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  1. @Cannabissapean ,I never let Google save my password but i made an exception lol. Kinda thought that noone would see that post because i stuck it to an old thread so thanks for forwarding it and for the usefull tips! And thank you @Catwoman and @OGNaj , your both right but until i get a proper tent and ventilation set up , im stuck using this closet & I do have a desktop fan on the floor facing up and a 5" clip on fan above the lights pushing hot air up thru a 3ft by 2ft opening to the attic. I dont know what id do without that huge hole in ceiling. Its just so hot here in summer. I just bought a dehumidifier. Ive been thinking about buying a small a/c unit on wheels . I even have a 5" duct attatched to half of the a/c vent in ceiling going inti closet,lol. The more i think about it, maby the hot air isnt flowing into attic. Ill have to check that out. and thank you @Jose.gh for compliment. I actually started mu next grow last wk with Lemon Haze and Pinapple Kush and i was excited cause the compost ive been making this past year was ready to use and i did . All seeds sprouted and got an inch tall when i realized i forgot to sterilize before i made up my mix so now i have a huge fungus gnat problem. A bean sprouted up in 2 diff pots,lol. I fucked up. Oh well, live and learn. I checked out GreenHouseSeed Co and will order from them next time. Good Selection of autoflowers and good prices! Ok, Much Love everyone !
  2. Hi again. After i started this thread, i had a major problem w my email and i lost password so i kinda gave up but i found it and thought i should let u know how this grow ended. Plus i wanna thank OGNaj and Catwoman for taking the time to welcome me! My last pics showed them at 60 days well they took 30 more for total of 3 mo. So they were in 3gal pots fed them FFTrio & cal/mag. Both every other water at half to 3/4 strength and they never had burned tips. Very hearty plants .Plus they were very thirsty! I used1/3 compost, 1/3 potting soil, the rest pearlite, peat moss and worm castings. The problem is that i used 2 crappy $70 each, 131w each,burple lights. They actually got the plants 3/4 of the way thru. They couldnt give the plants the coverage or the energy they needed to develop the buds correctly. They looked alright as far as the buds go, until u look thru a usb microscope then u see how strange the tricombs grew. Afew buds had clear and amber but no cloudy. Due to lights all 4 grew diffrently. Really shows how much less light they need for the vegetative stage and even to start flowering but need so much more for the trics to go thru thier stages consistantly.Despite that i got 2-3 oz dry from each plant. I cut two of the colas off little early to have a more even canopy. Bud rot got to the hugest cola on largest plant. I was so suprised, i pulled the cola to open it up some ans all i see is white cotton like mold inside whole thing. anyway, i like the Mars Hydro TSL 2000 for $259. Id better hurry up cause i just planted 2 pinapple Kush and 2 Lemon Haze in same closet. 2.5ft by 4 ft (not Ill Put that grow in the Indoor Gropw section. Also where is a good place to buy seeds that will ship to states? Id like to try some cool strains in future.
  3. Hi everyone. I love growing and i love smoking. But i especially love smoking what i grow. So here i am. Ive only got a few grows under my belt so ive got soo much to learn. im supprised i havent ran into this site before now . i registered here because , just look at the size of this website and forums. So much info and pics and vids. I hope i can add to that in a good way. I document my growa with pics,vids and a notebook. Its hard for me to remember what i did yesterday forget about a week ago. By grows i mean 4 to 6 plants at a time. Just enough for me and my friends. Right now i have 4 White LSD (White Widow / Ruderalis ). They are 60 days old and full o buds! Oh btw they are autoflowers so they will be ready to harvest in about 3 more wks. Id read a lot about autoflowering seeds so i had to try em. Props to MSNL seed co. Ive never had a prob w them and they are definately cheaper than most of the other large, reputable seed co. ive looked at! Just a tip . check em out. Ive got em in a 2.5 by 8 ft. closet. Ill try to include some pics.

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