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  1. Tropicanna by Cannabiotix. KaliMist cross with Pineapple and Northern Lights. Cannaseur herb for a simple guy like me.
  2. Bogota Colombia. Love the Coffee, the Women, and the Cannabis. Tonight will smoke some Humboldt version.
  3. Drove to Santa Cruz Cali ( Home of HAZE and Blue Dream) and picked up a nice Ocean Grown OG Kush.
  4. Hiyas, Today i'm puffing on some Magic Melon bud that I grew indoors. The Taste is Clean and Sweet on both inhale and exhale, semi tropical flavored. The Effects are Upbeat and intensify your sense of colors and sounds. Good Social Smoke.
  5. Yikes, I'm so slow at this. I play a few Instruments and like to play different styles. I started young studying Percussion. Drums, Conga, Djembe, and more. I play Delta Blues on Acoustic Guitar, Cigar Box Guitar and Harmonica. I also play some R&B keyboards, Rock and Roll Electric Guitar, Country Bass, and a Weird Otomatone. I Don't Sing,...Ever!
  6. My Clones are from Dark Heart Nursery thru Harborside Dispensary.
  7. Hi, with so many Cookie variations, it can be a tough choice of which to grow. Two Excellent Cookie types are the Gelato strains and Cake/Pie Strains. I've grown Wedding Cake(Pink Cookies), and it's Gourmet type cannabis.
  8. Hi, I'm Gene, enjoying my Retirement by playing music, working on computers, and cultivating a small home garden. I have personally tried and listed in my database over 300 kinds of cannabis throughout my smoking Journey! Living in the Northern California Bay Area, there seems to be many Top Quality kinds of Gourmet Cannabis! Myself, I prefer the Landraces as plain as possible.