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  1. So my report from 420, despite already being rather blazed by the time 4:20 rolled around I can say the white lemon is a very nice smoke, vibrant citrus taste, already very smooth. I read someone else on here say it had a 'silly high' and I agree, very giggly, been a while since I had weed that hit me like it did back in the day. Weigh in today came to just over 30g, buds are big and light but grind out great. Cant wait to go another round with her
  2. As stated earlier, flower bomb kush n mostly indica feed. Cant wait to get started.
  3. Ill be in Hyde Park, cant just stand by when the biggest protest of the year is going on. Went 2 years ago and had a great day, good people, good misic, good herb
  4. Happy 420 everyone! Will be sampling a couple smaller buds today, as it is 420 after all, they have been in jars for about a week and the little nugs smell great Will post results and photos in the evening.
  5. Before she came down. Jar pics later
  6. For this cup we have autobomb seeds and of course the short flowering feed. Will be going under a 250 watt CFL with some 35w side lighting added as we go. This time round we plan to have 2 plants and to compare the difference between LST and topping to see which gives us the best results. First pics when I get to my computer.
  7. Baby has been cut and hung to dry, have around 70g wet. Have some photos of her last day to put up when I get to my pc and will take some of them in jars when they reach them tomorrow. Great strain, some of the leaves and parts of the top bud even went a little purple towards the end. On to the autocup
  8. Fan leaves are gone, into our final week or so, getting excited
  9. Middle of week 8, gonna cut the fan leaves off soon as they're nearly all yellow from the flush.
  10. Wow, looks awesome man, do you have to use dry buds or does it not matter as your extracting the crystals? Would love to give this a go when our crops in and I've never heard of anyone selling it here, most people wouldn't even know what it was!
  11. Hey guys, been a long time since I've posted anything, sorry about that had a lot else on. But here are some pics from the 28th Feb and the 8th March, I'm gonna take some more tomorrow hopefully. Girls come off the Ace of Buds after 21 days, just been giving her water for the last 2 weeks due to a lil nute burn, still trying to decide whether to put her back on the power feed or to just go water for the last 4 weeks to help with the flush. Smell is starting to come on strong now, hazy mainly but you can smell the lemon as well.
  12. I'm sure they do that on mythbusters and the plants that grow best were the ones given heavy metal music, my theory being that the metal would vibrate the air more for a louder sound and the planet would feel these vibrations like wind and strengthen against it. But who knows really look forward to your results, I always used to play my plants reggae cos it seemed appropriate
  13. Yeah we're still using the cfls for flowering. Ace of Buds is a product that I seem to get a free sample bottle of everytime I order a cfl blub, I read somewhere it has a hormoan that moves some of the upward growing (stretching) energy to bud production, seemed give me decent nugs last time I used it, it can also be used as a foliar feed to enduce flowering. Here's a list of the ingredients contains: NPK amino acids cytokinins kinetics ascophyllum other plant extracts and natural stress relieving agents
  14. Burgerbar, not sure if its a chain or what but there was one on that long road that leads from Barneys n Greenhouse down passed double reggae and the freeworld, across the road past all the real shops across the square n so on (not sure if it is technically one road but its pretty much straight and the life line of ow I navigate in dam) we found it on the way back from old amsterdam. Just called bugerbar but man it was good, czn get near enough whatever you want on the burger, the chips (fries whatever) were also amazing and it was very affordable. Recomended to anyone who enjoys a nice big burger

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