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Everything posted by mopman

  1. Hi Jose Would love to test some of these genetics , they sound pretty cool. I would love to try the Kongs Kush and Cloudwalker :-) , if there is need to test the Silverback instead i am super easy. Keep safe
  2. mopman

    Ever tried?

    Love the bonsai idea dust. mmmm got me thinking now for a little fun project
  3. mopman

    Plenty Vape

    Finally bought one about a year ago , recommend this as a desktop vape. Loads of smoke and not to much waiting either ;-)
  4. Hi Jose. I would love to be able to test the superbud x trainwreck if possible. Hope im not to late in the reply. Been away from a laptop for a while lol. Hope you all well. Moppy
  5. mopman


    From the album: Slex

  6. Thanks again so much guy's Finally put her in a big console jar last night after a slight bit of trimming. Wow the smell is crazy and you can really start smelling the cheese now. I have not weighed the bud yet so i will still get to that. For now she is curing. I did sneak a puff from her last night and i have not been that stoned for a while lol. I have only been smoking some auto's and matchbox weed over the last few months and maybe thats why she hit me like a ton of bricks. Great and uplifting and the wife and i could not stop chatting after a vape Just some last pics of h
  7. mopman


    From the album: Slex

  8. mopman


    From the album: Slex

  9. mopman


    From the album: Slex

  10. mopman


    From the album: Slex

  11. mopman


    From the album: Slex

  12. mopman


    From the album: Slex

  13. mopman


    From the album: Slex

  14. mopman


    From the album: Slex

  15. mopman


    From the album: Slex

  16. mopman


    From the album: Slex

  17. Okay so finally harvested my slex. Well i cant say finally because it actually went pretty quick. Started the grow on the 9th of January so basically 4 months from seed to harvest. I have added a few harvest shots and some macro shots to show the trichomes. I don't wet trim because i like the plant to dry as slowly as possible. So in about a week and a half ill post some more dry bud shots and will definitely have a taste then and smell report. Great plant and super easy to grow and seems to like soil and organics. Moppy
  18. mopman


    From the album: Slex

  19. mopman


    From the album: Slex

  20. mopman


    From the album: Slex

  21. mopman


    From the album: Slex

  22. mopman


    From the album: Slex

  23. mopman


    From the album: Slex