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  1. ok i just grew some green o matic i went a week longer then it said on the package and when i cut it down it smelled amazing its been hanging for three days and while its still wet its alot dryer then it was when i started but i noticed it started to smell alittle like hay. i dont want my crop to smell like a barn. it cant be that im drying to quick because i hung the hole plant up to dry it . when i touch the buds the smell is incredible my room stays at just over 70 degrees i dont no what the humidity in my room is. is this normal ?? will curing fix this problem or have i fucked my crop up?
  2. Hi Hunter's, I wanted to make this topic for a while but haven't had the courage to word it out, i do feel tho however that it could possible help someone as it helped me. so i will explain just what i mean when i say using White family Genetic's to treat opiate and cocaine addiction. those of you who know me or check out my grow's would probably be surprised to find out i am an EX heroin addict and was addicted to opiate's for a long time. I have a disease known as IBD or inflamed bowel disease. I had been self medicating with pain killer's all through high school and for the majority of my adult life. For the longest time i could remember i felt hopeless. I used methadone to try and quit with zero success i would use heroin on top of the methadone because the methadone alone was sufficient to treat the pain it was a cycle of let down after let down and i truly felt trapped. For the longest time i thought there was nothing i could do and that i was destine to be an addict for the rest of my life. Until the day my doctor suggested i try marijuana for pain and the methadone for addiction. i thought she was crazy i already smoked marijuana in my teen's like crazy tho i had stopped for the most part by then because i found that smoking marijuana when i was in withdrawal gave me panic attack's and made my situation worse. She told me that different strain's can have different effect's so try a numasber of them till you find one that work'. and SO i went to the dispensary and bought a bunch of different type's of marijuana. For me i was like a kid in a candy store and it renewed my love for weed. so i got to smoking and trying as many strain's as possible, i found personally that many of the strain's helped my pain some even better then the opiate's. But the most amazing thing was when i smoked a strain called GWS again this strain used to be very popular when i was a kid so it was a blast from the past for me to try again. when i smoked it tho i found something incredible happened all my urge's to use opiate's just went away almost like i forgot about it ( which any addict will tell you is impossible) i couldent believe it the more of it i smoked the less i relapsed. eventually i was able to stop taking heroin all together around the time i joined this forum i actually started to come off my methadone. everyone i know has seen the change in my condition both my doctor's on the medical side and my parent's family and friend's. my mom to this day thank's god that i found marijuana again and it has completely changed her view's on marijuana. But here's the thing i knew it worked for me but until recently i had no clue as to why? i had a lot of questions like why did GWS and white widow have this effect? i remeber watching a video from drug inc around this time where aryan mentioned his time in laos and thailand treating heroin junkies with marijuana. http://www.growhd.tv/video/Drugs-Inc-Amsterdam/7aca827bcd85ebc72fda1bd3d72a7b19 It prompted me to look further into the medical literature on cannabis. I found a few thing's i think can answer these question's and help many other's suffering from addiction. i am now comming up to my 1 year anniversary (november 17) of being off heroin completely , within the next 6 month's i plan to be completely off methadone at which time i will be completely off opiate's a feat i have never successful accomplished in the 8 + year's of using intravenous hard drug's. Now this isent a miracle cure but with addiction there are no miracle cure's, i may only have 1 year of being clean from heroin but i have been seriously trying for over 2 year's to get here. But the marijuana helped greatly i doubt i could have even gotten this far without it. and i finally found out why it helped which is something i feel i should share with everyone and is why i am describing this personal story.... my first clue came in the form of the grow session's video's from green house tho it took me a while to put the two together, i did rescearch on cannabinoid's and still couldn't find the answer then i heard franco and aryan talking about terpene profile's and said hey i need to look into these terpene's. I then went to Green House's website where they profile the terpene's of almost all of there strain's and looked specifically at white widow and just started going down the list of most abundant terpene's.... Once i looked