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  1. Great SH Episode guys!!! Can't wait for the rest!
  2. same mate i hope i get some beautiful girls not ugly males lol
  3. When will this be released?
  4. Update # The LED ufo is doing ok but I wanted some more bushy plants quicker so ive turned on my HPS Dual spec bulb ill run it at 270w and then 440w when in flower: Look at the difference now: The dual spec bulb had helped loads! I also raised humidity to 70% Temp: 75f Humidity: at 70% Water/Feed PH 7.0 EC 1.2 In 1 week from today ill switch to 12/12 Here they are:
  5. update # Note: This should have been posted about a week and half ago Sorry I have some internet issues. Am having to take my pics with me on a usb stick and do this on a libary computer. Anyway... The girlies are doing great! Temp: 75f Humidity: at 65% Water/Feed PH 7.0 EC 1.1 The LED is doing the job well... here they are now:
  6. 10 x KALASHNIKOVA AUTO Seeds, 1 kg of Indica short flower feed, GH Grinder (awsome!! Thanks!!) Seed Catalog and Powerfeed Catalog Thanks again for a great opportunity guys! have been spreading the word to my UK fam about the awsomeness of GH and Strain Hunters! Peace out.
  7. Update Here is a pic of the LED i am using... Its a 90w quad spectrum led.. The girls have come along nicely I have feed them once with power feed at half strength, It looks like maybe the LED is stretching them a bit? Might top them, what do you think? Here is a couple to show you how there looking now. Temp: 75f Humidity: Humidity at 60% Water/Feed PH 7.0