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  1. @gasmeter 😊👊🏻💪🏻🧠
  2. Thank you @gasmeter ! Here's hoping the good luck continues.
  3. @OG.Naj Thank you for the kind words and for helping put my mind at ease over the wonky leaves. Happy growing!
  4. Last week I took some cuttings and on the advice of @OG.Naj I gave the girls a week to recover from the stress before flipping to 12:12. I gave the clover a trim and trimmed off a few of the lower leaves/smaller branches at the bottom and added rouchly 1/4cup of Gaia Green Power bloom to hopefully take these girls through their long bloom stage of about 11 weeks. They are standing pretty tall at around 1foot 9 inches and that is with the netting. I have ordered another net to hopefully keep these girls as low as possible. Can't have them hitting the lights! Also, installed a 6" AC Infinity inline fan for outtake and attached that to a 6" Vivosun carbon filter. It's been sooo humid here lately and I'm struggling with keeping humidity low ( it is hovering between 80%-90%) and I know that's not good. I will bring in the de-humidifier today. Oh and just after flipping to bloom cycle ( of course) I've noticed two leaves are looking wonky. They are each on separate plants. I've inspected closely for pests but did not find anything ( that doesnt mean they arent there). Please let me know what you think about the damaged leaves and should I be concerned?? Hope you are all well and healthy! @Cannabissapean missing you friend!
  5. @Cannabissapean How goes the grow? Hope you are well!
  6. <3 Love this one! These guys are awesome.
  7. @OG.Naj Thank you for the advice Much appreciated!
  8. @gasmeter Perfect, thank you That is what I will do then. Maybe just a day or two as like you said they will stretch. Thank you for the tip on the veg feed for the first bit of flower period. Makes sense with the stretching. I'm trying not to feed the plant directly but rather the microbes in the soil but was thinking of "cheating" a bit with some organic gaia green power bloom for the flowering period, especially where it is such a long flowering. I can't imagine there are enough amendments in the soil to take them the whole way without adding some food. Something I'd like to experiment with down the line. Cheers!
  9. @R.G.S Awesome! Yes, I'm excited to flip them to flower. I'm going to take a few cuttings for clones beforehand. Should I give them a few days after I cut before putting them to flower or it doesn't matter?
  10. Welcome! I hope you'll have the time to share your grows. I would love to see your method. I'm a new grower and also stumbled on this forum recently and can attest that everyone here is so friendly and always ready to share their knowledge. Happy growing, @edouble2369 !
  11. Laughing buddha ladies are coming along nicely. It was a slow start due to my noobness lol. I definitely put them under stress. Not in any rush though. Their colour is finally looking good. I will take cuttings soon before flipping them to flower. They have a long flowering period ( 11-12 weeks). I am grateful I will be off for the summer months and able to tend them

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