into the second and third most abundant terpene i had my answer Caryophyllene!!!! this terpene is one of the most amazing in my mind, for one it's the only terpene that is known to activate CB2 receptor's and the only non cannabinoid that is known to do so. and lucky for me it has been shown to improve the symptom's of colitis but it also appear's that this terpene is the perfect natural dietary full CB2 agonist. Now this part need's alittle exsplaining. in around 2011 a study was done using a new potent selective CB2 agonist, a chemical called JWH133 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JWH-133) in the study Mice where given a drip to self administer cocaine after a period of time half of the mice where given this CB2 agonist JWH133. the result's where that the mice given the CB2 receptor agonist stopped self administering the cocaine while the other mice just continued on taking the cocaine. Here is a link to pubmed's publication of the finding's (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21785434) This study has amazing implication's, a scientist out of switzerland has been studying terpene's and specifically beta - Caryophyllene and he say's that Beta Caryophyllene is an even more effective selective CB2 agonist then the JWH133 as you can read here - http://gertschgroup.com/blog/entry/2198093/the-cb2-receptor-involved-in-cocaine-addiction So it seem's the CB2 receptor is directly involved in addiction and have an effect on the reward center of the brain. This is really fascinating when you consider that it can not only help those with one of the hardest addiction's to treat cocaine addiction but also in other form's of addiction as most addictive behavior is linked to the reward center and the regulation and production of dopamine. i can confirm the result's in the mice study from my experience with the widow family genetic's most specifically the White widow and GWS from Green house seed company. i would smoke the strain whenever i felt the craving for a fix and by the time i finnished the joint my craving's had completely subsided. This could be extremely useful in treating opiate addiction especially in the crucial few week's and month's after kicking the drug. but also in a number of other addiction's. On a side note, cannabis high in beta caryophllene might also be good for smoker's who report panic attacks from marijuana, Beta caryophllene is found in a certain type of black pepper. Black pepper is one of the ingredient's in an ancient cannabis antidote used to curb the intoxicating effect's of THC Ancient cannabis antidotes. (A) Lemon (Citrus limon). ( Calamus plant roots (Acorus calamus). © Pine nuts (Pinusspp.). (D) Black pepper (Piper nigrum) all of these item's contain Terpene's found in cannabis the lemon rind's have lemonene , the pine nut's pinene, the black pepper has both pinene and beta caryophyelle, and the Calamus root has mycrene among other terpene's . So in conclusion while i hope that no one look's down on me for my past, i feel that it's important that if we find some sort of medical use for cannabis to make it known. i know Cannabis helped me greatly during the hardest time's of my life and continue to help me to this day which is why i grow it and try to show other's how to grow it at home easily. i hope someone find's help with this info. i would like to hear more about Aryan's experience's with this man treating heroin addict's as it was part of what brought me to find this info. anyways until next time stay green!
  3. Hey everyone, Today i started germination on 3 autobomb seed's as they are the only auto's i have left from green house seed co, the seed's are about a year old so i hope that they will pop. This grow i decided to try something alittle different, i was previously doing my grow's in coco. However because i have a box of General Organic's entire line that i have to use up because it has already been opened so this grow will be entirely organic and instead of using coco i decided to go all out and buy a really nice an rich organic soil. the soil i am using consist's of rich black humus , organic compost, canadian sphagnum peat moss, sand, MycroActive Mycorrhizae and the soil is OMRI Certified . as far as fertilizer i will be using the entire general organic's line. i have never done a full organic grow indoor's and i havent grown in soil in a long while but i was getting comfortable with my previous choice of medium and decided it's time to switch it up, for a change. for container's i have two 11L container's and one 2 gallon container. a choice i made because i bought to much soil but both container's will be sufficient to use from seed to harvest in soil the 11L's might even be too much. the light is a 400W hps. so i planted the seed's tonight they should pop in the next day or so and when they do i will take my first pic's and do my first update. here are the picture's i took of the seed's right before i planted them. So anyway's i will be posting pic's as soon as they pop!!! until then take her easy!
