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Found 118 results

  1. Inizio la mia avventura, il mio diario inizia ora buona fortuna a tutti e buon divertimento.
  2. These girls are two "Black Russian" I germinated from Feminised seeds purchased from SeedSupreme. They are gorgeous, green, and well rooted. As with all my plants I introduce mycorrhizal bacteria at transplant zone where roots make contact, as well as layered deeper in the soil. Throughout their lives I will continue to apply mycorrhizal inoculate to the substrate via a liquid supplement called "Photosynthesis Plus". I will fertilize this year with "Sensi-Grow" and "Sensi-Bloom" from Advanced Nutrients. This strain is a 70/30 indica dominant variety I chose due to it's short squat features that should be easy to keep under 6 feet which is my height restriction on this side of the house. This is also why I've set the containers (18 gallon) into holes I dug into the ground.
  3. These are 5 Northern Lights plants I germinated from feminised seeds from SeedSupreme. They are lush and we'll rooted, I'm transplanting them into 18 gallon storage totes I've converted for drainage and dug holes in the ground for, so that the plants are at ground level. The soil is a premium blend called Happy Frog to which I've added mycorrhizal bacteria both mixed in and applied at transplant hole where the roots make contact. I will be fertilizing with "Sensi-Grow" from Advanced Nutrients. I will also be using an additional live microbe supplement called "Photosynthesis Plus".
  4. So it begins. The first of this year's crop goes outside. All my other genetics this year are from seedlings but these ones being clones I bought at once im going to journal them together. Some are a little nute deficient as I left them in small clone containers a little long, but they'll be lush again in no time.
  5. So these girls are supposed to take 12-14 weeks of flower time and where I live I'm lucky if I get 12 weeks so what I did was carry them into an out-building to induce artificial darkness 12 and 12. I did this for about two weeks give or take and then stopped as soon as the rest of my plants began to flower. I believe I've succeeded in putting them a couple weeks ahead of the natural schedule. When the flower is finally ready I wanna try making thai-stick you know with the bamboo stick and Rasta hair. I'll update later in flower cycle 😎
  6. ¡Hola Amigos! Buenos humos desde Honduras. Hoy amigos, les vengo a consultar sobre los fertilizantes, he estado navegando por la web y me he encontrado varios blogs que aseguran buenas producciones usando leche, jugo de naranja, jugo de lentejas, hasta agua de tabaco como pesticida, ¿alguno de ustedes ha utilizado estos métodos? ¿Cual ha sido su resultado? ¡VALEN MIL!
  7. Let's go… Seedlings of three Neville's haze plants grown from feminized seeds from «Green House Seeds» (on August 7, 2018, in all three plants - 108 days from seedlings, 56 days from the appearance of stigmas). --- Almost from the beginning of life, and to the middle of July, the plants had a light period of 18/6 (day/night). During the day, the plants stood outside, under the sun, unless there was a strong wind or rain, and in the morning and in the evening, as a "sun", the plants had a 55 watt 4200 (Navigator) lamp. Photos before boarding in open ground (August 7, 2018): Neville's haze 1st plant Height: 96 cm; Interstitial: 5 cm. Neville's haze 2nd plant Height: 113 cm; Interstitial: 6,5 cm. Neville's haze 3rd plant Height: 110 cm; Interstitial: 5,5 cm. --- Seeds ordered from one of the official Russian dealers, in an amount of 5 pieces (one package), of which 3 were sprouting. The seeds were germinated, as written on the GHS website. April 16, 2018 April 16, 2018 April 17, 2018 April 17, 2018 April 18, 2018 --- All three Neville's haze will be grown in the usual way. Place of cultivation: 44° north latitude, Russia, Primorsky Krai. Neville's haze has a rather long flowering period and for complete maturation it is necessary to grow it on more southern latitudes. But even on the 44th latitude, it is quite possible to get an excellent "smoking material". --- To, at the time of flowering, not only mature plants, but also compact ones, it was decided that the plants would grow from shoots to