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  1. So, there was a mistake that when I gave water after filtering, I poured too little fertilizer, now adding silicon equalizes the calmag to EC 0.4 and I added fertilizer according to the manufacturer's recommendations and it worked.
  2. Witam, Wczoraj minęło 8 tygodni wzrostu, roślina wyzdrowiała, ze względu na to że straciła ok 2 tygodnie z powodu choroby i regeneracji dam jej jeszcze jeden tydzień wzrostu.
  3. Today 7 weeks veg. I lowered the water temperature by 1 degree and now it is 19 ° C. The recommended dose according to the fertilizer manufacturer is additionally 50 ml. call- mag.Ph ok and I'm waiting for the results next week in flowering
  4. hi, the fertilizers i use are Nutriens advance. Today I gave a dose as stated by the manufacturer, 200 ml. Sensi grow A+B and 100 ml. B 52 for 50 liters of water. But the EC jumped to 3.6. I added an extra 50 ml. call mag.
  5. water temperature 20-21, pH 5.6 - 5.9, EC 2.0. From the beginning it gives less fertilizer dose as recommended, now it should be 200 ml. I give 150 ml. the roots are White no damage, maybe I'm lowering the pH too quickly, but I think I'm doing it right. As for air, I think I have a lot, I have a large pump and 6 air stones
  6. Today 6 weeks of vegetation, the plant had made a small defoliation
  7. 2 lamps are lit for 9 hours (front and rear), then I switch to the (left and right) Lampe, and I think that's the effect.
  8. hi, it's not an auto, it's a seasonal variation. I am surprised too because it grows very strangely, but I think it is caused by 4 lights that shine alternately.
  9. Hi today is week 5
  10. Hi today is 4week veg.
  11. Hi, today week 3 veg

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