  4. hello Green house cannabis cup contestents and just fans of the site. today i planted 4 GHSC White lemon's, and with that it is time to start my grow journal for the contest. So Below i will give you all the information with regards to my grow / nutrient test i am conducting for my first entry in the cup. For this grow, i will be using a straight Coco medium. No perlite, no vermiculite, no added nutrients to the medium. i am doing this so that the plants will be be responding souly to the nutrients i feed them and nothing else. As i said i planted 4 white lemon seeds today once the seeds pop i will start them on a floresent bulb until they are developed seedlings then slowly introduce them to the MH 400W blub for veg, after a short veg period i will start flowering at which time the MH blub goes back on the shelf and out comes the 400W HPS. a quick list of all the ingredients involed in this grow: 1. 4 GHSC White lemon seed's - free, thank you green house 2. 1 brand new powersun 400W digital ballest , mogel and reflector - 150$ canadian 3. 1 brand new 400W sylvania Metalarc MH blub for veg - 25$ canadian 4. 1 brand new 400W sylvania Lumalux HPS bulb for flowering - free with light kit 5. 4 2 gallon pots to start with catch trays for run off - free with lighting kit 6. coco for medium - so far i have used less then 5$'s worth of a 15$ brick 7. GHSC Powderfeeding Hybrid - free, thanks to green house seed co 8. General hydroponic's Flora nova - free left over from previous grow 9. make shift watering jug - 99 cents total cost for this grow $ 180.99 canadian, mind you i will get many crops out of my ballest and probably 4 - 6 crops out of the bulbs. so let's see what kinda damage i can do. a picture of the free kit i received from green house for entering the contest within the first 300 entries. i don't germinate seeds before planting them i just throw them in the medium about an inch down asshole up and apply water. so for now all i have to share is photo's of my set up but stay tuned as i will be updateing this journal very often, and share loads of pictures. GHSC White lemon not yet ready to come out of its shell but soon enough!!! stay tuned for an update as soon as they pop!
  5. Hey strain hunter's , I have been really busy this past month and unfortunately had to abandon my last jounral. I gave those plant's a nice new home in Toronto but i moved out of the city for reason's hopefully at the end of the week i can explain . But for now i have started some new bean's the FBK's where vegged from seed under 18hr's of day light for 23 day's and have been switched to 12/12 now for 3 day's. The West Coast Sour Diesel and Rock Star Kush have been in veg from seed for 18 day's then have been in 12/12 for the past 3 day's. all 4 plant's where started in beer cup's of pro mix and transplanted on day 15 into 2 gallon container's with a mix of pro mix, fermented chicken manure and Bio soil ( seaweed & shrimp compost and peatmoss) and have been getting nothing but plain PH adjusted water from the beginning. so this is a straight up organic grow. Strain Hunter's Seed Bank - Flower Bomb Kush #1 Med Man's Brand - Rock Star Kush Reg FBK #1 & Rock Star Kush Side Shot Med Man's Brand - West Coast Sour Diesel reg Strain Hunter's Seed Bank - Flower Bomb Kush #2 Group shot's Both Flower bomb Kush plant's side by side Rock Star Kush & West Coast Sour Diesel side by side more group shot's Now the WCSD was having a bit of a problem with the root ball before transplanting. so is struggling now to keep up, Also both the RSK and WCSD are from regular stock and only a couple day's into flowering so one or both could be male's we will have to wait and see.
  6. alright a new batch of auto's , i saw some pic's of the white widow auto on franco's facebook looks like a killer auto i have been waiting for them to make a auto out of the white widow, but the jack as well is something awesome. Hey dust, do you know if the skunk auto is the old skunk green house used to sell that's in the grow session's video and is a really short flowering skunk ? Anyway's you know my situation dust i would love to test some seed's for you guy's but my country is lame right now unfortunately as soon as that end's you can count me in tho for sure. i'm just about to post a new journal for the FBK i have had a few minor set back's as far as my personal grow is concerned but also as you know dust for very good reason that is the only journal i have had to abandon since becoming a member of strainhunter's i feel bad i had to give those plant's away but the reason was more then worth it. so i will make up for it with a new journal with some green house genetic's.
