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    she is a beauty
  2. thank you all guys for the support. yeah maybe superbud needs to be better tested. its intersesting to see how the 2 remaining will develop. today the last wr was cut and seems dank. i will get back to you with a smoke report the next days. keep growing!!
  3. hey guys waz up?i havent posted due to job shit.hehe. about the girls unfortunately there are some bad news but also some good too. good news first is white rhino. 3 of the them were cut at day 65 a couple of days ago. the remaining 2 will be cut on tuesday. their trichomes are mostly amber.i will post some pics later. bad news has to do with the superbud.at 8 weeks i noticed a weird calyx on one of them and so i discovered they were getting seeded.so 3 of them were cut a couple of days later. i had to search them with a friend to find any visible seeds or calyx with seed in it and we found 4
  4. great post man.as lovegun said mature cannabis is what we want!!! peace
  5. thnx a lot dust. i forgot to say that there are two superbuds with quite a lot leaf production and slow hair development.i think they will go also 10 weeks because the resin is still so immature and not so much.ill see how they go and update with some pics of them to take some opinions.
  6. 1)white rhino 2)superbud the superbud will go in 12/12 for 60-63 days and the rhino for 70 days
  7. Pics from day 41 of 12/12. The rhinos keep gettin on my nerves. 2 of them look like the have nute burn but all of the plants have been flushed 2 time till now with 50-55 litres of plain water. also they receive the same feeding with the others so its a little bit strange. the temperature is a little low these days as outside its really cold. about 21-23 C.
  8. good..have you grown autos many times?what do you think of them?is their yield good and do they need more attention than the regular plants?
  9. yeah man. it has way too much leaf growth and most of the tops are like stuck to the stem. i had to tie them down to get some light.
  10. nice man. what day does it start to flower?
  11. Day 32 of 12/12 .The only disappointment is one white rhino which is very different with no good tops.
  12. LOL sure he has to cut down a bit with smoking....