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  1. Hi guys, I just logged in since quite a while and I had to remember the good times I had with all the guys around 2012 to 2018 or something like that. There was one HTCC where I met some of the users in real life and I enjoyed their company a lot. Thanks guys for having a great time! I hope we meet again. I smoke two joints in good memories for tokage levente urbanninja Dust Jimmy and of course our friend Franco Loja (RIP) and many more I forgot to mention! Sorry, I have a bad memory, I guess you know why.
  2. yep, but i think 2g was too less for me... ate it all at the same day
  3. Hey boys 'n girls! Today I baked Freefall Flapjacks. Aall you need is: -------------- 15 minutes for preparation 45 minutes baking time -------------- 175g oatmeal 110g brown sugar 110g butter (i added 2g of high quality hash, moroccan) 1 teaspoon maple syrup 1 tablespoon ground ginger - chop hash (I use a chopping knife) until it is finely ground. - Place the syrup, hash powder and butter into a large saucepan and heat gently until the butter has melted into the syrup and stir well. - Remove from stove, add oatmeal and ginger, mix it. - Pour the mixture into the prepared tin and spread evenl
  4. hey man, gonna meet you there, I leave tomorrow night for the dam!
  5. thank you i also find this music very annoying, but from now on the problem is solved
  6. maaaaan thats really great! good good news for all consumers and the coffeeshops! i am so glad
  7. hey brothers and sisters! i just left himachal and i am very sad about that. the last days i hang out with chappu and his friends what was very nice. rubbing: unfortunately i miss the rubbing season, it starts in 2 or 3 weeks. i rubbed some "small" hands of charas when i find some ripened plants and the smoke was amazing. but it was only enough for some joints, so i couldnt cover my needs i cant tell you how much i smoked but it felt like half a tola in a day and i ned to stop smoking now because my throat is hurting very badly and i am afraid that i get a serious bronchitis. the real malana
  8. i will also upload some fotos, but i have to do this when i am at home, it is too complicated to upload fotos from a strange computer...
  9. hey folks, some news from india i can advise to go to tosh. i arrived there some days ago after sunset and i choosed a guesthouse randomly. guess what, i went into the "pink floyed" (yes, floy"e"d), where arjan, franco and the others stayed when they went to tosh! now i am at manikaran, some people told me that franco casalone lived here, but i dont know if it is true. some italians stay here and the one i talked with knows him, but he told me that he is not there and uses to stay at other villages... some very important tips: dont buy charas at tourist places as manali. try to get it in sm
  10. Today i came back from malana. i asked many people about galeno, they told me that cops are in the area of galenos house, or better where his house was, because it has been demolished by cops. the village people also told me that he was deported, so lets hope that galeno is well at italy. i ve heard nice stories about franco casalone, but i am not sure if they are true, so before i sart rumours i say just nothing next days i will try to find his place. unfortunately its the wrong season for the famous malana cream, but i ve got very good charas and iceolator hash too! greetings!
  11. Hey guys! finally i am at kasol, parvarti valley! i stay at a guest house for very little money and the host, a widdow called "mama" has a big variety of different charas... like pinapple, chocolate mint, she even has hash oil! another thing that is very special: she has charas from 3 years ago, she buries it in the ground... very nice... i will do some hiking the next days after the big trance festival and try to rub some charas^^ looking forward! cheers friends, i smoke a big joint for yous, bom bholenat!
  12. I just made some contacts with locals.