  7. Hey Bam some nice bud's you got there !!! and jah fruit same with you buddy great stuff, So check this out here's a few strain's i have been smoking lately, ChemDawg Pink Kush Og Kush Cannasutra
  8. Hello Hunter's , I seem's it's that time again, for me to crack some new bean's!!! Staying true to my nature i am switching thing's up a little bit yet again, this time around i am doing a full organic grow. I am starting the seed's in beer cups in standard pro mix , they wil be in the cup's till some nice root development goes on then transplanted into a rich organic mixture. I plan on using only pure water for this grow but since i am using a new organic mixture i am gonna play it by ear to see how the development progress's. the rich organic medium i am using is something i will most likely be working with for a while as i have mixed a bunch of it , the organic mix is pretty simple. I mixed ruffly 60 L's of promix with 40 L's of Fertilo ( composted chicken manure) and with 30 L's of Sea compost with Peat, seaweed and shrimp. i have been told this is sort of a hot mixture which is ideal for my purpose's i plan on layering this mixture the bottom 60% of of my 2 gallon pot's with the organic mixture the top 40% with pro mix so as not to burn the new root's after transplanting . i also have a bag of bone meal that i haven't decided if it's necessary to use or not. I am open to suggestion for anyone with organic growing experience indoor's in pot's as this is somewhat new to me i used to make my own soil outdoor's but for bed's and the plant' i put in it where always well vegged. Below is some picture's of the Fertilo and sea compost bag's and a list of the analysis of the content's, Fertilo INGREDIENTS Composted chicken manure GUARANTEED MINIMUM ANALYSIS The analysis is achieved with final product at maximum moisture capacity Total Nitrogen (N) - 1,2% Available phosphoric acid (P2O5) - 1,2% Soluble Potash (K2O) - 1,2% Maximum moisture - 48% Organic matter - 33% - See more at: http://www.fafard.ca/en/produit/fertilo_composted_chicken_manure/#sthash.0hircasp.dpuf Sea compost known in Canada as Bio Soil INGREDIENTS Composted manure, sphagnum peat moss, shrimp flour, seaweed GUARANTEED MINIMUM ANALYSIS The analysis is achieved with final product at maximum moisture capacity Total Nitrogen (N) - 1,2% Available phosphoric acid (P2O5) - 0,7% Soluble Potash (K2O) - 0,6% Calcium (Ca) - 1% Organic matter - 33% Maximum moisture - 55% - See more at: http://www.fafard.ca/en/produit/sea_compost_with_peat_seaweed_and_shrimp/#sthash.PU0lWOzs.dpuf As for the promix it isent the name brand but the same basic thing, the company i am using instead of promix is Berger's and the line is BM1 ingredient's and info: Incubated pH = 5.4 - 6.2 Coarse peat moss; Horticultural perlite; Horticultural Vermiculite; Dolomitic limestone; Calcitic limestone; Non-ionic wetting agent Ok so i will be planting the seed's today and will get back to you guy's as soon as they pop!!! the seed's i am popping are 2 bean's of GHSC flowerbomb Kush 1 bean of HSO desert diesel 1 bean of HSO lost coast OG ill be back asap with the fresh popped seedling's until then stay green!
  9. hahaha yeah bro i got the bean's the same way , as soon as i saw that promo i had to act on it just too good to pass up. all those strain's are from the promotion. on another note, thing's have been a little hectic this past week and a bit and as of right now i can't really explain why but i will be back up soon the plant's are still doing good so a new update will be up shortly and with any luck i will have some amazing new's to share will all you strain hunter's shortly to explain what i have been up to.
  10. Hey smokey, i just thought i would point something out i don't think i saw anyone mention it. It looks to me like one of your plant's has maybe what might be a zinc deficiency. Here is a photo of the plant i am talking about. if it is a zinc defiency what you wanna do is Flush with ph'd water that has a half strength nutrient content with something containing Zinc, Iron and manganese so like half strength powderfeeding should work. but yeah flush wih the ph'd light nutrient water and then moniter for the next few day's to see if new growth is sill affected. if it is a zinc defiency you wanna deal with it because if you don't it will effect the size of your bud's on the plant drastically.
