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  1. Great stuff from Paris.
  2. Ok! I'll be at amsterdam central station at 1 PM!
  3. yep, but i think 2g was too less for me... ate it all at the same day
  4. From the album Things

  5. Hey boys 'n girls! Today I baked Freefall Flapjacks. Aall you need is: -------------- 15 minutes for preparation 45 minutes baking time -------------- 175g oatmeal 110g brown sugar 110g butter (i added 2g of high quality hash, moroccan) 1 teaspoon maple syrup 1 tablespoon ground ginger - chop hash (I use a chopping knife) until it is finely ground. - Place the syrup, hash powder and butter into a large saucepan and heat gently until the butter has melted into the syrup and stir well. - Remove from stove, add oatmeal and ginger, mix it. - Pour the mixture into the prepared tin and spread evenly to fill the tin making sure the surface is even - about 1inch or 2,50cm thick. - Bake in the preheated oven at 150°Celsius for 45 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from the oven while the flapjack is still slightly soft, they will harden once cool. The temperature of the doe didn't reach 110°C, so dont worry - Place the tin on a wire cooling rack. Cut the flapjack into squares (10 pieces) after 10 minutes or until completely cold. Enjoy!
  6. hey man, gonna meet you there, I leave tomorrow night for the dam!
  7. thank you i also find this music very annoying, but from now on the problem is solved
  8. maaaaan thats really great! good good news for all consumers and the coffeeshops! i am so glad
  9. hey brothers and sisters! i just left himachal and i am very sad about that. the last days i hang out with chappu and his friends what was very nice. rubbing: unfortunately i miss the rubbing season, it starts in 2 or 3 weeks. i rubbed some "small" hands of charas when i find some ripened plants and the smoke was amazing. but it was only enough for some joints, so i couldnt cover my needs i cant tell you how much i smoked but it felt like half a tola in a day and i ned to stop smoking now because my throat is hurting very badly and i am afraid that i get a serious bronchitis. the real malana cream: it is not available at this season. the definition "super cream" changes during the year, because now the people sell the charas with less quality, the even sell nepalese stuff, i ve heard from a few malana people that some people do this: - buy 20kg nepalese charas and mix ist with 20g malana super cream (first cream) - people also say that they dry the plants at nepal, screen the plants, mix the pollen with chemicals (shoe cream, etc.) and add only some grams of super cream. i cant tell you if this is true, so DONT take my word. i dont want to spread rumours. but thanks to some contacts to locals i smoked the super cream. it was a 2 or 3 years old and the people say it gets better after some years to mature and become even better. malana first cream has a very different consistence to the other charas i smoked. it way easier to make tiny tiny balls because it is softer (other kind of softeness than the other stuff) and somehow... i cant express it. the high is... incredible. just incredible. it is somehow dreamy but your mind stays very clear. i also was at galenos house and franco casalones cave after i became a friend of some locals with a little more influence... the police is cutting a lot of plants at the moment, so it was VERY risky to go there... those contacts also told me that i was fucking lucky that i wasnt checked - i went to malana for more than 3 times and they check your passport almost every time you go to or leave malana or chowki... the police has to search for drugs (especially foreigners) to show the government that they do something about the cannabis"problem". so they arrest people that even only have 2 grams with them! there was a party some weeks ago at parvarti valley and they arrested 19 peoples because of small amounts of drugs and charas. back to topic - galeno and franco. francos cave, or better the walls of the cave, have been demolished by malana people that used the stones for other houses. the cave is very small and I admire franco for living there for 10 years. galenos house made me feel very sad. almost his whole ganja garden disappeared because the police cut it, only a few (very big plants) grew there - but they were cut or better destroyed by the police some days ago. (i made a short video and i will upload it after i talked to franco if it is sensible or not.) the walls of galenos house are in a good constitution as far as i can review it, but the wood of the roof is rotten. nothing is inside the house except some big stones and beams. some people will try their best to find a way that galeno can come back to his house - but they will need a lot of money (greenhouse foundatiuon?) i also bought the last available book of galeno and i am very happy that i got it, though i cant understand italian. but i can learn it and i have some italian friends, so its not a big problem. malana is changing. it gets more and more a tourist place, the children start to drink and to smoke at the age of 7, they want to become "gangstas". the malana people want coca cola and sweets of the western world. the consequence is that the roads are filled with plastic waste. alcohol became also a big problem. every third or fourth male person in the age of 20 to 70 i met at parvarti valley was an alcoholic (i just guess), it was worse on the big festival in malana, what was very impressive (video will come). the landscape is incredible and i can advise to visit tosh and not to stay at kasol or manali. those two places are VERY touristic and filled with israeli people when i came to tosh it was already night and i picked a guest house randomly, next morning i woke up in the "pink floyed" (yes, floyed ), the place where the strain hunters stayed! big coincidence. i can advise that guest house, cheapest rooms are 120rs per night for 2 beds. try to get food somewhere else, its not that good...
  10. i will also upload some fotos, but i have to do this when i am at home, it is too complicated to upload fotos from a strange computer...
  11. hey folks, some news from india i can advise to go to tosh. i arrived there some days ago after sunset and i choosed a guesthouse randomly. guess what, i went into the "pink floyed" (yes, floy"e"d), where arjan, franco and the others stayed when they went to tosh! now i am at manikaran, some people told me that franco casalone lived here, but i dont know if it is true. some italians stay here and the one i talked with knows him, but he told me that he is not there and uses to stay at other villages... some very important tips: dont buy charas at tourist places as manali. try to get it in smaller villages like tosh. i ve got a tola of hash oil at kasol for 4000 rupies what is quite expensive... malana iceolator hash: 2200 rupies for one tola most crappy charas at manali: 1000 to 2500 for one tola good charas at the smaller villages: 1000 - 1500 rupies for one tola lots of people like shoe repairing guys try to sell crappy stuff at the street, try to stay away from them. dont ask for charas, people will offer you better stuff if you dont run around and ask for it. i made the experience that some people at head shops (old kasol) or guest houses (tosh) have quite a good smoke. i also rubbed my first hands of charas, but if i had the chance to do that in one month it would be better because the main rubbing season starts then. if you go to tosh, go to pink floyed to sleep and try the "special chocolate ball" at olive garden! cheers mates! bombho
  12. Today i came back from malana. i asked many people about galeno, they told me that cops are in the area of galenos house, or better where his house was, because it has been demolished by cops. the village people also told me that he was deported, so lets hope that galeno is well at italy. i ve heard nice stories about franco casalone, but i am not sure if they are true, so before i sart rumours i say just nothing next days i will try to find his place. unfortunately its the wrong season for the famous malana cream, but i ve got very good charas and iceolator hash too! greetings!
  13. Hey guys! finally i am at kasol, parvarti valley! i stay at a guest house for very little money and the host, a widdow called "mama" has a big variety of different charas... like pinapple, chocolate mint, she even has hash oil! another thing that is very special: she has charas from 3 years ago, she buries it in the ground... very nice... i will do some hiking the next days after the big trance festival and try to rub some charas^^ looking forward! cheers friends, i smoke a big joint for yous, bom bholenat!
  14. I just made some contacts with locals.
  15. @toke: I'll try to keep you up to date i started a blog some months ago, it will be kind of my dairy, so I'll always feed it with the latest news i definately will shoot a lot of photos and stuff.

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