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Found 92 results

  1. From the album Blueberry cannabis mother and flowering cuttings

    Blueberry indica 2 weeks into flowering.
  2. Strains : Main: O.G. Kush ( Royal Queen Seeds ) Second: Royal Haze Automatic ( Royal Queen Seeds ) O.G. Kush : Chemdawg x Lemon Thai x Pakistani Kush Royal Haze Automatic : Amnesia Haze x Skunk x Ruderalis System : DS60 Grow Tent ( 60cm x 60cm x 140 cm ) 400W MH 400W HPS 19L SmartPot Biobizz Light Soil ( +Add %25 Perlite ) Reflector, Carbon Filter, 400W Magnetic Ballast, Duct Fan, Circulation Fan Advanced Nutrients ( Grow, Micro, Bloom ) Humidity Machine Plants Born in 12 May 2014 Dear Friends, long long time ago, I growed my first strain ( A.M.S. ). Two years later today. I have a new system with a 60cm grow tent and 400W HIQ bulbs. Hello old friends, Dust, Tokage, Romeu9, HC01, Jimmy, mopman, Bam-Bhole
  3. Lumenes (lm) es la unidad en la que cual se mide la cantidad de luz. Las plantas necesitan una cierta cantidad de lm para hacer fotosíntesis y desarrollarse bien. Mientras mas cerca este los lm de la necesidad ideal que tiene la planta entonces mas grande y gorda va a crecer. Si sobra no hay problema, ya que aunque se desperdicie la luz no le afecta en lo mas mínimo a la planta (el sol tiene de 100.000 a 150.000 lumenes, el tema es si falta. Ahora les muestro la necesidad ideal que tiene la marihuana: Requerimientos de lumenes por m2: Vegetación: 15.000 ~ 20.000 lm Floración:40.000 ~ 50.000 lm Madres: 10000 ~ 15000 lm Enraizar esquejes: 1000 ~ 5000 lm A pedido de elmaTador_7 CFL (Tubo Fluorescente): +/- 54,35 lm x Watt (ejemplo 250w = +/- 13500 lm) Este lo pongo afuera de la categoría de periodo porque hay tanto para Vegetación como para Floración. Tiene buena relación de consumo por Watt pero en el mercado hay de muy pocos watt y ocupan mucho espacio. Para cultivo no es recomendable. Lampara Vegetación: Mercurio Halogenado: +/- 80 lm x Watt (ejemplo 250w = +/- 20.000 lm) Lampara Floración: Sodio de alta presión: +/- 120 lm x Watt (ejemplo 250w = +/- 30.000 lm) Los Watt de las bajo consumo están en base a las lamparas incandescentes: Lampara incandescente: +/- 15 lm x Watt (ejemplo: 525w = +/- 7.825 lm) lo que seria por ejemplo en una bajo consumo una de 105 Watts justamente por eso no rinden las de bajo consumo. Calcular cuantos lm necesito en mi indoor: Superficie del indoor: Alto x ancho = mts2 del indoor Vegetación Superficie del indoor * 20.000 = Lumenes necesarios Lumenes necesarios / 80 = Watts de Mercurio Halogenado necesarios Floración Superficie del indoor * 50.000 = Lumenes necesarios Lumenes necesarios / 80 = Watts de Sodio de alta presión necesarios Cosas a tener en cuenta: -El reflector mejora el rendimiento bastante. -La distancia de los reflectores tiene que ser de 40 a 60cm de la planta dependiendo la temperatura (nunca superar los 26º C -La cantidad de lumenes por watt pueden variar dependiendo la marca, generalmente las marcas buenas anuncian cuantos lumenes emiten por watt o en su totalidad. -Lumenes también se le puede llamar lux. Espero que les sirva a todos!
  4. Hello everybody! Long-time grower and activist, former MMJ dispensary owner. I've been growing indoors and outdoors since I was 15... in my 30s now. I have definitely done my part to legalize cannabis here in Colorado but got burned-out by the greedy politicians trying to make money off medicine. Now it's legal for recreational use and I don't mind the taxes on this as much as I did having to tax the sick and disabled. I've been off the radar for a couple years now... this summer I will be growing ........ .. ...... .... . Looking for some local help with genetics since Greenhouse Seeds won't ship to the U.S.. Interested in auto-flowers but skeptical because they sound too good to be true. Since I am at about 2200m above sea level I am looking for some Afghani strains so I can harvest before the snows in October. Would like to connect with other growers in the Pikes Peak area.
  5. Sup guys...Starting a grow journal for my white lemon and finishing up my green-o-matic.. Small closet grow about 2'x4' currently running 5 42w cfls...Using fox farm ocean forest potting soil.. Green-o-matic is going in a reg 3gal green pot and I started the white lemon in a 3.6gal air pot (first time using air pot) thought it would work good after reading up on it...Usually add pic updates daily...Here they are from today:(see attachments)
  6. Hey everyone. Im currently running on a student light setup = x2 45w CFL and x2 20w CFL = 130w Cupboard grow Strain: Dinafem Blue Hash My question is, would topping be a bad idea with such little wattage or a good idea in terms of space and getting enough light to the entire plant? i want to try and achieve the dankest buds possible for the setup, and ive read a few forums with people complaining about getting airy buds from topping. If i do top, im only looking to top once around the 4th or 5th node. The plant generally will reach 60-70cm (2feet+-) Many thanks
