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  1. Sorry guys no pics. camera was dead but we got everything chopped down and trimmed up. Final dry weight was 11 oz.'s!!! I also made dry ice hash with the sugar leafs. I had about 2 oz.'s of dried trim and ended up with 18 g.'s of good hash. And with the fan leafs and a few stems ground down I ended up with 7.'s of hash for cooking. I am surprised at how good this plant tastes with such a short time since she has been dry enough to smoke. She has the sour skunk fuel smell and taste to her and she hits you nice and hard. I can't wait for this to be nice and cured. Thanks for looking guys. Next u
  2. can you just substitute hash/keif for the dried leaf/bud and follow the same method for both the butter and oil? And when using hash do you have to still simmer for 24 hours?
  3. Okay, she is chopped down but I didn't get a chance to take any new pictures. I will how ever post a few pictures this weekend when i weigh everything up. I am guessing at least 9 oz's. I will also post a video of me making some dry ice hash out of the sugar leafs.
  4. Okay, I went out and bought a more powerful lighted scope today to get a better look at my trichs. And what I found is that my trichs are around 30% amber actually red!!! So I am thinking of only letting her go till this Saturday. That will be eight weeks exactly. I cant believe how fast this plant matured. I was expecting another week or two but I will be very happy to cut her this weekend. I will post a few pictures of the final plant before i cut her. :gamer:
  5. Looking great man! I am most definitely going to try this on one plant with my next grow. Hopefully the exodus cheese responses as nicely as your lemon!
  6. Basically I want it to have the most couch lock knock you out make you drool all over yourself effect. Yeah I do know the longer you let it go the more the THC degrades, basically I am going to play it by ear for the next few weeks. She will not come down any eariler than this Saturday but I am still shooting for the next 2 weeks or so. We shall see.
  7. About a month ago I took five clones off of my mother exodus cheese plant and popped them in some rapid rooter plugs. My propagation tray was sitting on a table with a fan, and that fan was sending vibrations thru the table, and I could see by babies shaking from that vibration. Well those vibrations seem to have helped the rooting process because my clones rooted in about half the time that they normly would for me. Typically would see roots about 2 1/2 weeks after I cut. Well this last time all five clones rooted in about a week. Now I don't know if it was the vibrations or the strength of t
  8. Dust I do have a scope. The trichomes are about 90% cloudy 10% amber. I am hoping to wait till about 75-80% amber if the plant allows it.
  9. Here are a few more pictures. She is starting to get real top heavy. All of the buds are leaning to one side, but then at the same time they are bending back towards the light. I actually had to put a brick on the top of the 5 gallon bucket that the plant is in just to keep her from falling over.
  10. Okay! Here it is. Sorry it took a little longer than expected. These pictures were taken on day 51. The hairs are starting to turn orange and the trichromes are about 90% cloudy 10% amber. I'm thinking about another 2-3 weeks (That will be week 9-10) and she should be ready. Let me know what you guys think. I'll have a few more pictures up in a bit.
  11. I still say you just order synthetic urine from online! ;)

    1. Dust


      Or you pee next to your plant ;) hihi

  12. I should have a new update up in the next day or two. I am approaching day 45 and the buds are starting to fatten up nicely and some of the hairs are starting to turn orange. I also took a look at the tricromes and they are 98% cloudy and about 2% amber. I am planing to let this girl go as long as I can and am shooting for about 70-80% amber for a nice knock you down can't get back up couch lock!
  13. Yes this is only one plant. I LST'ed her in a similar way to mopman's circular LST, just not as extreme. She does have a very nice circular twist to her main stem. I'll see if I can get a few pictures of her stalk.
  14. Looking good, I love that method! That is pretty much what I did with my Sour D. just not as extreme. I think I may try your method of LST on my next grow. I'm sure the results will be impressive. Happy grows!