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Found 70 results

  1. WELCOME TO MY AUTO KALASHNIKOVA GROW Equipment list Green room 100 grow tent (1.2m x 1.2m x 2m). 600w lumatek digital dimmable ballast. 600w sunmaster dual spectrum mh & hps bulbs. 120w Led Grow Lights - Seven Spectrum by PRAKASA (ideal for all stages of plant growth. Deep Red, Red, Blue, Orange, White, UV and IR LED) Cooltube reflector 5” rvk 125 extractor fan 250m3/hr.(plus fan speed controllor) 5” phat filter 125mm x 300mm (408m3/hr) 5” duct pipe Arcadia dual t5 12% uvb/uva strip lights with reflectors. Strip heater with thermostat for night heating( if temperature is to low) Digital mix/max recording thermometer/hygrometer. Clip on oscillating fan. Bluelab PH and EC pens with cleaning / calibration kits. Dutch pro ph down veg/bloom & ph up. Jiffy 7s 50mm coco coir fibre plug. Plant training bendz (for bending branches to get more light) Yo Yos (for plant support if needed) 10 x 1 gallon root pouches. Coco pro plus, and perlite. Ghs mother plant & mostly indica powder feed. Liquid Oxygen Cal/Mag supplement (if needed) Clip on normal light bulb for taking photos 22/05/2013 ive caliabrated my ph and ec pens soaked 10 coco pellets in a ph of 5.8 ec 0.6 ive germinated my seeds by putting spring water inside the seeds sealer bag that they came in the next day they have craked ,then i planted the seeds in the coco pellets, ive still got 2 plants in the grow room so in the night the seedlings are gorwing in the tent under hps light then taking out and put in the window to get natural day light when the hsp lights are off ,this will only be for 1 week till i can up the hours in the grow tent and get the l.e.d set up
  2. From the album ARJAN STRAWBERRY HAZE

  3. After many attempts to make all sorts of LED-conversions I finnaly found one solution that is simple and efficient. Of course, you do need a great amount of patience in making this but when you consider the countless hours of pure light -low consumption you'll get, it's all worth it. This tutorial is about converting regular GU4(MR11) halogen bulbs to LED bulbs while maintaining full usability as 12V light bulbs that can be used in indoor task or accent lighting. You'll need the following stuff to start working: one halogen bulb (burnt or new since they are really cheap) with no glass cover on front. LED's - as many as you want. You may want to keep this number reasonable since more than 22 LED's will make you work painful. online acces to , a great LED array calculator you can use to figure out the resistors you'll need depending on your number of LED's and the supply voltage. Super Glue & compound glue. You can use other glue as well but super glue sticks fast and I recomend it. solder wire, moderate soldering skills, solder gun one small piece of 0.2mm aluminium sheet (this is used in printing industry, I work in this field and there are a lot of aluminium plates around here). Any offset printing shop will be kind enough to give you a used one since they use hundreds each month. a paper perforator (office type, 2-hole punch) resistors (depending on your needs) a few other common household items along with a good amount of patience. Step one - empty the bulb. Start by taking a small screwdriver and twisting its tip on the white cement you'll see around the bulb's pins. This cement is very fine and will start crumbe as a fine powder as you keep twisting the screwdriver's tip. Proceed with this until you get enough cement out for the next phase. Patience is a virtue so take you time and be gentle since the bulbs can easily break if you force you way in with the screwdriver. Action time. Take a hammer and after you got out out as much white cement you could, put the bulb face-down on a flat surface. Hit the two pins with the hammer, in a easy but ferm manner. The bulb inside should fall on the table leaving the reflector empty. Some white cement will remain but that's OK, it's not so important and might even be useful later. Step two - make your holding disc. Put the empty reflector aside since it's time to get to another task. It's now time to make the LED support. You'll need a template so make yourself one. I used graphic software to evenly distribute the 5mm holes on the disc. The disk size is up to you. More led's will require larger disks. Print your template on paper and cut it out with paper scissors. Place it on the aluminium sheet and light glue it on its surface. This will be useful to cut the disc properly. Take the aluminium sheet and cut out the holes using a office perforator. I found out mine cuts exactly 5mm holes in paper so for 5mm LED's it's perfect. Keeping it upside down, place the template along with the aluminium disc glued on it inside it. Cut out the holes after aligning the circles in the cutting hole. This should be easy and fairly quick. For this tutorial, I'll use 22 LEDs and a disk diameter of 4 cm. In this picture you can see another disk I made for 15 LEDs. It's easy and if you practice a little you can make this in minutes. The aluminium sheet will serve as a light reflector and a holder for LEDs in the same time so take care not to bend it. After cutting out the holes it''s time to see how the led's should be connected. Go to and fill in the fields with your parameters. Here's a screenshot of what the wizard reccomended for my 22 LEDs 12V array. So now I know how to connect them. Place the aluminium disc in some holding device (I have one like the one in the photo and it's great). Be creative with this, basically you have to hold the disc by its outer rims. For example, a pipe section with