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  1. Hi,today my baby finish 3 week flowering.
  2. hi, I do vegetation under MH bulbs. First week and second 250w. later i raise to 400w. and at the end of 600w. when I see that the plant has little light, and it is then about 100cm ..I'm switching to 4x400w.The known flowering phase to change the bulbs to Hps is still 4x400w. But the last two weeks I have been switching to 4x600w.
  3. Dwc, 100 liter pot, air pump for 6 air stones, chiller, MH and Hps lamps, advanced nutrients, RO water and 11-12 years of practice.
  4. What do you want to know?
  5. hello today end of the 2nd flowering week, the plant is powerful. greetings
  6. Hi,last Sunday my baby finish 1 week flowering.
  7. Hi, all I did was super scropping once.
  8. Hi, this is not the first time I have made a change, I have been working on the money maker for a few seasons and I am proud of the result I achieved, considering the home conditions.
  9. hello and thank you i hope you will be alright and in 8-9 weeks we will see the results. it is a pity that the photo does not show what it really is like in reality, the plant is about 120 cm
  10. Hi, yesterday glookies finish 6 week veg. It is very big, so today started the first day of blooming me. Regards
  11. cześć, chciałbym przetestować twoje nasiona, mam nadzieję, że będę tak dobre jak Silverback.
  12. Hi,2 days ago glookies finish 5 week