  11. Hey smokey and everyone else, yeah it suck's about the Flower Bomb Kush but i no what happened and it was sort of my fault sort of not. earlyer before it happened i allowed the plant's out to much the FBK's really didn't like it the one most affected i killed before transplanting because it was stunted so much that the bubba kush surpassed it. so that was intentional but it woulden't have mattered because the other FBK which was less affected by he drying out that happened a week and a bit before once transplanted into the rich medium it kinda curled up the leaf's and had burn mark's and then the next day the plant's stem was so weak it wasn't even holding it self up so i kill it. so yeah it was my mistake i'm using a new medium plus i started he seedling's in pro mix a medium i have used many time's before but not for a while now and forgot that it doesent retain wate, as long as a rich soil so i caused my seedling's stress by letting them dry out too much. UPDATE!!!! DAY 21 From seed!!!!! anyway's as far as the other plant's are concerned everything is going great. the Desert diesel was ready for it's first topping on day 19, the other 2 plant's where topped on day 20 so yesterday morning. they are all rebounding nicely the Diesel is like i hasn't even skipped a step, the OG needed day to rebound but is doing great and the bubba kush was as if i didn't top it, instant rebound! I'm gonna be vegging for another week to let them recover then ill go into flowering. as far as the transplanting that was done a week ago , all of the plant's have nice white fussy root's coming out he bottom of the pot. so obviously the plant's are loving the organic medium as they have been receiving only water and all plant's are nice and green and lush. so here's the photo's ! HSO Desert Diesel ( Amherst 81st X Diesel ) As you can see in this next picture, Keeping the light's close to the plant in veg ensure's the lateral branch's receive adequate light penetration allowing the lower bud branch's to surpass the leaf's from the node's above! In this next picture you can see the three day old cut left over from the topping and the new shoot's now developing! This in combination with keeping the light's close will ensure that the plant grow's bushy with multiple top's all competing for the top position evening out the canopy! and here is a shot of the fresh fussy root's coming out the bottom of the container just 7 day's after transplanting! HSO Bubba Kush ( OG kush X West Coast dog X Old World Kush) Here is the fresh cut from the topping done yesterday and the new shoot's already developing! HSO Lost Coast OG ( Lost Coast OG Elite clone X Emerald OG) Here is another exsample of why keeping the light's close even in veg is important , here you can see on a plant topped only yesterday so this is not from being topped you can see the lowest lateral branch is already almost reaching the top cola on both branch's coming out of that node! this plant will develop a nice bush even tho is alittle stressing from the light's being close compared to the other's in the end it will pay off however it's important to no how close is too close and never crossing that line. And here is a group shot of the plant's . notice how close he light is that is a 400W hps i could go even closer if i wanted to but this is sufficient. in order to keep the light close i have a 10 inch fan pointed directly at the bulb of the light on full blast and a constant exchange of fresh cold air from outside. temperature in grow room is 24 degree's Celsius or 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Ok that's it for this week, i have a big week coming up so until next time stay green!!! here are a few bud shot's of my smoke for christmas!!! Chocolate Thai Brother's Grimm - Cinderella 99 ( princess X cinderella 88 ) Barney's Farm - Vanilla Kush ( Kashmir x Afghan Kush )
  12. beautiful plant's bro! seriously every picture is just incredible . i can't wait to see these nice plant's in flower whats the strain called?
  13. UPDATE!!!! DAY 17 from seed!!! Ok everything is doing good, it's kinda strange for me now that the FBK's are gone this is the first grow i have done in a long time without any green house strain's so we will see how it goes. So far these strain's are looking pretty nice growth wise and ill be happy to get to see them with a nice veg period. So the transplant went well and all the remaining plant's rebound in no time. the desert diesel and the lost coast og already have a nice scent when you touch the leaf's so i am excited to see how they are when resin start's pumping out. the bubba kush was started alittle late and is only on day 14 i believe but it's already totally caught up to the other two plant's in size . so far i have been giving them just water this medium require's less frequent watering compared to coco as it retain's much more water so that's something that i have to get used to a side from that everything is going great. now for the photo's. HSO Bubba Kush Day 14 from seed HSO Lost Coast OG Day 17 from seed HSO Desert Diesel Day 17 from seed group shot Ok well that's it for now until next time stay green!