proper diameter will do. Insert the Leds into the holes with the legs up and arranged in such a manner that one cathode is next to another anode. This will make soldering easy. Don't forget this or you will have great difficulties soldering them according to the scheme. Put one tiny drop of Super Glue on each led margin and continue arranging the other ones. WARNING! Take care not to accidentally apply super glue on the LED legs. When you'll have to solder the legs, these will be heated and the glue will give off a little colourless smoke with major effects on your eyes! I know, i've done that and couldn't stopped crying for one hour. I think that's how they make that tear gas after all ... After all LED's are placed and glued, put compound glue around each LED for a solid result. It is necessary to glue them firmly since the legs will have to be bended and you'll risk some leds to come off otherwise. (that's experience speaking) Now let the glue to harden before proceeding. In my case this meant 24 hours but the result was worth it. Step three - making connections Take one nailclipper and cut out the LED legs, keeping in mind that one anode will have to be bent over to the next cathode and so on. Also take care not to confuse the two of them. You can check that with one multimeter set to diodes. As the scheme advises, I'll have to make 5 strings of 4 LEDs each and one string of two. Since I arranged the leds in such a fashion that one cathode is next to another anode, this operation is much easier. After soldering one string, keep the end legs at different lenghts to easily identify the + and the - end. Take the nailclipper and cut the LED legs and bend them to the next leg. The + goes to a - and so on until you complete a string of four. Then start a new string. When you're done making all the strings according to the scheme, you should have six + legs longer than the six - ones. It's time to solder the resistors. But first bend the longer legs toward each other and solder them to have all the + legs connected together. This should be done over the other connections keeping some distance to prevent short-circuits. The resistors should be soldered vertically to the - legs. When soldering, try to be as quick as possible sice you'll be heating the LED legs close to their base and too much heat will damage them. Now solder the resistors legs to each other in order to get a single - that goes to all the strings. Try to keep a low profile so that the whole thing will fit the bulb. Now solder the final legs. Use copper wire (thicker) and keep in mind that one (-) has to be shorter. The whole thing should now be pretty rigid since so many solderings were made. But for your peace of mind, use a hot glue gun to fill the gaps so that no wire accidentally touches another. This is optional. Now take the empty bulb and put the LED disc inside. The space should be enough if you maintained a low profile when soldering. It fits perfectly. Push the LEDs until the disc touches the inner reflector. Hold it still and get the compound glue now. I used some bicomponent glue but any glue with increased consistency should do. Just make sure it's strong enough since it will be the only thing that holds the bulb in one piece. Fill the space around the legs coming out of the bulb with as much glue it will take. Wait until the glue hardens. In my case it took 10 min. and I held the LEDs pressed in the whole time. After it hardened, use a permanent marker to write on the base the + and - legs as well as the voltage it will use. Now cut the legs so that it matches the original bulb legs, equal in lenght. Job done! It's time for a test. Connect the bulb to a 12V battery (car or anything else providing that voltage). Hold your breath and... It's working! The photo actually does not display the amount of light generated as it's blinding if you stare into it directly. I had to seriously under-expose to make this visible. You can use any type of 5mm LED to make ledbulbs just make sure you know the forward voltage and current since it will be necessary when calculating resistors. I made blue, red, yellow and white ones, with successful results. I also made 6V LED bulbs I use in flashlights, replacing the entire flashlight mirror with one of this bulbs. In this case, the current consumption should be ( according to the scheme ) 220mA. It actually uses only 200 mA, or at least that's what my multimeter says. Here are some LED bulbs I made, 12V and 6V ones. They generate virtually no heat and the most powerful one I made takes 12V@200mA and has 6 pcs. of 0,5W LED's. These LEDs were pretty expensive but the light output is great. The type of LED's you use is important since a more dispersed light will be better than a concentrated one. You could also file the LEDs prior to making the bulb so as to have a more uniform light. These LED bulbs can also be used in 12V AC spot lamps if you don't mind the 50Hz flicker. But the best results will come out from 12V DC. Thank you for reading. Peace. : )
  4. Hi strain hunters. After talking to Lamsbread about LED grow lights over the past few weeks. Lamsbread suggested that the info would be great on the forums so other could use. So this is going to be info I have got from a few company’s from china. And after talking to Lamsbread and looking on line I may be wrong on this but I think most of the LED grow lights that are for sale come from china and then are just given new names and resold. Feel free to ask any questions on LED grow lights, post info you have on LED grow lights, and post links to other places that have info or sale LED grow lights.
