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  1. Hi, I threw the tent out of the room and converted the room for home gardening:). Now it has a variety of outdoor Frisian dew, my lady and already 4 days.
  2. Thank you m8
  3. Thank you
  4. Hi, I throw a couple of pics, RSO oil and herb after drying and light curring. I consider silverback journal closed.
  5. Hi all I'm already after sconce, The weight after beheading is 1298 gr. It is currently drying up for the second day. Beautiful flowers bardo a lot of resin smell reminiscent of fruit ice cream. But we'll see after drying and curring. Best regards.
  6. Thank you for info m8
  7. Hi, yesterday ended the 6th week of flowering, thriomy are already half milky, I will give her 72 hours of stress and harvest. It looks really good, a lot of resin. Best regards
  8. hello I have a question about money maker seeds, I searched the whole internet and in every store there is information that money maker seeds are sold out and it has been going on for a long time. do you have them in stock?
  9. Hi today finish 5 week flowering
  10. Hi, today the end of the 4 week flowering, I had to do superscroppig, the plant grows very fast, today it has only finished 4 weeks of flowering and is bigger like a moneymaker in 8 weeks.
  11. Finish 3 week flowering
  12. I will throw the tent out of the room and make a place for breeding from the room, the next plan is 2x. Frision dew in 2x 100 lt hydropchonic pots. Feel free to observe, the room has 2x2x2.5.
  13. well, my plant is already about 170 cm. It grows like crazy, it's a pity it doesn't I can take pictures in their entirety, because I don't have such a possibility, because the tent is in a small room and I don't have much space to take a good photo, but the next kennel will be breaking a new record.
  14. Hi today finish 2 week flowering

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