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  1. Damnnnnnn it's cold in here...... SOOOOOOOOOOO Frosty .... greenomatic87 great work man, I feel cold watching these pics ...... burrrrrrr
  2. Welcome aboard the 4:20 CABOOSE mopman, thanks for stopping in. Thanks a lot brother, for the kind words Blessed love
  3. Thanks for the kind words Tokage I have not had any problems with the Powder Feeding Easy to mix, and the plants are loving it. They both have this nice velvet feel, when you touch the leaves. Plants feel strong, when you touch it with your hands and they have a nice green to them.
  4. Nice grow greenomatic87, your girls are looking nice and healthy.... have a good grow brother Blessed love
  5. Hey Jose .... thanks a lot my friend .... I really appreciate your kind words. I can't wait to see those buds pop too Blessed love
  6. Welcome aboard the 4:20 CABOOSE Bigbrown. Hope you enjoy the ride Thank you very much for your kind words, I really appreciate it.... I'm glad you like it so far Blessed Love
  7. I'm glad you like the journal McRadikal, Thanks you very much for your kind words Smoke and Blessed Love