  5. Hello friends! I'm almost finished my autoflower grow and just can't wait any longer to get my Cup journal started. Especially since I picked up the seeds 2 days ago and my "secret weapons" shipment that I ordered from Holland on Friday, showed up here in Canada by UPS today Talk about fast! After the success that I saw switching to the Powderfeed with my auto's about 1/2 way through the grow, I decided to add to the free 1 kg of Hybrid Powderfeed that GHSC generously sent me (to be used for the Trainwreck during flowering) by purchasing 1 kg of Mother's Powderfeed for both strains for vegetative growth & 1 kg of Sativa (called "Long Flowering" for Canada & the USA customers lol) for the Super Lemon Haze plants during flowering. As you can see in the picture, they also kindly and generously sent me a free hat (my first GHSC item!) after I spoke with them by phone when my dumb ass (see also stoned) accidentally clicked and ordered 2 bags of Mother Powderfeed by mistake I have to say that the guys at the Powderfeed store were more than friendly and easy to deal with. Thanks Mike, and thanks to the kind gentleman who answered my call, in Dutch, and got a good laugh when I innocently asked if he spoke English and then replied in perfect English, "Why yes of course" LOL. Oh boy..most Dutch speak English don't they? I can be so ignorant sometimes I thought many did but.. I need to thank Bigbrown for the "Yin-Yang" name, when I mentioned the strains I was thinking he said something about it being a real Yin-Yang grow, and he's right with two powerful strains at very opposite ends of the effects spectrum My plans so far are to germinate 6 seeds, 3 from each strain, grow them all out until they are ready to transplant into the 23 liter containers and go into the scrog keeping the 2 best from each strain and culling the other 2. I'm also thinking of doing a comparison with some plants receiving only the Powderfeed & the others the Powderfeed plus a few additives but I'm not 100% sure how I want to do that with 3 plants from each strain or exactly what additives I want to use. I might try just Powderfeed on 1 plant from each strain and additives on the other 2 plants for vegging, then move to 1 plant from each strain receiving only Powderfeed and the other 1 from each strain Powderfeed plus additives once they move into the 23 L pots. If anyone has any suggestions or comments please feel free to voice them I'm hoping to see/show that while the plants with additives may do a little better, there is not a huge difference between them and that the increased ease of use, and lower cost of using just the Powderfeed makes it an awesome product. But we will have to see, the purely Powderfeed plants may even outperform the plants with additives..that would be cool!! What I'm really hoping that I see that purchasing all of these additives and mixing them is a waste of my time and money But I'm a tinker, I just have to screw with stuff and try and make it a little better lol I'm not germinating today, germination date is January 2nd, same date as the harvest of my 3 remaining autos which I will hang to dry in the grow tent since it will not be in use until the SLH & Trainwreck babies grow bigger (and since it has a carbon filter!). I would start them right away but my seedling area right now is in the same room as my veg/flowering tent and it is at about 30-32% rH right now to finish flowering. So just before they are done I will be cranking up the 9 gallon humidifier shown in the picture that I just purchased specifically for this purpose to get rH to about 60% which will be perfect for a nice slow dry of the 3 plants from my last grow, and high enough for seedlings to start off comfortably. More pictures and details about gear and nutrients will follow with germination pictures next post which should be Jan 03 or 04th. I am picking up a few new intake fan for the tent, an EC meter, and a 4th LED for vegetative growth and supplementary flowering lighting in the tent for sure. So that being said here are a few pictures of awesome GHSC products to start of this grow journal, as well as the awesome new Bob Marley shirt I got as a Christmas gift Best of luck to all growers and friends! PEACE EDIT: Ya I just realized I put the wrong package of seeds in front of the wrong case anyone is concerned that I may not know which one to use with what strain LOL