planting in open ground in containers with a volume of ~ 3 liters. But even in "such" volume, the plants continued to grow actively, and at this point it was decided to remove the large leaves that were on the central trunks of plants - this decision slowed, but did not stop the growth. At the end of July, two weeks before disembarkation into the open ground, the substrate was washed in which the plants were located. The substrate in which the plants grew was made by itself: peat (rubbed through a 1x1 cm grid and calcined) 1 part, cow bark (rubbed through a 1x1 cm grid) 1 part, river river "by eye" and a glass (on a bucket of substrate) oak ash . The prepared substrate was spilled 2 times with a solution of "Phytosporin-M". --- In the land, at the site of planting, in the autumn of 2017, black peat was added (it is unknown when, but lies, under the open sky, for more than 11 years, before on the peat, mushrooms grew on their own), 1 kg of superphosphate (nitrogen - 6%, phosphorus - 26% + sulfur, calcium, magnesium). --- Organomineral fertilizer for plants: 1.) Nitrogen humate (N 3% / P 1.5% / K 3%) - in the early stages 2 ml (per 1 liter of water); As you grow up, it takes up to 4 ml. If you give less, it shows a shortage of nitrogen. 2.) Superphosphate solution - 8 tablespoons (granulated superphosphate N 6% / P 26% + sulfur, calcium and magnesium) per 2 liters of boiling water; working solution of 15 ml, and above, per liter of water. --- Outdoors (August 7, 2018) To avoid overturning, in case of strong wind, rain or wind with rain, the plants were planted with the deepening of the root neck: Neville's haze 1st plant Height: 90 cm; Neville's haze 2nd plant Height: 102 cm; Neville's haze 3rd plant Height: 100 cm. --- P.S. I really hope that in general terms, everything will be clear ... for those who become interested.
  8. Kings kush looking a little it time to fert? Day 45 southern hemisphere
  9. Hey guys, I am new to growing bud so I thought I'd check here to see what you think. I am in the south of France and I planted my seedlings in end of April. It had a slow start as the weather was awesome in the first two weeks then terrible for about a month. Although there were some nice sunny days in between I noticed she could use some better weather. I gave her weekly nutrients, nothing special though just something with the right balance to keep her nourished. I kept the watering to a minimum, giving her water every three days. I did some late topping which allowed extra colas to form which was nice to see. Now its July and I am almost ready to harvest. All I am worried about is to harvest too early. I see some leaves turning yellow and the white hairs start to turn brown. I think I should try sequential harvesting as lower buds are not forming at the same rate as the main cola. Has anybody tried this? Do you think this would be a good idea? Thanks for your time and interest!
  10. Here are my plants this year, I will be trying to post updates every 2 weeks. My GHS strains are Super Lemon Haze, Lemon Skunk, Cheese, Exodus Cheese. Other strains are Sensi Skunk #1, Female Seeds C99 and Pure AK. I also have a few autos I just put out for fun but really am not focusing on them as much. I have 2 Lemon Skunks, 2 Exodus Cheese, 2 Cheese, 2 Super Lemon Haze, 2 Skunk #1, 2 Pure AK, and 1 C99 going. All of my plants are around the same at 3-4 feet average right now. The one Lemon Skunk I posted a picture of is the tallest at the moment. I didnt post 4 of the plants since theyre smaller because i put them out later, but those are around a foot and half tall right now. I topped most of my plants once, but you can see a few I didnt top. Pics posted below.
  11. High every body!!! I send you some pictures of my second session in tropical weather, i have one Super Silver Haze;. I want to know if the Super Silver Haze can be ready after only 8 weeks (58days) of flowering (i stoped additional light and let her outdoor 58 days ago, here the sun shines 12h per day ). She grew in 6l airpots, i think she had some Azote defficiency during flowering because the big leaves went yellow, from the botom to the top, slowly, all flowering time. I stop giving nutrients 10 days ago to the SSH; sorry for my english, i do my very best!! She looks ready, doesn t she?