  14. ok so i transplanted the plant's about 2 - 3 day's ago now, i did so because in the cup's the plant's where not doing so well . i am convinced now that starting seed's in smaller starter cups stunt's the growth of seedling's every time i have done it the leaf's start considerably smaller then when i just start them in a big container. so anyway's i have some bad new's as well the FBK's were looking really sickly the smaller one before transplanting had really weak stem and slowed growth the bubba kush that i started like 3 or 4 day's after i cracked the FBK's surpassed the smaller FBK so i decided to kill it. then when i transplanted all the rest of the other 4 plant's everything went fine, but yesterday i noticed burn mark's on the second FBK but nothing so damaging that it was drastic then i woke up today and the stem did the same thing as the other FBK it was weak and barely holding up the plant. so i decided to take out both FBK's i will do a full FBK grow next grow and do it right but i didn't wanna chance having a stunted plant in my closet taking up space that could be better utilized by a healthy plant. So i am now gonna do a 4 week veg Topping each plant on day 21 and flowering after day 28. All the other plant's are doing great . i will add some updated picture soon .
  15. I've seen that mutation on el nino plant's before i think it's from the widow as i have also seen it on GWS ! That is a lovely el nino specimen tho nice fat serrated leaves should make for some nice smoke. There is a seed bank in Toronto that still has an old pack of regular el nino seed's for 52$ or at least claim's to still have it i haven't physically seen the pack. i also i have found another seed bank online that say's they still have el nino and Hawaiian snow seed's ? i don't know if it's true tho the seed bank is called rhino seed's i have never ordered from them or anything tho here's the link. http://www.cannabis-seeds.co.uk/greenhouseseedsstandard.html
  16. UPDATE!!! Day 8 of veg!!!! Alright so thing's are going good, sort of. i left the fan too low an the medium dried out a little this week not much longer then i have before with seedling's in cup's the two Humboldt seed organisation plant's where fine but the FBK really didn't like it and the embryonic leafs turned yellow, i know this happen's naturally sometime's but in this case it happened directly after the medium dried out a bit and the heat was a little hotter because i point my fan at the light bulb so i can bring the light closer to my plant's. one of the FBK's even had a tad bit of yellowing on the first leaf set on the tip's. I added a very tiny amount of Powder feeding to my water less then the 0.25 G's per L and watered and turned the fan back to full and the seedling's seem to be recovering nicely. Since dust pointed out to me that the FBK's are lower yielding and i am using organic's and only a 20 day veg i made the decision to add another plant to the mix. I might regret this later but hell i have 2 more 150W light's if i need to add alittle more light i'm set but i am hoping i won't have to and that the plant's will be short enough to fit under the 400W nicely i'm adding some mylar later this week as well. And one last thing i didn't like the way the seedling's where responding to the MH so i switched to the HPS my logic to this is that the HPS has more lumen's , i only did that yesterday so ill have to wait and see if i notice a difference in growth. Lost Coast OG Desert Diesel Flowerbomb Kush #1 Flowerbomb Kush #2 HSO Bubba Kush Day 4 Group Shot! Alright well that's it for now until next time, stay green!