  6. Okay the weather gets better and time is running on us so it's about time we start our journal. My indoor cup aspiration has been demolished by my troubled grow @ the moment. Sorry GHSC for not competing after I had applied and started the journal! I'll be dedicated with these girls and will keep you guys updated. The remaining MM (6x) I'll use them for my new indoor grow and report that somewhere within the all mediums area on the forum. -------((Indoor I'm running an LED Spectrabox II Pro 250 Watt 10 colour Spectrum light panel, all the way this time probs, cause a possible light upgrade is issued once more and that could mean I"ll be revieuwing a dutch manufacturers LED panel along the way (they are going to send me the product for revieuw purposes) hope they will arrive before vedging the MM indoor. Or possible clones I'm going to be making from the specimen I put out. I also have my thoughts on running an other medium indoor and that is probs going to be a DWC setup))------. As this is about outdoor I've made a start with the germination GHSC style. This means the girls have had a bath in a glass off water ph 5.5 in the dark a little less than 24 hours, after that they went on a moist cottonpad and covered with moist cottonpads and plastic but no seal to have oxigen get to them, they have stayed in there a little less then 24 hours. I've been Germinating 4x Money Maker for the competition, 3 White Lemons (for tent grow and 4 Afgooey also for the tent grow, roots looked great after there preparation. And now they are places inthere starters underground. I keep my seeds in the refigurator when not used (spare, seeds) at about 7 C Celcius. They seem to sprout real fast from that change in temperature. So far all looked good except for 1 off the White Lemons. Here are the first pics. I'm working on some fancy layout for you guys like Ninja and other very respected members make cause I like those journals very mutch they get a great amount off attention witch really pays off I think! I'm going to do my best and make a GHSC worthy report on my GHSC grows, for the cup I'll be feeding with Powder Feeding off course! Till there head pops up they have an electrical controlled environment within the electrical Propagator on the pictures within this they stay @ 26 C Celsius for gemination.
  7. I have some open space so I'm gonna do the auto cup as well I've decided to run some Kalashnikova Auto with the short flowering powder feed. Sensi cal grow for growth part of grow Sensi cal bloom for the blooming Liquid carbo Load all through flowering Superior Potash (PK 9-18) for bloom booster Technaflora Ph Up Technaflora Ph Down
  8. This is at the end of the grow only because I just signed up So I'll post some pic of the beginning and then the end I promise a better journal on my next grow which should be in about 2 weeks
  9. Hi everyone! Brand new to the site and growing..time to get my journal and some pics up! Before I start I will say that I am VERY open to all comments and suggestions, and if I sound like I have any idea what I am talking about it is purely from TONS of reading and research if I am way off on anything please correct and help me! I started with 10 feminized seeds from GHS's..5 Moby Dick & 5 Pure Kush. I planted all 10 in jiffy started pots and all 10 popped within 72 hrs. Plan is to eventually cull down to 4 strongest plants which will go into a 4 x 4 tent with individual scrog screens for each plant. So far I'm down to 6 plants and I've decided to flower the 2 remaining plants under CFL in my veg dome that I built and get some early bud while the other 4 scrog. I've had some beginners mistakes that I am sure have slowed down growth a bit but overall I think they are doing pretty good now. They're in the 5th week and shortest is 6 inches..tallest 8 inches. I had problems with pH until pretty much my last runoff was 7 - 8 pH for awhile..and I'm growing in 50/50 Pro mix soiless and Grodan rockwool growcubes..I know..ouch! It (combined with a bit of overzealous feeding) caused nute lock-out/burn and I had to get rid of some first and second leaf sets on some plants. I've been on my pH for awhile now and runoff is down too 6.5 pH when i watered last night. Also was running with a faulty hygrometer for the first 4 weeks or so..picked up an expensive digital thermo/hygro with memory..humidity was off by -18 %! So I was trying to veg plants with about 35% humidity..I even had the dehumidifier running at times thinking it was getting high for LED's [i've read a bit lower humidity is better with LED's (55% veg, 45% flower) because the reduced heat lowers evaporation and transpiration and I don't want them sitting in the same water for too long..I want oxygen to get to the roots..if I'm wrong please correct me!] So after all of that...the plants are still growing luckily Gear: - 50/50 mix of Promix and Grodan growcubes with hydroclay pellets on the bottom for drainage and on the top to reduce evaporation - Dutch Nutrient Formula success in a box complete line of nutrients and additives - Advanced Nutrients B- 52 vitamin supplement - Cal Mag plus (using R/O water) - T5 Sunblaster for seedlings - Glow Panel 45 LED for VEG in the chamber, with a second LED Glow Panel being added once they enter the 4 x 4 tent and go under screen to veg and train more. The 2 Glow panels will also be used to supplement the 600W HPS during flowering. - 600 W Hortilux Super HPS bulb with parabolic reflector - 6 " Ostberg Ck series inline fan for exhaust with Mountain Air carbon filter - My Hydro Home 4 x 4 x 7 tent - Zeo2 CO2 pads - 10 " Seabreaze internal oscillating fan Current temperature 21-25 degrees celsius night/day temps, just purchased a digital ceramic heater that I am going to use to keep the temp up near 26-27 daytime..