  7. Hey guys, I understand humidity is crucial during all stages of grow and I'm looking for a way to control the humidity level in my room. I've heard about people that use water spayers manually when the room is too dry and hair drayers when too wet - again manually.. I find these methods irrelevant to my future grow rooms (veg and flowering, maybe even drying and curing rooms). I want a system which I set the desired humidity level and don't have to worry about that anymore.. What do u guys use to control humidity? Anyone uses an automatic system? What is the cost of such system and what about the electric consumption of it? looking forward to your replies
  8. hey everyone, i watched the grow sessions by Arjan and Franco and apart of being great and very informative the made me question how come outdoor yield (in most strains) is much bigger than indoor's? at the grow session u can see the huge differences between hydroponics and soil . the hydro ladies grow much vigorously and the yield was significantly larger compared to the soil beauties. if so, it seems like a plant that grows outside should give me the same yield as the one grown indoor in soil .. right? well.. i suspect the answer is not right tho.. because everyone knows that outdoor yield is almost always bigger than indoor's.. depending on the strain of course. so is it the sun light that does the magic ? the longer veg stage ? maybe both? an explanation would be appreciated. thank's alot
  9. First at all, sorry 'cause I have been already posting in the "Grow Area" section before presenting my self here in this part of the forum! Well, we are a couple of friends from Paraguay, South America, and we are happy to join this community and this forum! At this time we are going to write about our first grow in our 4x4 grow tent indoor (we already made it by the name " 4x4 tent first grow (3 DAMNESIA, 3 FB, 3 WSS) from PARAGUAY"). Also, you have to notice that in my country we dont have grow shops, or expertise people on self cultivation, and every decision that we make about the changes that we have to improve in our indoor comes from the result of our own experiments or decisions. We need the know how and experience of all the weed growers in this forum to get the best results!! so we are here to extend the culture of cannabis cultivation around here in Paraguay and all around the world with you Irie &Bless to all of you people! farmer44
  10. Hello everyone ive been out of my favorite forum for quite a while, I took my chances traveling fixing my guatemalan papers and got caught up in my backpacking so ive decided to settle in this magnificent place called Guatemala, also called the country of eternal spring. Guys the weather here is beautiful. Not to hot not to cold, fresh mountain mist all year round. For those of you who enjoy traveling, this place i have to say is truely incredible, ITS OUTDOOR GROW SEASON ALL YEAR ROUND! now, ive been out of the page since 2012 but ive been growing since i opened this profile. i never stopped. i threw seeds here in Guatemala, traveled back to Miami threw more seeds and came back just before harvest time and then back to the other ones, wow! its been a hell of a couple of years and great experiences on the learning scale. now, its time to go pro and im choosing indoors. where do i start is the question, the house is a 3 bedroom house. away from neighbors with very thick walls and its just a house on an old street that looks wrecked on the outside, the inside is intact. dimensions i dont know yet, but ill keep this post open and i will need all the help i can get bredrens. i would love to see this project in action and most of all i would love to have the opportunity to share this with everyone, if God wants ill be securing the location tomorrow. ill try to have measures up and a follow up of the progress. As of now, im in the budget planning and equipment gathering honestly, any tips on where and how to purchase the equipement as far as lights, filters (any homemade trick is a plus on money saving), nutes, soil, testers, timers, hydroponics equipment whatever guys ill highly appreciate it. Well guys thank you for reading this, ill be back tommorow with the follow up, hope you all have a great night, morning, dusk, dawn wherever you are. Peace!
  11. This is / was my first grow. (Pictures are in REVERSE ORDER) I received my Northern Lights #5 from a local dispensary around the 4th of July 2012. I knew it would be hard to get a good crop from 2 plants in such a short time but I decided to give it a go anyway. I let the plants go until October and only added white LED to keep it at 12/12 light and to stay warm. I grew a single stalk on each plant and attempted to take a few clones, none of which survived (The clones pictured are new and rooting just fine). After the grow was complete, I dried my flowers in a Cedar lined closet. I left the secondary bud on my main plant and cut 90% of the bud off the top, the last 10% I attempted to re-vegetate in 18/6 LED. It worked.
