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  1. Has anyone had any experience with any brand of COB Led lights ?
  2. I have never seen a weed bud look like that, actually with any bright color in it, thats crazy looking
  3. I bought one off this list https://www.canadagrowsindoors.ca/best-herb-and-weed-grinders/ I bought the first one on the list, golden gate. My last one was not a 4 piece and was a piece of junk really but didnt have the money at the time for a better one.
  4. I am new at this but read this article the other day, its an easy read and makes sense to me. Grow Tent Ventilation Humidity and Heat: What You Need to Know
  5. I keep getting ads popping up on facebook about these small little extraction units , looks like a old school pop corn machine. Do these actually work for extraction ?
  6. kevrac


    Hello everyone, from east coast of canada and a complete newbie. Looking to start my own little grow setup so will be doing alot of reading and asking stupid questions..lol Looks like a great forum.