(using CO2 pads). Here are some pics of the plants from seed up until 3 days ago which puts them at just over 4 weeks old, they are almost ready for me to put the screens on them and scrog em..probably do that in the next 2 days. Yesterday I transplanted 3 Moby Dicks and 1 Pure Kush (my 4 strongest plants) into 23 liter containers, transferred them into the 4 x 4 tent ready to scrog and placed them 2 feet under the 2 leds before the lights went off..unfortunately they had a 2 hour late bedtime as I wasn't able to get the transplant completed on time. I left the remaining 2 pure kush plants in the veg dome under a T5 sunblaster..going to transplant them into 12 liter containers in the next couple of days and then flower them under a CFL..I'd hate to just throw them away The 4 transplants showed no sign of transplant shock and are already growing really nicely. Gonna up the nutes a bit next watering..I have to be careful..according to my reading, both the LED's and the rockwool growcubes decrease the need for nutes, and so far I would have to say I agree with that..I'm using less than half the recommended nutes and they are definitely not showing any sign of deficiencies..if anything I've overfed them in the past. *INDIVIDUAL PICTURES OF PLANTS #1-3 ARE PURE KUSH AND PLANTS #'S 4-6 ARE MOBY DICK* I will take more pics tonight of them in the their new home Peace, good health and happy growing to all!
  10. Hola gente de Strainhunters, Me propongo empezar el seguimiento de 5 semillas Great White Shark que gentilmente me envió la gente de GH, muchas gracias nuevamente. Quiero cumplir con mi palabra, tuve problemas con mi cultivo ya que cambie varias cosas de mi indoor y las pruebas no fueron positivas hasta ahora, por eso no empecé antes. Este es mi armario de hace un mes: Sus medidas son: 60x60x90 dos vegetativos, el superior con 50W de leds fabricados por mi y el otro con 4 lámparas bajo consumo de 26W, dos frías y dos cálidas. Estoy haciendo la comparación entre ambas luces. La sala de flora es de 60x100x180, empecé con 3 lámparas de 50W de leds hechos por mi pero como empecé en invierno del hemisferio sur tuve bajos resultados de calidad y cantidad entonces le agregué un sodio de 150W al medio y dejé 2 lámparas de led para reforzar. Trabajo en ciclo continuo de dos meses. Mientras tengo la flora llena voy haciendo la tanda que sigue en vegetativo. No tengo control de la temperatura y humedad ambientes. Estoy en un lugar cálido y seco para esta época del año. Ronda entre 28-35ºC y 40-60% humedad. La tierra que uso para todo el ciclo, hasta con esquejes es la siguiente: 40% tierra reutilizada (reciclada con microorganismos efectivos) 20% de humus de lombríz 20% de turba 20% de perlita Para floración agrego 1 cucharada por maceta de 7/8L de cenizas de madera, harina de hueso y guano de murciélago. El tipo fertilizantes que uso son todos orgánicos, aprendido del usuario Jah2110: EM (microorganismos efectivos) Jugo de bokashi (preparado con EM) leche de alpiste (enzimático) melaza de caña Alga spirulina superthrive cenizas de madera Mixophit (tricodermas y micorrizas) Guano de murcielago Lo que no es orgánico es el gel clonador para esquejes, ácido fosfórico para bajar el PH y mamboreta ABA como insecticida acaricida , he tenido plagas de arañas rojas en mis últimos dos cultivos. Cualquier consulta me preguntan,
  11. Hello together, I just registered and will do my first grow journal ever for you! Did 4-5 grows qith 250W HPS and now I imported 2x 140W panels from China.Im a novice grower. Setup SecretJardin DS90 90cmx90cm 2x 140W LED Filter and exhaust fan 6x 11L pots with Plagron royalty mix Strains 2x MobyDick by GH 1xDiamondGirl by GH 1xWhiteWidow by Dinafem 1xRoyalHaze by Dinafem 1xCitralSkunk by Bulldog One MD and the Citral are 31days old and the others 18 days.Seems that the lamps are good for growth.The bigger plants are very bushy and have dark green leafes. The MD has wide leafs und the Citral thin leafes like a sativa.Strange. In 3-4 days i sent them in bloom.Pray for me that the lights produce some bud. By the way the pH ist 6,0-6,2.No grow fertilizer,just Hesi blooming fert. Temp 21-23C Humidity 45-50% Hope someone is interested!Pictures soon!!!