  12. Hi to everyonee! I'm Bruno, from Uruguay. I'm 18 years old, and I'm a fan of Green House. I'm new here in the forum! Here, in Uruguay, cannabis growing is illegal but i've grown outdoors, and at the time i'm growing indoors i attach a photo of my plants. I'm in my last year of high school and next year I'll do everything I need to move to Europe, preferably Netherlands, and start working at Green House, it has been my dream since I started growing. Growing is my passion, blessings to everyone!
  13. Today finaly the Competition Package arrived safety over here . So i decided to get the work done cleaned the Vegi Room and now ive put 3 of the Cabooses to germinate. To my Setup: For Vegi i use a Secred Jardin Dr Street 2 60 60x60x140 cm with a 200cbm akf and a 180cbm lti. Light will be a 200w cfl from Lohuis. For Flowering i use a Homebox S Silver 80x80x160cm with a 360 cbm akf and a 345 cbm lti. Light will be a 400w Hps Phillips with Cool Tube. Medium gonna be Bio Bizz All Mix in 9l pots. Feeding gonna be the Powder Feeding Mostly Indicas Strain Caboose as i heard some Kush type of Strain(Admins Correct me if im Wrong) My run with the Autos has to finish till i can use the dr 60 so i will raise the babys the first 1,5-2 weeks in my cupboard then i will move em to the Growbox. So here the First Pics of the seeds in a Glass of Water soaking the next 12 hrs then ill put em in the Soil(Always worked gd for me). Lets leave it to Mother Earth Natural Selection over Night and i will post Tomorrow what happend Edit.... Totally forgot to write that im using the Gas Lamp Light Cycle Technique as i veg them 12-5.5-1-5.5 and flower them 10-14 (lights on/off). Also thinking to replace some of the Flower Room Eq and go with the 200cbm akf tha 180cbm lti and 250 watts of hps need to save some Energy over here.
  14. Hello All, I am thus starting my grow journal on this forum- I'm attempting my first grow: some Jack Herer from Green House Seed Co. hydroponically, with a 150 Watt HPS light. I have Built a closet to house my hydroponic system and light. First I built the frame, with wheels and light hooks. It looks like this: Then I lined it with a few layers of space blankets (until no light shined thru.). I put a box fan on top of the closet, to suck air up and out. The bottom of the closet is open to allow an air intake. I have a curtain made of a folded over space blanket with a cardboard frame that is sucked into place when the fan is on, creating a lightproof seal. The finished closet is 18 inches by 18 inches by a little more than 6 feet tall. Inside the closet a 5 gallon bucket will be the basis of a deep water culture system. The bucket rests on two 2 x 4 boards across the bottom of the closet, which leaves plenty of room for air to enter from below. I have an air pump, as well as General Hydroponics FloraSeries nutrients to begin using when the time is right. I also have a steam humidifier to use in case the air becomes too dry, but this has been providing little or no result. For the long term I have hydroton and a basket bucket lid, but right now I have the seedling positioned atop the overturned 5 gallon bucket. The light is about 2 feet above the plant. Here's what it looks like: I've been thru three seeds, and two seedlings, due to my own inexperience. The first I let get waterlogged, and gave it nutrients too early on. It became moldy, and I found it dried out and keeled over after leaving it for a few hours. The second also fell over, but lived a little bit longer. I think a combination of my own ineptness in handling the plant and too little watering killed this plant, which stayed alive in an undead "zombie" state for a few days. LOL. Anyways, the third seed has taken and is growing fairly well. It looks like this right now: It has been growing sort of sideways, so I attempted to prop it up with a twistie tie. As a result it is now in a spiral. This is fast becoming a tiny banzai tree. Does anyone know how to get it growing straight? I think the shiny reflective bowl I have it positioned in might be part of the problem. Also one of the baby leaves fell off prematurely. I think the plant will be okay, though, since it has two grown up leaves growing in. Anyways I got this girl germinating a few days ago, and today it looks like the above. It also notably has a root growing thru the bottom of the cube already. Do you guys think I should get it into the hydroton so this root can keep growing down, or should I let it not grow so other roots grow out? I'm new at this, so I really appreciate your input!
