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Nutes last won the day on March 24 2012

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    Living a shanti life, learning more about this beautiful plant
    every day, and promoting in a peacefull way the many uses of it.

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  1. Nutes

    goodluckcard 005

    nice work maffro dude lovely
  2. hey hexx, hope you get many happy vibes and good karma from that act mate. total selflessness, spread the love and herb Big Respect! peace
  3. yeah tor is good anything that uses the onion network is good tho, i think proxy servers are unbeatable tho once youve added them rom in the security settings for your browser you can just pick them from a list or for a more current proxylist hidemyass.com has a free proxy list thats updated every few mins http://hidemyass.com/proxy-list/ and tells you the security level, country its hosted and ping from each proxy. The tor/onion network is really good but cia and fbi and people like that have been able to place data miners (infomation gathering scripts) on the entry and exit points to the tor
  4. my cat Minnie has just had 2 lovely healthy kittens and both are same colours as her. i thought id post pics up as i think their the cutest kittens so happy their both ok and healthy, jah bless! peace
  5. thanks everyone for stopping in upto now,and the kind words i will do an update 2morrow seen as they have grown since thanks again peace
  6. all the best bozoph matey, im just doing my first auto's aswell will keep popping in bro big respect peace
  7. Nutes

    Tent in Panoramic!

    looks spotless in their rom mate, nicely done much love as allways peace
  8. Nutes


    lose the foil tho wiggy bro it creates more problems than it does help trust me, if its mylar i didnt even post this lol respect!
  9. Nutes


    them northern lights are growing up wiggy looks lovely and green bro good work
  10. yeah man scorro nice work bigtime dude, loving that bud, and your photography peace
  11. wicked pics scorro dude loving your girls Be a proud dad and hope you have a good harvest peace
  12. yeah i must say that have just been showing so much vigor its incredible, in 2-3 weeks time theyl be a nice size to throw into flowering. the exodus cheese shown the same hybrid vigor in the past too and we all know how nice they turn out big respect everyone for dropping in, peace
  13. welcome back ssh dude, will have a chat when ya back, Respect bro :D

  14. Nutes

    this years pickings

    im so jealous maffro, have a good one with them dude
  15. yeah still a good harvest overall jimmy after changing foods and not likeing the new foods to bubba nanners, get some more in for next round as soon as have you got any seeds germinated for next round yet jimmy? id have em already in hehe cant wait to see the harvest pics tho big respect peace