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  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
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  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
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  1. Cannabis alrededor del mundo : Muchas formas de usar una planta. El cannabis es la sustancia ilegal más extensamente usada en el planeta; una hierba recreacional y medicina poderosa, es usada en todos los continentes y por casi todas las culturas, etnias grupos y sociedades alrededor del globo. De acuerdo con datos de la ONU, el uso del cannabis trasciende religión, raza, grupos de edades, extracción social e inclusive estatus económico. Desde las favelas de Rio de Janeiro hasta los rascacielos de Manhattan, desde los shanti-towns de Johannesburgo hasta los suburbios ricos de Londres, Madrid,
  2. Hey everyone, in the latest of times ive finally started germinating 2 Caboose's! They will be grown in soil! 8 Feb Germination started, Little general info: Both seeds germinated in less then 30hours. Powder feeding started -/-. Technique used; I am using acouple of cotton pad's, keeping them in a pitch-dark box with a humidifier on the left and a heating-element to the right, with the lid ontop of the box semi-open for letting fresh oxygen and a fine fog from the humid'r down & in. Condititions; For the first 8hours of germination i had 26°C (78,8F) & 99% RH, i later changed t
  3. Cannabis factory couple who gave away their £400,000 drug-dealing fortune to poor Kenyan village are jailed for three years Pair paid for life-saving surgery, computers in a hospital and schooling 'Most unusual cannabis growing case of its type', says prosecutor Couple, in their 60s, visited village near coastal town of Mombasa regularly By Larisa Brown A couple who ran a cannabis factory and spent their fortune on helping poor African families and charities have been jailed. Michael Foster, 62, and Susan Cooper, 63, made £400,000 by illegally growing hundreds of plants at their farmhouse ho
  4. Hi Guys & Girls, time for my first journal. In the moment i have 25 seeds growing in my green house, you can see the description on first picture, is a lot of work talk about 25 strains, so i'll do the journal about my old strain is a Big Bang Auto(GHSC), i use an Nutriculture Aeroponic System and for feeding i use Advanced Hydroponics of Holland. Today is 20th day... Peace my friends enjoy the pics Tuga_Farmer
  5. hola gente como veran soy nuevo tengo apenas un par de planta outdoor vivo en argentina y hace mucho calor, no tengo grandes plantas como ustedes pero tngo algo q me hace feliz levantarme toodos los dias y regarla hechale algunas cascaras y otras cosas, tengo mucha felicidad por estar en esta comunidad bueno una footo actual si me quieren dar un consejo bien recibido va hacer de mi parte
  6. lemonjack420


    From the album: BLOOM DAY 4

    My chemdog day 4 in flowering, she smell like a bitch.
  7. hey everyone, finally had time to get on here and write an intro! ill be on often, just had to get the laptop back and running. name's Daniel i just started this first time grow for my uncle who has cancer, and I am hoping to ease his pain a bit with these magical plants. he doesn't know about it, i'm hoping to surprise him within a month or so. anyways, i was brought onto the site by "Dust" and his awesome feed on instagram! he's helped me quite a few times on there and i figured i'd join here and get more helpful advice, and later on be able to give some advice as well! for this grow i have
  8. Here we go guys.... finally, and out of the blue, a new LIVE THREAD begins. Arjan, Olaf and myself arrived in Canada with a KLM flight 12 hours ago. We met on the early hours of wednesday at Schiphol Airport, got some breakfast and boarded the plane. The almost 8 hours daytime flight went smooth, with no delays. But by the time we landed I was craving a smoke. Real bad. Lucky for us clearing customs was fast and easy, and in no time we were in a taxi direction downtown Toronto. The sky deep blue, full sun, and a mild temperature around 24 degrees made our adjusting to the jetlag a lot easier.