  15. Welcome fellow gardeners This is my go on the famous Autoflowering World Cup. I have recently upgraded my growroom to a sercret jardin growtent (90x90x160cm). In it i try to keep a perpetual SOG but my pots sizes vary from 3-14L. Also iam from Scandinavia so my measuring is metric (L,ml,Kg,etc). I do not grow with any special kinda soil, i get it at the grocery store for little money - if any . Well on to the plan for theese Auto Kalshnikova babies They will be started in jiffy pots in a platic dish with a dome over - it doesn't seal. They will veg under some CFLs for 1week running at 18/6 with about 30W in all. Not professional veg-room, i know, and i will probably not be providing pictures for the first week of growth(nothing exicting in that week neither;). The seeds are in fact already in the jiffy pots. After 1. week they will move to 12/12 room wth 250W. They will be transplanted into 5,5L an 7L pots- to compare optimum size pots for autos. The soil is as said standard soil and then i will use the king of kings of fertilizers, the holy grail of growing, the mothership of feedings.... GREENHOUSE POWDER FEEDING. Iam really exited about seeing how this will go, i already gave my other plants a feeding with the powder feeding. The plants looks really good and the fertilizer ratio within looks perfect for cannabis. Only shitty thing is that it stings in the nose Thats about it, i will be back soon with pictures of the seedlings as they get alittle older. They have already been in plain water for 24hrs. Then in papertowel for alittle over 24hrs and then transplanted to jiffies.
  16. Bueno brothers and sisters, llego la hora de comenzar con el seguimiento de las prometedoras AFGOOEY que nuestros queridos amigos de Green House me han enviado. Ya que estoy aprovecho la oportunidad para agradecer a ellos y a Strain Haunters la posibilidad de participar de esta competencia, que si bien hay un objetivo segundario que es lograr entrar en la premiacion, para mi, lo mas importante y la razon por la cual participo es por la experiencia y la buena onda, dos cosas que hacen de este foro uno de mis lugares favoritos cuando llega ese momento del dia en que me siento en la computadora. Ojala todos lo tomen como yo, y encuentren en esto una oportunidad de aprender sobre el cultivo que tanto nos gusta, y generar lazos de amistad y compañerismo. Si ven las cosas de esa manera no hay 15 premios en esta competencia, hay cientos, y todos los que participen habran ganado =). Dejando de lado las formalidades les comento algunas cosas introductorias. Sobre mi: Soy de Argentina, de un pueblo cerca de Mar del Plata. Llevo 4 años cultivando indoor. No me considero un experto pero creo haber adquirido cierta experiencia en estos años, mas que nada a base de errores y tambien gracias a la curiosidad y la posibilidad con la que la mayoria contamos de tener una computadora con internet jaja. Tarde unos meses en comenzar con el cultivo porque tenia que mudarme y hubiese sido muy dificil hacerlo con las plantas ya crecidas, porque como todos saben aqui es ilegal (como en casi todos lados). Y ahora si, lo que todos quieren, les presento a las futuras niñas AFGOOEY, en su expresion inicial, esas hermosas semillas sinonimo de futura vitalidad. Como pueden ver en las imagenes son 9 ya que una llego aplastada. Ademas tambien fotografie el envase de Power Feeding para que puedan observar su composicion. Y para finalizar este primer post les comento que para este cultivo estoy armando un nuevo indoor. Es de black out reflectante, 80x60x100 para vegetacion y 80x60x160 para flora. En vegetacion tendran una lampara de mercurio de 250W y en flora una lampara de sodio tambien de 250W. Se que lo ideal es 400 o 600 incluso 1000W, pero en mi pais eso llamaria demasiado la atencion sin contar el gasto economico en cada factura de luz jaja. Para el proximo post voy a subir fotos del indoor con mas detalles sobre sus componentes y si Dios quiere tambien sobre la germinacion. Se aceptan consejos y criticas sobre lo que deseen. Espero que aprendan de mi como yo aprendo de ustedes y sientanse libres de comentar, preguntar, consultar, etc. Paz y buenas vibras para todos/as To our american brothers and others who speak in english: I will not translate my posts, i will write two parts, one in Spanish and anotherone in English, saying the same things but not in the same way. First, i want to thank Green House and Strain Haunters for giving us this opportunity to cultivate new genetics, learning from others and trying to make others learn something from us. Awards aside, our biggest gain is the knowledge and friendship. About me: I'm from Argentina. I have four years cultivating indoor and although I'm not an expert but i've learned a lot in these years. You can see the first pictures above. In the next post I'll post pictures of the new indoor I built especially for this crop. Thanks for taking the trouble to read and feel free to ask, and give your opinions.
  17. Buenas! en este cultivo pensaba cultivar seis plantas desde semilla, tres con Powder Feeding y tres con los abonos orgánicos que suelo usar, no como comparativa, pues hay un factor fenotipico, solamente para mostrar los dos metodos. El problema es que las plantas fueron afectadas por hongos (6 de 13 días con un promedio de precipitaciones de 14 mm y alta humedad ambiental todos los días), y solo sobrevivieron tres, por lo que voy a fertilizar a dos con Powder Feeding y a una con abono orgánico. Para todas voy a usar la biodinamia y macetas recicladas. Muchas gracias Green House Seeds!!!! Biodinamia -> Día 1 y 2: 09/02 y 10/02 RAIZ+D+M+Capricornio Biodinamia -> Día 4: 12/02 HOJA+D+C+Piscis
  18. From the album wot im doing now

