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Found 3 results

  1. Hey Hunters. Hope you are all goooood As the title states, this is a Mixed diary i decided to put all the strains into one diary for the time being, if i have enough time i will split soon but for the time being i thought i'd put it down together so here goes. I Started my diary off in a blog - so give that a once over after if you want more bits http://www.strainhun...new-beginnings/ Altogether i soaked 37 seeds, with expecting a few to not germinate etc i figured in time i would be able to get the numbers down to the final 12 ladies. well that went wrong.... very very wrong but on the good side All germinated apart from 4, 1 DNA genetics 60 day wonder out of 6 and all 3 of the Samsara seeds Sweet black angel which was a really disappointing and i could accept it was my fault if all my others did not germinate but they did.... all 33 of them! with the 1 casualty of the Exodus cheese when she was a seedling now down to 32. So the Rundown of whats Alive and kicking 7 - Greenhouse - The Doctors 6 - Greenhouse - Exodus Cheese 5 - DNA Genetics - 60 Day Wonders 5 - Greenhouse - Super Critical Auto's 4 - Cali Connection - Buddha Tahoe 2 - DNA Genetic's - RockLock 1 - G13 Labs - GigaBud 1 - Dinafem - Cheese 1 - Dinafem - Blue widow With my plans of choosing the best looking girls and getting them down to just 12, well that went well the way you probably guessed it, i kept them all..... so i had to buy two more tents 1 small for seedlings/clones/auto's and the other a medium tent. So the equipment list is as follows; 1 - 120x240x200cm Budbox 1 - 100x100x160cm Budbox 1 - 75x75x100cm Budbox 2 - Ruck Extractor/ Rhino Filers 1 - Intake fan (reversed for small tent extraction needs filter) 3 - 400w HPS in 2 Diamond shades, 1 Parabolic shade 1 - 125w CFL Blue hanging 1 - 125w CFL Red in Euro reflector 3 - 6" fans 1 - 10" fan 2 - Pc fans connected to phone charges Soil - Plant Magic Soil Supreme Nutrients; Plant Magic Old Timer range Grow & Bloom Plant Magic Catalyst Plant Magic Root Stimulant Plant Magic Bio Silicon Using the Old Timer grow schedule - http://www.plant-mag...er-schedule.pdf Greenhouse Powder Feed - Mostly Indica Everything has gone smoothly so far minus the Electricity company cutting off the Electricity for my area for a day where i had to do an emergency evacuation of the girls to anywhere around the house where there was light, apart from that the Gigabud grew to fast and has got a bit too hot so the tips started to curl. Things i have noticed with the strains so far is the the Buddha Tahoe loves to grow tight to the main stem which is really annoying where the others tend to branch out more especially the Doctor and Ex-cheese. All of them have had very vigorous growth. The plants of which i Fim'd have gone mental bud sites everywhere my last mission was complete with lovely huge cola's now i'm on the mission for many many mini cola's While i was Fimming my girls i decided to leave a couple o'Natural to see how the plant looked like naturally this was done 1 Buddha tahoe and 3 Doc's and 1 Rocklock and well i wish i did fim them all. The Doctor and Rocklock has explosive growth! Il Post a few pics from the beginning and the move onto the most recent. they have now bin in on 12/12 for 2 days in the big tent and 5 days in the medium tent. all with having approx 40 days since sprouting. The auto's are mainly in the small tent with 2 super crit's on 12/12 in the large tent. there are 17 in the large tent, 5 in medium tent and 9 in the small tent (all auto's apart from 1 exodus dwarf) And i think that's it! now for the pics, hope you all enjoy my diary and il try to keep it entertaining Until the next update, Peace
  2. Potent

    Buddha Tahoe

    From the album: March 2012 grow

    Medium Tent Cali Connection Buddha Tahoe OG Day 49 flowering

    © Potent

  3. Potent

    Medium Tent

    From the album: March 2012 grow

    Medium Tent Back left - Cali Connection Buddha Tahoe OG Back right - Dinafem Cheese Front - Greenhouse The Doctor Day 49 Flowering

    © Potent

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