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  1. Haha, the show must go on! Neverending live with you guys Love it! Just you Franco taking pics?, or will there be some pictures before next week? Have a nice expo!
  2. WOW! Sick shit! This should not be happening............
  3. That looks GREAT! So much better then what i am doing... work, work,work! Wish i was down there with you! Smoke one for me
  4. Great report! Thanks and safe travel back home. Peace *learner*
  5. GHS Tour 2011 Have trouly loved every word and picture you guys have shared! History in the making. Cant wait to se the dvd. Any release date set yet Franco? "Butane gum" is powerful stuff, never tried the hand made gum though... someday Is there going to be a competition for this expedition? I did screw up the time limit for sending in my answers on the last one Thanks again for a great ride, did almost feel like i was there with you, with you`re great writing and Mr X`s great pictures. MUCH RESPECT to the work you guys are doing! Thanks *learner*
  6. Great again!, as always Looks like Mr X likes the pretty girls at the massage place Nice butt shots! I loved the bamboo boats, look like much fun (rasta rafting). Keep up the good work everybody! Stay safe...
  7. Sitting here waiting for the next report, feels just like christmas! I almost feel 6 yrs old again. Yay! Happy hunting Franco & Co!
  8. Jah man... I like this more and more. Great report from the Caribbean Looking forward to see wich strains you guys come up with after all this travelling I know it will take some time, but it will be worth the wait
  9. Great update from the hunters, again! Love the pics, espesially the old ones made me laugh Happy hunting and stay safe..
  10. Wow! Thanks for the great pictures again!..... The ocean looks wonderful. Love the colour of those pistills Quick question: why are the plants so short? Loks like they are well into flowering, but yet, wery small plants.
  11. Wow, great trip u guys had! Loved the pictures, could almost smelll the fields through the computer