    Non Cup Auto after 3 day power cut
  19. Hola comunidad, les presento mi White Strawberry Skunk, aun no esta terminada, pero lleva un buen progreso, es del banco de GHS, es una de las semas que mandaron para participar en el concurso, me colgué mucho y no subi el progreso antes y tenia la necesidad de devolver a esta hermosa comunidad mi seguimiento, el cual siempre hago. Datos técnicos del Indoor: Medidas: 1 x 0.75 x 0.5 m Luz: Vegetación Bajo consumo 105w y Floración: Sodio 70w Tierra: SuperResaca, compuesta, humus de lombriz, y actualmente en flora agregue un mix de abono compuesto por guano de muercielago, gallina y conejo Ciclo de luz: Vegetación 20/4 - 18/6 - 14/8 // Flora 12/12 Certificación de GHS: PD: el powder feeding no lo pude retirar de Aduana, (soy de Argentina) y el problema fue que me pidieron certificación del SENASA (algo asi) jaja Ahora el Seguimiento hasta la fecha desde 20/11/12 hasta 12/04/13 Germinación: OVNI jaja Acá pase la planta a otra maceta para poner en practica la técnica de Low Stress Training (LST) Opinión: Bastante recomendada para indoor chicos como el mio, en donde las plantas que mejor se adaptan son las auto y esta sin ser auto progreso muy bien con esta técnica. Primer atadura Aca se puede observar como el tallo siguió la dirección que le fui dando (hacia la derecha) Bueno eso es hasta ahora, espero que les guste editare cuando ya este por culminar el progreso, ayer le heche el mix de guano, la semana que viene preparo los Te Organicos (banana y aguamiel) Les dejo otro post mio (autobomb auto) http://www.strainhun...2-hasta-101012/ Saludos ! Choper
  20. From the album BLOOM DAY 38

  21. From the album BLOOM DAY 38

    THese are my two The Doctor GHSC, i like very much this strain, it's perfect tall for my setup.
  22. From the album BLOOM DAY 35

  23. From the album BLOOM DAY 35

  24. empiezo el seguimiento de caboose para el indoor world cup , perdon por subir estas fotos asi , pero tengo pensado poner todo cuando termine el cultivo una vez q corte muestro todo ahora les muestro algunas fotos de como va ya q no tengo mucho tiempo para subir todas , recordar q le saco fotos cada 2 dias y estas son solo algunas , recordar que una vez finalizado el proceso de cultivo voy a subir el seguimiento entero de todo el proceso caboose con abano organico. cuna vez que termine todo el proceso voy a subir todo el seguimiento completo de CABOOSE
  25. From the album BLOOM DAY 4

    My chemdog day 4 in flowering, she smell like a bitch.

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