  12. Hey everyone - good to be here. Looking for some advice on my girls.
  13. Hello all!!! I live in a small island called Mayotte, near Madagascar. Here, the sun shine 12h per day, all year long. The weather is hot, with a lot of humidity. At this rainy season, the temperatures can climb up to 32 degrees celcius, and near 48-50 degrees celsius under sunlight, at the hotest hours of the day. The temperatures will decrease around april, at the end of the rainy season. I would like to grow some "Super Silver Haze" and some "Arjan's Haze 1", i have a big balcony where i will put 2 or 3 plants, but i do not want them to get too tall, because of my neiboors... I will grow them in 6liters airpots. So, i have several questions: - Are these strains a good choice for this tropical weather? - How will these strains react to a complete life cycle under 12h/day of sunlight? - When will they go into flowering? - How tall could they go with 6l airpots? - Shall i protect them from the sun for few hours of the day when he shines too hot? - I will use a mix of soil and coco, around 30% of coco, shall i use mineral or organic fertilizers? - Is it mendatory to adjust the PH solution? Thanks for help, and really sorry for my english, i am french, i will try to do my best!! Cheers!!!
  14. Hello to the Green House Seed Co. Crew, Community and all the hard working men and woman of this stoked out industry!! It has been roughly a year since my last journal posted here! This is going to be another fun round! Currently there are two great seeds that were germinated and started! Caboose! This is going to be an organic soil with compost teas for feeding and One being transferred to a solid indoor ebb and flow hydroponic application that is of my own production. Lots of stoke and excitement going on over here and I am very happy and humbled to be able to share my techniques, grows and info to the great community here! Looking forward to bringing this to you with maybe some kool things you have not seen or really payed attention too....? Thanks for taking the time to scope things out! Saludos! MultiTech!
  15. Planted 20 seeds from various strains into 2 sq. meters of yellow sandy loam, shovel mixed with few buckets of aged sheep manure and decomposed wood. 50% germination rate directly into the permanent growing medium. Males were not pulled out and the remaining females grew from 40 to 80 cm in height, because I relied mostly on rain as a water source and the other wild weeds originating in the medium was allowed to grow around. The yield was 500 selected seeds and 200 gr of dry buds, not entirely pollinated because they were harvested before full volume of flower was reached.
  16. Hello fellow growers, I'd like to share my progress. I have 4 plants as you can see, the small ones are only about one week old. The bigger ones, are already blooming. I planted them around the end or March and the beginning of April. Sadly, the weather started to get terrible from then up until a few weeks ago. I did not want to throw them away because I believe they will produce something, I'd like to test the taste of them They look quite decent besides a few flaws, but the buds are looking good. The smell is not too strong, which is good. I hope the weather will continue doing good so I can grow much bigger plants from them. I quite underestimated how complicated it would be to grow autoflowers, but I'm starting to understand them a little more as they progress. If anyone has some tips and tricks I'd like to know! I'll try to keep this post updated.
  17. Hello and thank you for the opportunity to learn, share what I already know and associate with like minded people. I am a regular, almost every day smoker for very long time, so I try to cover my own needs and maybe share with only the closest friends whom I can trust. Where I live marijuana is completely illegal apart from the Medical Marijuana story in the public media for the last few years. Therefor I do not sell what I grow because I consider that pushing my luck since I am already getting away with growing it. I grow strictly outdoors and far away from the area that I live in. That is continental climate somewhere in Europe on the lower mountains, altitude 700 meters above sea. The soil is yellow sandy loam because all the compost is washed away from the surface by rain. I prepare the raised bed after every harvest near the natural water spring and abandoned cottage.The area around the bed is on the flat surface in the middle of a very slopped side of the hill. It catches all of the morning sun since it is facing east and misses a few evening hours of it. Trees are close enough to protect from the strongest winds and not block the light at all. I fill the bed with the soil brought up from the stream bank where all the surface nutrients end up, then decomposed wood and finally some aged sheep manure. I am trying to use what I find in the neighborhood. The reason for this is that the area is very hard to reach with the car from the nearest village, so I always walk trough the forest for several kilometers. Besides that, my financial means are very limited so I find this the cheapest way to grow. I do not know much about nutrients and indoor growing but I have been a guerrilla grower for more then a decade. The seeds are the ones I picked from the best weed I smoked and then reproduced creating my own seeds. There are lots of strains that look, smell and taste different but all of them are very potent.