  9. The government and anti cannabis campaigners in general are usually only too eager to warn about health risks of using cannabis, although the claims they make often prove to be exaggerated or more often than not simply wrong, but for some reason they never warn consumers about a very real danger, a danger caused by mixing cannabis with a drug which is a known to be highly addictive and a carcinogen. We’re talking about tobacco of course. To be fair, it’s not only the government that doesn’t want to talk about the way cannabis is usually smoked, most stoners don’t want to either. In the
  10. SALUDOS GENTE ACA LES DEJO LA NOTICIA DE LA COPA DE URUGUAY SEGUN LA LEVANTO "PAGINA 12". EL EVENTO ESTUBO MUY BIEN ORGANIZADO Y DESDE AQUI APROVECHO A FELICITAR Y A AGRADER A JUAN VAZ, ORGANIZADOR DEL EVENTO, DEL CUAL GREEN HOUSE PARTICIPO COMO SPONSOR. =============================================================================== ============================================ :sungum: Un torneo que se hace humo Por primera vez en Uruguay se realizó un torneo que premia la mejor planta de cannabis. Se presentaron 72 muestras y participaron alrededor de 300 personas. Un argen
  11. Muy buenas tardes hermanos, algunos me conoceran otros no, bueno ya he posteado algunas fotos de cultivo exterior y algunos cogollos en su respectiva área, pero esta ocación, vengo a solicitar de su ayuda. Tengo una enfermedad que crea multiples tumores (mieloma multiple) aún me encuentro en cama por diversos detalles pero ya no estoy postrado, ahora ya subo a silla de ruedas y uso muletas, con la enfermedad tengo ya casi 3 años y ya estoy por sanarla, ahora mismo voy en mi 5ta quimioterapia, uso el cannabis como medicina alternativa de forma vaporizada, es altamente efectivo para los sistimas
  12. How can I meet a guy in a coffee shop? I'll be in Amsterdam for a week alone, and I want to meet a guy who likes to smoke as much as I do. Thanks
  13. This is a film & Video Library from "Clear cannabis law reform" a cannabis law reform group based in the UK Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR) is a political party registered with the Electoral Commission under the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA). We are registered on the Great Britain register for England, Scotland and Wales and on the Northern Ireland register. We have declared that we intend to contest UK general elections and also the combined region of the South West and Gibraltar at European Parliamentary elections. It is a nice collection of videos, I hope
  14. Here we go...... http://www.growhd.tv/video/Strain-Hunters-Trinidad-and-StVincent-%2528official-trailer%2529/aa3c369a6bb0722dc6fd8820b854162b
  15. They are about two weeks old I believe. Lmk how I'm doing guys. Any advice is appreciated
  16. La Cannabis Sativa es una planta de vida anual, su ciclo vital oscila entre los 5 y 10 meses dependiendo de la variedad y del lugar donde nazca. Semillas: • Se pueden comprar en growshops europeos, pero por su alto precio en Euros, conviene tomar experiencia con las semillas que vienen en el prensado paraguayo. • Si decidís comprar semillas y no sabes cual es la diferencia entre una sativa y una indica click acá. • Las semillas pueden durar hasta 5 años en buenas condiciones si se conservan en un lugar fresco, oscuro y sin humedad: La heladera por ejemplo. • Las semillas de una pl
  17. Press Release – For Immediate Release Amsterdam, The Netherlands (April 16, 2012) – Cannabis entrepreneur Arjan Roskam takes Dutch state to court on charges of violation of the Dutch constitution. (Amsterdam) New proposals for anti-drug laws in The Netherlands call for restrictions being placed on who can buy cannabis in infamous Dutch coffee shops. The Dutch government is trying to set up a system that judges people by ethnicity and nationality in violation of the Dutch constitution. Far-right politicians have proposed legislation that would only allow Dutch residents to enter cannabis-se
  18. Cannabis lovers ; add me, friends Peace and cannabis for all!
  19. Kentucky is still pretty backward when it comes to cannabis, even though this state used to be one of the largest producers in the world. In Kentucky it works like this; A first time offense of less than 8 oz. and a person is facing up to 45 days in jail, and $250.00 fine, and a criminal record. Many first time offenders are offered probation, which often results in many more fines, random drug testing, and more often than not, a trip to jail for 45 days or more for violating probation. Obviously money plays a large role in what will happen in cases like this, since a well paid lawyer, mone
  20. Hello I am a rapper that likes to spread the good word about the good herb, I want to be a voice for the cannabis plant as my ultimate goal, no matter how long I fight for it. I believe the greed of the world is keeping cannabis out of the ground and we need to preserve every strain of medicine we can. I am @STONERNATION on twitter. I am 28 and have been smoking for 18 years lol Just a dude who likes to get high. _STONERNATION_ Thanks for reading! -Chief Megatron X
  21. alguno de los té algunos ya lo conocen otros son llamativos, raros,etc es info FERTILIZANTES ORGANICOS PARA CRECIMIENTO VEGETATIVO 1) TE DE ORTIGA 50g de ortiga seca, dejar en maceración una semana en 1 litro de agua. Mezclar con 4 litros de agua. Usar en vegetativo una vez al mes. 2) TE DE ORINA -Utilizar una parte de orina por 10 de agua. Aplicar después de un buen regado para no quemar las raíces. 3) TE DE HUMUS DE LOMBRIZ En un bidón de 5 litros lleno de agua, agregarle 7 puñados de humus de lombriz, batir bien y dejarlo a la sombra 2 dias. Hay que batirlo de vez en cuando para que
  22. Hey everybody! Is there any difference between medicinal grown cannabis and ordinary homegrown?
  23. Aúpa compañeros Aquí comienzo el que quizás sea el proyecto mas ambicioso que me he planteado a lo largo de mis años de cultivador, que se cuentan con dos cifras. Un proyecto que seguramente durará años y que espero pueda finalizar algún día. Comenzare este seguimiento con la creación de semillas feminizadas, desde el proceso de polinización hasta el día de corte de cada una de las genéticas obtenidas, todo esto lo haré bajo iluminación led de construcción casera. No tenia muy claro donde ubicar este seguimiento, si en Crianza y genética, Cultivo con leds o Indoor, finalmente
  24. This might not sound like the most glamorous destination, but cannabis grows abundantly throughout the Heartland. Feral population of marijuana can be found in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. In just a short drive, someone with a keen set of eyes should be able to pick out a few plants. Locally known as Ditchweed, wild cannabis is widely regarded as schwag with little to no thc. This seems to be supported by studies done by law enforcement: http://www.briancbennett.com/charts/fed-data/thc-content/thc-content-ditchweed.htm However, on some forums this is debated