  12. Hi guys time to start my cup journal I've decided to run some GHSC White Widow with the short flowering powder feed. Sensi cal grow for growth part of grow Sensi cal bloom for the blooming Liquid carbo Load all through flowering Superior Potash (PK 9-18) for bloom booster Technaflora Ph Up Technaflora Ph Down
  13. Grow Journal #2 - Fully Automatic! Hi everyone, finally got the room cleaned up and ready for my second growing attempt. Going with all GHSC strains and all autoflowering strains. I would like to be able to recover some of my losses from the powdery mildew that hit 2 of my scrog plants from my last grow and thought now would be a great time to try growing some autos! So here we go Seeds: All GHSC – 3 Northern Lights Auto - 3 Sweet Mango Auto - 3 Super Critical Auto Growing media: Started in peat starter pots – will transplant directly to 12 liter pots once rooted in peat pots Pro Mix High Porosity/Grodan growcubes/Hydrotron clay pellets @ approx. 40/40/20 Lighting: Seedlings - 2 x T5 Sunblaster until ready to be transplanted and moved into tent Short veg period – 2 x T5 Sunblasters + 3 x LED (rated equivalent of 250W hps sodium each) Flower – 600W Hortilux Super HPS + 3 x LEDS Nutrients & Additives: - Reverse osmosis water+ - Seedling transplant: Botanicare ZHO (Rhizosphere root inoculant w/trichoderma & mychorrizae) - Veg: Cal Mag, DNF Veg line, DNF Enhance (pine oil additive), Advanced Nutrients B-52, potassium silicate - Flower: Cal-Mag, DNF Flowering line, DNF Enhance, potassium silicate, (maybe some Advanced Nutrients Overdrive not sure yet with them being autoflowers) Also: - Will also use CO2 producing pads - Enhance will be used as a foliar spray as well to protect against mold/mildew etc 09/10/2012 - update - 28 hours after planting seeds in jiffy’s one Super Critical sprouted so far already! - Watered one sweet mango that was drying out a bit on the bottom with 5.8 ph’d R/O with 0.30 mL/L cal-mag- (1/4 strength..since tap water has dissolved solids I wanted to give a tiny bit of what would be in tap water) - Temp in dome 27 celsius - partially opened dome now that first seed sprouted I will try and keep up on this journal best as possible being busy with school and all...I need to learn how to update without being so damn descriptive/long winded lol. Peace, happy growin & tokin
  14. Twilight – 200w LED – New Cab Hi hunters, Welcome to my new cab. This is my new cab i’ve been making for the “World Cup”, for the Cup I am gonna be going hydro. I have still got quite a lot of stuff to buy for the hydro set up, so I thought I may as well get a quick 12/12from seed grow going The grow will be in soil and the seeds are “Twilight” from Dutch Passion a fairly heavy indica with purple colour. Equipment & Other Sundries 200W LED 11 Wavelengths inc UV & IR Rhino Filter Ruck RK 100mm fan – 220M3/hr Heated propagator 12V intake fan 15cm air movement fan Bluelab Truncheon EC/TDS/PPM meter PH pen Homemade Accoustic fan box Insulated walls Bosmere coir seed/cutting pellets Mini Propergator for pellets Digital timers Surge protected Extension gang for LED light Fan speed controller Thermometer & Humidty meter Root growTM Mycorrhizal Fungi Maxicrop - Seaweed – Plant growth stimulant Biobizz – Grow & Bloom Molasses Miracle-Gro Soil Perlite Hydroton –Clay pebbles The Cab Dimensions – H 200cm x L 106cm x W 53cm Insulated walls – Insulation for laminate floors used Under cab insulation – Lag jacket sections used Under cab waterproofed – Gutter repair rubberised compound Under cab additional insulation – Plastic coated ripstop radiator foil Doors additional insulation – Plastic coated ripstop radiator foil Light baffled intake fan – louvered vent cover – black pond filter media – cowled intake cover Light baffled doors – internal wooden baffle lip & E-profile rubber draft excluder Locks – 2 x mini bolts & 1 x star bolt Plastic floor liner LED Light Specifications Model – Elitegrow Pro 200W 11 Wavelengths inc IR & UV Diamond Lenses Brigelux & Epistar diodes 3W single chip diodes 90o Lenses 2 x 120mm cooling fans Switchable modes – Vegetative/Flower/Full Spectrum 11 Wavelengths of Color Output: 760nm, 740nm, 720nm, 660nm, 630nm, 615nm-480nm, 460nm, 440nm, 415nm, 380nm LED Quantity = 100 Total power draw 185W (When using Full Spectrum) Dimensions – H 70mm x W 210mm x L 480mm Total coverage 90cm x 105cm (Veg) Core coverage 75cm x 90cm (Flower) The Grow 15 Nov - soaked seeds for 24 hours 16 Nov - seeds split casings and roots showed. Using tweezers put seeds in to pre-soaked coir pellets. 