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  1. Holy smokes you got a KK going! Well done @Cannabissapean ! Also, Larry looks like a real snuggle bug <3 I'm excited to see how this plays out.
  2. @R.G.S Nona and her friend are precious! Do they snuggle much? Polly tries hard to snuggle with Lars and even though he likes her he has no idea how to socialize with other cats; Always turns into a scuffle lol. Sometimes though I'll catch them ALMOST snuggling together. Today didn't end in hisses
  3. @gasmeter Mr.B looks like a boss too. Love how his tongue hangs out of his mouth lol
  4. @g22 omg that face! <3 Too cute.
  5. Pulling up a seat for this grow. Interesting about the roots from the previous crop. Can't wait to watch the Cloud Walker develop!
  6. lmao they think you are a terrible cat and need taking care of <3 they must love you. Glad to know you're keeping clean Growing up our cats would bring home a lot of different tiny animals, some dead, some nearly there. The worst though was when my cat Rocky brought home a not quite dead baby bunny. UGH. That one hurt the most.
  7. @R.G.S Oh they are so cute! That Nona looks like a mouser if I've ever seen one. <3 And the ginger kitty is very pretty. I've never had an orange cat before, always wanted one.
  8. Ah i love this pet post so much <3 @gasmeter Jim and tiny are quite the pair! Getting me right in the feels when he feeds tiny. @R.G.S Your love birds are so beautiful I'd love some colourful birds in the house but I don't think they would appreciate our strong feline climate. Lars and Polly wouldn't have it at all lol. When I found Lars I was scrolling looking for fancy cats like siamese and sphynx kitties and then I saw this pic of him and had to go get him. He was a very sick cat for a long time. Eventually though he improved and after a few years we thought it was time for him to have a friend and so we got Polly. Both came with their names and we felt weird changing them so they stuck. Lars at the shelter. He had allergies they couldn't pinpoint so he remained crated for 7 months before I came for him. His canines were extracted ( they were broken when he arrived at the shelter. they think he tried to eat something frozen and broke theme ). He had ibs and for over a year he would howl in pain when digesting food. Many vet trips. Worth it. He's pretty chill now for the most part. I think his bones ache though from all the prednisolone we had to give him. Polly also had some issues ( gingivitis) We had all but her bottom canines extracted and now she often gets her lip caught on the bottom tooth. This is the catiest cat to ever cat. No you cannot come into the grow room. Lars never does anyway but Polly will come in and lounge on the heating mats.
  9. @gasmeter haha I love it <3 I'd have a whole pile of cats if I could. Got a soft spot for the throw aways. We have a second cat ( Polly) who is much younger than Lars. They rassle a lot. sometimes she plays gently with Lars and sometimes sht gets real. He has old bones and can only play so hard. I feel like Crusher and Lars are cut from a similar cloth. Lars loves a hard scratch, more like a dog in that regard I'd say.
  10. @gasmeter Thank you for the guidance As you can see it is much needed. I'm hoping the nutrient uptake was off because the nutrients in the soil were not yet available in the earlier weeks ( organic live soil only watering with RO/seaweed/ and later on compost tea). But I'll know soon enough when the new PH meter arrives. I passed along your head rub to Lars ( he loved it). He is a real sweetheart but looks rough because of spending most of his life outdoors which has left him with no canine teeth and a lot of scars. He has some health issues as well but it doesn't stop him from playing and cuddling. I'll pop over and check on the grow journals too cheers!
  11. Progress with the plants has been S L O W lol * cries a little* When the grow tent arrived ( Secret Jardin's 5 x 5 x 6.7) it was missing a pole. They then sent me the wrong replacement pole, yada yada yada I just finally set it up a few days ago after 4 weeks of back and forth with the company. SO leading up to this I had the plants in a closet within a room which did not have working heat ( yes I know bad). I think the cooler night temps surely had a role to play in their slow development, as well as some weak light ( was using 1 T5 sunblaster for the first few weeks, then bumped to two T5 Sunblasters). Fast forward to today, Tent is setup ( somewhat) and the plants are now under a Mars Hydro TS-1000w ( this is what I can afford atm) w/ humidifier and oscillating fan. I've started to low stress a bit on the plants that don't already look stressed. Colour is still off but I'm not concerned I think it will correct itself once they are up-potted to the 7G cloth pots. Since these are photo I'm not overly concerned about timeline ( yet). This week I will put up a second TS-1000w light and install the inline fan ( 6" AC Infinity Cloudline S6). Watering with reverse osmosis water and sometimes with just a bit of Neptune's Seaweed fert. But my PH meter crapped out ( new one is on the way) so hopefully all is well with the PH. Question: Should I remove any of the lower smaller leaves or is it too soon for that? Question: Currently on a 16:8 light schedule, for an 80/20 Sativa dom photo when should I flip it to 12:12? Is there a plant height indicator? I know there is a stretch period after switching but how much stretch? Will I be able to manage this with training? Tent is 6.7' H Lars says hi. Smells like raspberries.
  12. Healthy lifestyle for sure. Lots of veggies, wtvr you need to do to relax, and for skin that glows consume 1-2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil ( organic unfiltered and cold pressed) once a day. Topicals are fine but it's really about what you put into your body rather than on it imho.
  13. @Cannabissapean It's a little dry but it gets the job done. Can't wait to pack this wizard pipe with some homegrown!
  14. @Cannabissapean Cheers to that!

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