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  1. Have stopped growing for the time beeing...

    1. laocoo


      Hey Danic how are things?? what happend??

    2. Danic-tour


      Ahh i had to stop growing i had 3 autos 2-4cm in height and there where starting to bud so i just ended it all

  2. New seeds and new adventure shall soon start agien....^^

    1. laocoo


      go danic!!!!! :D

  3. Hallo farmer44 i have been following your grow the past days and i think your plants look nice... A little advice from me should be that keep your humidity a little higher in the veg. phase specily when your plants are young, when the humidity is low at 30 rh your plants are loosing water to the air and it will slow your grow down... If poissble keep the humidity at 60% at all time in veg. phase buy a humidifire to keep the humidity up i know i will do that for my own grow becourse i had some truble keeping it up aswell..
  4. Thanks for the kind reply hunters i am looking forvard for this grow and journal...
  5. The first day of my newborn clones is going ok the temp was a little high when i first saw them in there humidity dome 30c is a little to mush so i quikly moved the light a littler further away and open the vents... now its abourt 29c still running a little hot. The humidity is really fine at 75rh but i have been thinking abourt buying a new humiditydome for the clones this one i have is a little small so the heat will easy rise in there...
  6. After the cuttings i place the clones in destilled water just for a few sek before i use clonex and place the clone in rockwool. After that i will leave the clone in darkness for 12 hours becourse i dont wanna give them to mush of a shook. After the 12 hours i will give them induction light for further grow......^^
  7. Here is the next pic of the motherplant 11 weeks later... this pic is taken just before i took the clones...
  8. Hallo Strain hunters i am happy to say that i wanna start my first growjournal in here... And i think its abourt time i show what i work with right now. I am starting new crop agien and this time i want my old strain back Diesel kush from Kulu seeds i like that strain for the mix of indica and sativa... I had that strain in my fist grow and it left me a seed that i have been growing to a motherplant for further cloning and now is that time... One the first pic you can see my motherplant (the smallest plant) as a seedling on the right. My setup is : 2x60watt induction growlight (Shineknot Lightning) 2 x 135watt (79 actual watt consumption per unit) Greenlamp LED 45 x 3W LED's 6 band (RED: 660, 630nm, BLUE: 455nm, Orange: 610nm, Yellow: 585nm, White 7000K) 250watt HPS and MH. 4x26watt Exo Terra dessert reptile bulb 10% uv-b 3L 6L 10L 20L airpots. Biobizz fertilizer. Ventus Weatherstation W224-7 with 2x remote sensor. Siemens watt control. I have in total 3 rooms for growth the biggest is a small basementfloor i use the room is equiped with carbon filter and exhaust fan. all my rooms have good exhaust fan and airflow.
  9. 61 Days old when this picture was taken and she still grows nice....I havent been feeting her with any nuts...

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