18 – Seeds broke surface of pellets & dropped their seed casings. 19 Nov – Cotyledons fully open and can see the start of first true leaves showing. Well that the journey so far so here are some pics.Cab pics Black waterproof gutter sealant Plastic covered ripstop radiator foil Lag jacket sections inslutation 2nd layer Plastic covered ripstop radiator foil Silicon sealant to make the floor draft and smell tight Air intake with pond filter media to make light baffle and to stop insects Air intake with filter peeled back to show louvered grill Wooden lip light baffle prior to painting & rubber strip Plastic coated ripstop radiator foil insulation for door wall insulated with under laminate floor insulation Electric board Air movement fan & Air in take fan housing/cowel Air intake fan inside housing/cowel Air intake housing/cowel showing pond filter media Light baffle/insect stopper The LED light and at the top the Rhino filter Rhino filter and E-Profile rubber strip light bafle for when door are closed, light tight and smell tight seal Close up of the LED light showing the Diamond lenses LED light Grow Pics Soaking seeds Seeds gone into Coir pellets.JPG] Seeds showing themselves. Seedlings growing Disaster dropped propagator lid and broke a seedling The broken seedling, RIP little one Thanks for dropping by, anything I have missed out or question please ask Peace Lams
  15. Hi Guys & Girls, time for my first journal. In the moment i have 25 seeds growing in my green house, you can see the description on first picture, is a lot of work talk about 25 strains, so i'll do the journal about my old strain is a Big Bang Auto(GHSC), i use an Nutriculture Aeroponic System and for feeding i use Advanced Hydroponics of Holland. Today is 20th day... Peace my friends enjoy the pics Tuga_Farmer
  16. Hello all, I am new to the Strain Hunter Forums and have recently undertook a small experiment. I have only grown in active hydroponic sysems, mostly focused on Aeroponics and Deep Water Culture. I have decided to try out coco-coir as a medium, as well as utilizing LED as a lighting source. I have a limited amount of space so I figured I would try some experiments with LED. Grow Info: ======================== Environment: 3 plants - Indoor / Coco Coir, 1 plant - Outdoor / Coco Coir. (vitals below apply to indoor) Lights: 2 @ 90W UFO tri-band, 2 @ 3000k 7.5w tri-phosphur LED (emits missing spectrums) Temps: day - 79F / night - 74F Humidity: 40% PH: 5.8-6.2 (veg 5.8 / flower wk 1&2: 5.8/ wk 3&4: 5.9/ mid wks: 6.0/ next to last wk: 6.1/ last wk: 6.2) - experiment Pests: None Indoor. Outdoor one mild infestation of Leaf-Miners (removed leaves, sprayed w/ neem oil, pests eradicated). Nutrients: ----- General Hydroponics – Flora Duo all through & Flora Nector and Liquid Koolbloom during flower. ----- Humbolt Nutrients - White Widow (beneficial bacteria) ----- Hygrozyme ----- Epson Salt ----- Protekt (silicate- only used if plants are stressed.) Current Strains: ======================== Name: Sweet Black Angel Breeder: Samsara Genetics: Black Domina x Super Silver Haze Variety: 80% Indica - 20% Sativa THC level: 18% Sex: Feminized Flowering Time: 7 Weeks Harvest Month: Early October Production : 500-1000g. /m2 Previous Strains: ======================== Name: Diesel Ryder (auto-flower) Breeder: The Joint Doctor Genetics: New York City Diesel x Lowryder #2 Smoke Report: Flavor: Not as pronounced, but diesel flavor is there. Background flavor is slightly citrus. Effect: Medium strength, quick effects. Medium cerebral high, similar to Sour Diesel, but not as strong.. Pain relief, but not alot of body effect which is suitable for a daytime smoke when you have things to do. Lasts about one to two hours. -------------------------------------------- Name: Shot Adrenaline Breeder: Samsara Genetics: White Dwarf x Skunk Smoke Report: Flavor: Flavor is slightly acidic citrus, possibly grapefruit. Effect: Strong cerebral high that comes on pretty quickly and increases over 20-30 minutes after smoking. Mild floating head effect and good pain relief without any couch lock. More active which is suitable for a daytime smoke. Lasts about two to four hours. Previous Strains: ======================== Name: Diesel Ryder (auto-flower) Breeder: The Joint Doctor Genetics: New York City Diesel x Lowryder #2 -------------------------------------------- Name: Shot Adrenaline Breeder: Samsara Genetics: White Dwarf x Skunk
