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  1. Cheers Fran I think we narrowed it down to a calcium deficiency, the high seems v similar to my go to plant to grow white Indica, I will add dry weight soon, need a day to make sure they are really good
  2. First 2 pics are of plant 1 and the pic on the box is plant 2. didn't end up to bad )))) had a chat with my guru and he tells me it sounds like a calcium deficiency, prob due to the fact that it is no longer added to water here, well we learn something everyday will post a final dry weight in a few days
  3. so here is tonights pics, any ideas from anybody about the leaf pics ?????? its not a tragedy as its only a cpl of leaves but the education is always welcome
  4. I will take a pic tonight to show the latest stage, I was getting little brown dot patches on the small bud leaves? I think this is over feeding as it looks similar to being burnt. but the big fan leaves are getting lighter from the top down, which looks like nitrogen deficiency, this may also be the result of the plants coming to the end of their life cycle and not knowing this plant I can't be sure as yet, so I just gave them 3 Ltrs of plain water each last time and I will see tonight, I will try get pic of the dots all is good though, seems like a real nice producing plant
  5. This was the next stage, they are starting to get real frostie, bit different to my normal strain which is v frostie very early in its grow cycle, still they are looking nice, one has bigger buds than the other but the 2nd one has tiny gaps between internodes, it's like a solid bush I love it both have v small gaps actually, what I didn't say for this one. As above with nutrients but I have also added, piraña, terantular and bud igniter, they alone cost £300 So all together my list is as follows: Cana, vega & Flores. House & gardens roots excel Cana zym Cana boost Bud igniter Terantular Piraña More to follow soon.
  6. Sorry there was no in-between, seems like one minuet they were small and then they were big… my how they grow up so fast these days lol more to follow
  7. the last 2 seeds were fine nearly 2 years later I will declare this grow is not up to my last few standards (basically i haven't had time to run a thorough test to the standard i wanted to) and i feel bad about that as this was supposed to be a seed test… but feel i had to do something as you was kind enough to include me in the seed testers. they certainly are doing fine though ;-))))) this is a short time-lapse of the seeds growing, this i wanted to do for the entire grow but alas this was my point above... New Project.mov
  8. ok so i know this is about 2 years later but I'm am sorting out my upload (video of seedlings) and some stills from 6 weeks of flower and after. had a few things i needed to get sorted before i could get round to getting another lot going and for that i can only apologise, i feel very guilty you guys where good enough to send me some seeds to try and have had nothing back from me in return. I'm now a little settled and able to get something going again, to be fair on the seeds i have not had the ability to give them the best conditions i possibly could as things seem pitted against me, you know how it is sometimes but these are the only 2 i have left, and are doing .. what seems to me to be pretty good watch this space and again i can only say sorry to all you guys and girls @ GHS for not being more organised over my grow, lets just say it would not pass a scientific result study. things have been all over the place lol. peace...
  9. I started them in paper towling, maybe next time I use the glass technique. With the cuttings they got a little burned I think, I can only guess that the jug I use is a little older which I use to water my plants and has residue and maybe this affected them. Good news is they have not got any worse and I'm using a new jug. Well lessons learned, I have really only been doing this for just over a year and so far have never had problems like this and always very good results. Still the night is young, I have a full tank of gas and I'm wearing dark glasses More to follow.
  10. Quick Update, So not an all to successful first test run for GHSC and myself Out of the 4 pips i set in water only 2 showed any change, 1 had a lovely long tail and the other was trying hard but struggling. After putting them into their grow cubes 1 is still going ok but the other didn't show at all, after inspection the tail that had started was now not visible and had died I am still going to grow out the surviving little girl but she will be now sharing her home with some cuttings from my white indica. I still have 6 SB Seeds left and will be starting them early for my next test which i hope will work out better in plant numbers, but hey lets hope this little girl knocks my socks off
  11. ok so heres a little update plus a view of my setup. 1 pip is well on her way and a second sprouted. all 4 are now in with the White Indica Clones and their mum under a T5. My 120 tent has 4 whites that will be ready in about 2 weeks TBH I'm just glad they survived the move and cold weather, they are defo a little smaller than my last crop but we will wait and see what weight i get to confirm this. my room is a little messy right now as I'm still sorting stuff and cleaning up but all in all I'm v happy with my new little place for my girls
  12. Ok so here we go. I must first apologise for the delay in starting this grow, i have now moved and settled in so feel ready to start doing this properly. So i start with 2 cuttings from my white indica and 4 super bud seeds, tent is a 1.2m secret jardin. T5 for seedlings and cuttings. 600 Hps for flowering. Canna nutrients I use are, Canna Vega, Canna Flores, Canna Boost, Cannazym, Canna Pk 13/14, House and Garden Roots excelerant. My water is hard at 8.4 out the tap so use ph down to bring it between 6.0-6.5 for the young ones raising a little for the flowering period. will be more precise with that as we get going so here we are, cuttings are taken and pips are getting wet. more to follow soon
  13. i wear my strain hunters cap all the time, it looks used which i like and is light camo... mega..... plus i have 2 zipped jumpers i like my green one best with red Amsterdam on the front
  14. Could only find on USA eBay none on uk I use a t-shirt printing silk screen. Works a treat I sorta rushed my first lot as it was a trial and I was truly go smacked how much I got from such a small amount of trim.... What was left after dry sieving I put into melted butter and got some very strong cannabutter, I just followed a cpl of videos on YouTube, one good one of an older lady with cracking tits to boot lol.... I have emailed someone in the USA to see if they will ship but if not I'm going to make my own thing on a similar basis outa my silk screen and a cpl of plastic storage boxes, May make a short vid or photo thingy of my efforts see how it comes out.

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