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  1. Hi Jose Would love to test some of these genetics , they sound pretty cool. I would love to try the Kongs Kush and Cloudwalker :-) , if there is need to test the Silverback instead i am super easy. Keep safe
  2. mopman

    Ever tried?

    Love the bonsai idea dust. mmmm got me thinking now for a little fun project
  3. mopman

    Plenty Vape

    Finally bought one about a year ago , recommend this as a desktop vape. Loads of smoke and not to much waiting either ;-)
  4. Hi Jose. I would love to be able to test the superbud x trainwreck if possible. Hope im not to late in the reply. Been away from a laptop for a while lol. Hope you all well. Moppy
  5. Thanks again so much guy's Finally put her in a big console jar last night after a slight bit of trimming. Wow the smell is crazy and you can really start smelling the cheese now. I have not weighed the bud yet so i will still get to that. For now she is curing. I did sneak a puff from her last night and i have not been that stoned for a while lol. I have only been smoking some auto's and matchbox weed over the last few months and maybe thats why she hit me like a ton of bricks. Great and uplifting and the wife and i could not stop chatting after a vape Just some last pics of h
  6. Okay so finally harvested my slex. Well i cant say finally because it actually went pretty quick. Started the grow on the 9th of January so basically 4 months from seed to harvest. I have added a few harvest shots and some macro shots to show the trichomes. I don't wet trim because i like the plant to dry as slowly as possible. So in about a week and a half ill post some more dry bud shots and will definitely have a taste then and smell report. Great plant and super easy to grow and seems to like soil and organics. Moppy
  7. Having a closer look and i will pick it tonight i think. She has been on plain water the last three waterings so all should be cool
  8. Thanks so much bud. Yeah i was looking closer on the phone a little while ago and they definitely all cloudy and some amber are on the way. So i will wait for it to dry out and then harvest. Probably in another day or two and then ill take some harvest pics. Thanks for the info and advice and the cannabutter recipe. Will definitely use that some time but for now i have been planning some HBO with the trim and some other bud i have. Will take harvest pics shortly
  9. Hey Guy's Took a few shots of her last night. From zooming in with the pics i would say she has a little bit to go "i lost my scope" . Hopefully just a week or two, what you guy's reckon ? I have been giving her plain water the last two waterings and will carry on with plain water now until the end and @ the usual ph limits. I have been so tempted to steal the usual "testing bud" lol but only want to try her for the first time after she has properly dried and cured for at least two weeks. She is really smelling lovely now. I'm going with guava and a little lime for the smell for
  10. Thanks so much guy's. Yip from the Southern hemisphere Winters only starting to kick in now. My wife and i had a smell at it this morning and the closest we came to a smell was a sun ripened guava Moppy :-)
  11. Hi Guy's Well lets start out by saying better late than never lol. My seeds got caught up in the African post offices as usual and GH was kind enough to try another twice for me to send them, they came in a awesome birthday card and the freaky thing is i literally got them on my birthday when i went to check post for other hopeful birthday wish cards.. I did not start the journal earlier because i knew i would not make the cut off date but just wanted to do my duty and post them up anyway's. Because of that i did not document much like time ect or did not even Ph much until i saw she
  12. Hey Jose Mine has run a bit late because of the late delivery of the seeds but will still post a Journal. She has about a week left. Hope you well. Moppy