  17. hey i got some more nice bud to share with all you hunters!!!! here is some berry kush ( not to be confused with kushberry from DNA) this berry kush smell's like blueberry muffin's and hindu kush a really unique berry aroma nothing like your standard fruity berry smell my guess is that it is a blueberry hashplant X hindu kush Berry Kush
  18. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAY 2 from seed!!! Ok so like i said all the seed's popped at the same time yesterday! they are all developing nicely, however one of the Flowerbomb kush seed's shell's opened up but didnt fully fall off right away so it isen't quite as opened up as the other's but that will sort it self out as the new leaflet's develop. Aside from that everything i developing nicely and doing good. i have the seedling's under a 400W metal halide bulb which i will use for the veg once i switch over i will be using hps. the seedling's are in those red beer cup's and the medium i am using for the seedling's is just a basic promix once the plant's are developed enough i will transplant them into my rich organic soil mixture. so yeah right now that's all there is to share, so here are the photo's enjoy and stay green! Whole set up shot! group shot Humboldt Seed Organization - Desert Diesel ( Amherst 81st X Diesel) Humboldt Seed Organization - Lost Coast OG ( elite clone Lost coast OG X Emerald OG) Photo of both Flowerbomb Kush ( Green Crack X OG kush) Green House Flowerbomb Kush ( Green Crack X OG Kush) #1 Flowerbomb Kush (Green Crack X Og Kush) #2 OK so that's it for now, until next time stay green!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Thank's for the head's up ! Since there isent a hole abundance of grow's on the Flowerbomb Kush yet i was kinda struggling on how long to veg for. i went on the assumption that while Og kush is a lower yielding strain green crack is a skunk X afgani and is a medium to high producer so i wasn't sure what to do but everything i have seen from the FBK so far has been single cola dominate shorter and very kush influenced in growth. so i figure i am just gonna be happy with whatever i get off it , the problem is i don't have 2 area's to grow just one like you probably already know and both the lost coast og and the desert diesel are higher yielding strains one being the diesel obviously is gonna be a bigger plant and the lost coast OG was bred specifically to boost the yeild of the original OG in cali because alot of strain's grown outdoor's in cali are bred for both quality and yield so i'm gonna assume it's also gonna be a bigger plant so i don't wanna veg too long as i am growing 4 plant's and my space is limited im really only gonna be able to do like maybe 3 week's veg time. to be honest i am most worried about the diesel that chemdog i grew was massive i doubt i could fit 4 plant's that size in my closet and it was vegged for 4 week's. So i am gonna go for 3 week's this time . In my situation it would actually be good to have some smaller plant's because i am sure the diesel will be a decent size. i will make the canopy even regardless of the height of the plant's i always just raise up the shorter one if need be. the other option would be topping the diesel at the 3rd week and going for 4 week's veg i might do that actually. Ill figure something out i usually make a plan at the beginning of a grow and then end up doing thing's completely different by the end. Ok so thank's everyone else for stopping by! Good news today i woke up and all 4 seed's popped at the same time!!! This is why i don't mess around with the paper towel method or using a shot glass, I just take the seed's plant them in the soil in the right way so the tap root goes down which is ass end up just look at a seed and youll figure out what's the ass end. if you can't figure it out look at a seed that the tap has just sprouted it always come's out one end of the seed so you wanna plant the seed so the opposite end is pointing up . Add water and wait and you'll see great germination rate's simple and easy! anyway' ill be back in a bit with picture's of the fresh seedling's!!!!!! until then stay green!!!
  20. Hey everyone, This week i have a few crazy nugget's to share that i have been smoking from, the first is.... Bubba Kush Rockstar Kush That's it for now ! until next time, stay green!
  21. Hey Everyone, So It's time again for me to start a new journal, right now i have 1 GHSC chemdog 1 GHSC Bubba Kush and 1 Platinum kush seed from local stock in Canada. the platinum kush is regular tho so we will see if it's a lady soon. i originally planted 2 chemdog seed's but one did not pop or at least wasent popping quick enough so i germinated the platinum kush. the chemdog and the bubba kush are both 24 day's from seed in veg 18hr's on, the platinum kush is about 7 or 8 day's old. i plan on doing just a short veg so in 4-5 day's i will switch to flowering. the medium i am using is 100% coco, the nutrient's are Powderfeeding from green house and CaMg+ because i am using 100% coco the added calcium will help avoid deficiency and to adjust the PH of my water i am using citric acid. My PH is set at 5.7 right now once the preflower's appear i will adjust it to around 6.0 - 6.2. i am ust using tap water and beside's a ph meter that's about it for my growing. The blub i use is a 400watt HPS and i use white poster board to cover the wall's in my closet, my closet is 3 feet 4 inch's wide, 2 feet deep and my growing space is 5.6 feet high and i use the coat hanger bar to hang the light's and my fan i use chains to adjust the height of the light. GHSC Chemdog GHSC Bubba Kush chemdog and bubba kush side by side day 24 from seed. and finally.... Platinum kush day 8 from seed Alright well that's it for now, i'll be back in 1 week's time with another update until then stay green!
