level, defiance of the phrase "no you can't do that"... each strain is different as is each breeder. I doubt many will tell you EXACTLY what they do in attempts to hold on to their claim to cannabis fame But the logic in my head is telling me they would look for favourable traits and leave them alone until past maturation. past the point that 99.9% of growers would take it. (thus almost ensuring that hermies won't happen to most growers.) they own methods beyond that are beyond me as i've not gotten there yet. there are many ways to str
  19. what do you mean true female? the lack of control isn't just for one of the breeding partners its a two sided blade. but if your down on your luck and you need to run bag seeds and that is all you have you are hoping for the best genes possible from the female side to make an attempt worth while. there are chances that some of those seeds if you ran enough of them would no hermie at all but you would need vigilance to insure that those genes stay themself and don't get cross pollinated with the la strip worth of tranies around her NOTE: this was ment to be posted 5 hours ago but i was a stoner