  17. Seed Soak Day: Hi Guys & Girls, Time for another of my journals on the Auto Bomb Test Seeds sent courtesy of GHSC, along with their new Nutrients for mainly Indica plants. Today have put them in for an overnight soak, plain tap water with pH 6.4 and tomorrow I will put them in Root Riot germination cubes. That's it for now, Toaor
  18. Hola a todos! Por fin comienzo el seguimiento en Strain Hunters, espero sea de su agrado. Presento el espacio: DR80 Extracción VK-125 con filtro de carbon activo 2 ventiladores dentro para crear corriente de aire y que las plantas sequen las macetas ahora en invierno 237w LED + 105 CFL 2100K Variedad: White Lemon del test de GHS El sustrato es All-Mix mezclado con coco y un poco de humus y guano para suplir el alimento que no tiene el coco. Las plantas han estado 35 días en vegetativo, después de haber germinado y pasado a tierra todas en cuestión de 48 horas. Todo ha ido sin mayores problemas que reseñar, el problema lo están presentando con un crecimiento descomunal dos de los ejemplares. T=25.9º (Min 20º) HR=33% (Max 62%) Les he dado un riego con EC=1.06 y pH=6'5 con Abono de crecimiento (Uso Bachumus Evolution de Trabe). Dejo ahora fotos de como van las copas de las plantas después de 18 días desde el cambio a 12/12. Para mi gusto se ha desarrollado un poco más lenta que de costumbre la flor, pero también es verdad que les cambié el fotoperiodo cuando acaban de despuntar apenas las preflores, con unos 35 días de vegetativo. Ahora dejo algunas fotos del DR80 y alguna de las puntas y las flores que se están desarrollando a media altura. Y por aquí dejo alguna foto que me gustó cuando la vi en la pantalla, una de ellas sin flash, con los colores tal y como se ve. Como se ve en la primera foto, ya tienen una altura de unos 75cm las más altas. Y lo dejamos por hoy. Saludos. Nos vemos.
  19. Testeo de autos by tropical seeds. Y ahora os presento a todos un testeo de autos regulares cortesía de tropical seeds. Gracias a aeros por mandarme estas semis, a ver que sale. Con la de machos que he tenido, por estadística me deberían de tocar alguna hembra!! - Pakistan auto ( F4 ) - Hindu Kush auto x Pakistan auto La linea automatica que tanto llevan trabajando: Nuestra ·Pakito· ( Pakistan Chitral Kush auto ) esta en su último paso antes de ser comercializada. Si te interesan las autos y quieres probar algo diferente a lo que el mercado ofrece (colorido, potente, sabrosa )...esta es tu oportunidad. The Peat Moss Experience En este seguimiento utilizaré como sustrato y fertilizantes los de Como sustrato peat moss evolution Y los fertilizantes raíz, crecimiento y floración de la misma casa, así como el aceite de neem para la prevención. Iluminación: La iluminación es led y consta de un grupo de tres lámparas Snake42 con 42W de consumo y dos tubos microled de 12W cada uno. El armario con todo menos de 100W de consumo total. Contenedores: -Germinación pequeños y trasplante a 7l La primera semana de agosto era propicia para germinar. Así que manos a la obra. Se mantienen durante 24h en un vasito con agua al que añadimos unas gotas de agua oxigenada. Para pasarlas a tierra procuro llenar sólo hasta la mitad el contenedor, para ir añadiendo tierra cuando espiguen un poco. Además de regarlo antes de colocar las semillas. El agujero de unos 3-4mm, pero en vez de taparlas con tierra, pruebo a espolvorearles un poco de sustrato de coco. Creo que al ser más ligero lo levantarán mejor las semillas. Se humedece todo con pulverizador, dejo las macetas dentro del propagador y lo coloco encima del router para que reciban calor. A la espera de la próxima actualización. Espero que os guste este seguimiento. Os invito a participar con 'ruegos y preguntas' o cualquier opinión. Sed todos bienvenidos. Un saludo. 2ª semana: Son de dos clases: - - Pakistan auto ( F4 ) Pakito para los amigos - Hindu Kush auto x Pakistan auto Espero que os guste este seguimiento.*
  20. Source: best l.e.d grow lights manufacturer Was looking so much for something like this about LED light products and manufacturers!! Thanks alot!! Well done Lams! Take care

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