  22. Hey Bro, sorry it took me so long to reply i have been really busy the past couple of week's, Yeah to be honest i love the chem and the bubba was nice but the platinum in my eye's is the really winner for me this grow the bud just shocked me in every way. It's a really werid strain while it grew it wasent the most stinky smelling plant but as soon as she was harvested and dryed it took on this really strong musty hindu kush like aroma like really strong almost as pungent as the chemdog but the chem reeked from the start of flowering. thank's for the comment's about yield with the chem i have really been working on pushing my yield's using just technique alone so when i have the opportunity to grow bigger i have my technique down. yeah i hear what your saying about being allergic to some time's of weed when it's fresh i get the same thing but not with dried herb. I actually prefer to dry trim for multiple reason's the two main one's being it's quicker but also because i don't get as stuffed up and itchy when i dry trim. but yeah with regard's to yeild you know i have been focusing on it because i have a restriction on plant number's both because of space and the law's to be honest i would love to just do a sea of green with a bunch of small indica plant's like the platinum kush and just have like a bunch of them in a situation like that yeild per plant isn't an issue but even in a situation like your grow where you can have multiple plant's so you an afford to have like plant's at different stage's of growth and of different lineage for me tho i really have to start the plant's at the same time and try my best to get the most out of each plant because i only have room for like 4 fully mature plants right now hell only 3 if they where all the size of that chemdog. so i mean it's just because we do thing's a little different but i have no doubt that with your skill bam if you did a grow where all the plant's where of a similar variety all grown and flowered at the same time. you would see similar result's per plant's i believe because i have seen you grow's and your plant's look great and have nice sized cola's and good internodal spacing so i think it's just a matter of different style's. but yeah bro my next grow will be even more impressive i think yield wise because i am really getting this set up down to science ! hey dust , thank's alot bro! i will be adding much more grow journal's in the future you can count on that bro!! i actually have something really important i wanted to talk to you about next time your online if you could message me i just have a few question's i wanna ask. thank's again for the kind word's! thank's bro! i tend to be over critical of myself when it come's to growing. i'm gla tho that you enjoy the work i have been doing ill be keeping on trucking ill have a new journal started in the next few week's. Nice bro ! it's alway's good to hear when other's are inspired by what goes on the strain hunter's forum ! It's our responsibility to shed light on how to grow and preserve the genetic's we all love and ultimately make cannabis so common that enforcement is impossible because if we don't these strain's could disappear forever. and if you enojy my work stay tuned as there will be more journal's uploaded in the near future. stay green!!!
  23. Ok so now i am gonna do the final bud shot's the bubba is already gone tho so no more photos of that but i'll share my yeild's number's and show some picture's of the nugget's So as far as my yeild's GHSC Chemdawg : 137 gram's GHSC Bubba Kush : 70 gram's Platinum Kush: 29 gram's total yeild : 236 gram's Ok so here's the Platinum Kush GHSC Chemdog i unfortunatly didn't get a shot of all of it together because i had to give away a bit to a few friend's and i gave an ounce to my neighbor. so the best i can do is a shot of the weed from the 1 coathanger with the bottom half of the plant on it, so this is about half of the total weed from that plant. i apologize for the quality of the photo i took the shot right before my camera died right before i jarred it up. This weed might not be the most cosmetically beautiful weed but it's definitely one of the best plant's i have grown from green house the week STINKS like red grapefruit and pinesol and taste's the way it smell's plus the high is one of the most well balanced hybrid's it make's your body buzz but also i really heady. the smell is so strong you smell it through the jar. Sorry i wasent able to take some big pile of weed shot's, when i go to my brother's house next i will take shot's of all the chemdog minus the ounce i gave to my neighbour. She is just an amazing yeilder the bottom half of the plant had so many nice big cola's and the main cola was a beast
  24. My Package arrived at my mom's on friday, So i should have it by later today when she drop's it off! once again thank's alot for all the hardwork putting this contest i will pot picture's of the prize once it's in my hand's ! Stay green!
  25. that northern light's auto bud look's to be of amazing quality they are really stepping it up with the auto's. good stuff man what's next?

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