  18. Hello guys, I know that there are many posts on this topic all around the web, but this might be a problem. There is simply too much information about it. I want to prepare myself for outdoor grow 2017. I am looking for your help with strain selection, because the ones I selected this year were diasaster. Here are some details about what I want from strain and some other information: - Effects from smoking should be more on Sativa side - Good weed to smoke when with friends... so for laughing, talking, socializing, maybe some creativity, uplifting... No couch lock effect. - Size of the plant does not matter. It can be really high... So i prefer also high yield from the plant, high in THC. - Information about growing place: Latitude: 46,5 North; Longtitude: 13.7 East. Altitude: 850m; Temperatures are like this. June, July and August are hot. Lets say around average of 30 degrees during the day when there is sunny, but it can also drop to around 20 degrees if there is rain. May and September are a little fresh during nights, during the day it is probably around 20-25 degrees. Flowers will be grown in North-West part of Slovenia. Weather can probably be compared with weather in Austrian Alps on this altitude. If you need more information about something, just ask me and I will provide answers. Thank you for all your answers already in advance. I will be happy with every answer you give me ;O Enjoy!
  19. Hola Aquí mi seguimiento de SuperBud x Trainwreak Dia 1: Germinamos 3 semillas. Paso a comentarles que van a vegetar bajo luz artificial y una vez listas van a ser transplantadas a tierra madre Mi idea es hacer 2 tandas de testeo outdoo, En macetas y en tierra madre
  20. posting pics and some details bout this years outdoor and greenhouse grows. Plants, for the most part, were started under lights in the second week of april, and got planted in their permanent home on june 1st, with the exception of some clones and some late started seeds to replace unwanted males. greenhouse plants were started in 5 gallon buckets in fox farm ocean forest soil mix. Bottoms of buckets were cut off and placed over the natural soil to allow roots to expand into the dirt. during transplant a hand full of bat guano 9-3-1 was placed at the rootball of all plants, greenhouse and outdoor. Outdoor plants were placed in 15 gallon boxes 2 plants per box, filled with fox farm happy frog as opposed to ocean forest with the exception of one box using just a plain pro mix without mycorizae or added ferts. 6 boxes to start and these also had no bottoms so as to allow the roots to expand into the natural soil. 5 other outdoor plants were grown individually in 15 gallon holes dug into the natural soil and each hole was filled with one 2 cubic foot bag of happy frog starter soil. Watering is done with the rain and stanky well water high in sulfur content, whos ph is unknown. Raw amounts of dirt and fertilizer used for this entire grow without regard to individual plant dosages were. 60 gallons ocean forest, 165 gallons happy frog, and 15 gallons plain pro mix. Fertz used were 2 pounds down to earth 9-3-1 bat guano, 4lb bag of fax farm 8-2-6 premium lawn, 4 lb bag of fox farm 5-5-5 all purpose, 4lb bag of fox farm 5-8-4 fruit and flower, 4lb bag of fox farm 3-8-8 bulb food, 4lb bag of fox farm 4-4-5 rose food, few cups of down to earth azomite, about 4 lbs of down to earth bone meal 3-15-0, 5lb bag of down to earth crab meal 4-3-0, a 5lb bag of down to earth kelp meal 1-0.1-2 and some small dosages of fox farm grow big 8-4-4 liquid fertz and a few small doses of 2-11-11 awesome blossoms liquid fertz and 1 feeding of about 150ml of black strap unsulphured molasses 15ml per gallon (didn't like how plants reacted) early in flower. Feedings were done about every two weeks by top dressing into my buckets/boxes/holes, and occasionally additional fertz were thrown around the outside of the boxes/buckets onto the soil below them. on avg. each plant was given about half cup to a cup when fed, depending on size and by my personal judgement of what the plant needed. the general order in which i fertilized was a transplant feeding of bat guano 9-3-1 1/4cup, bout two weeks after were given fox farm premium lawn 8-2-6 1/4 cup. Another two weeks and used the rest of the premium lawn and leftover bat guano. another two weeks go by and i decided to fertilize with about a half to 3/4 cup crab meal 4-3-0. Feeding needs started increasing and during late july-august while still in veg they were given feedings of additional leftover crab meal approx. 1/4 cup. Also, fox farm 5-5-5 bout 1 cup early august and fox farm 5-8-4 1 cup. right before transition in middle august. Each plant was additionally given a few tablespoons of azomite for trace elements around this time. Also, greenhouse plants were given a ground cover of 1 whole bag of fox farm rose food 4-4-5 in a planting area approximately 70 sqft. to enrich soil under my buckets. to start flowering phase I mixed parts of fruit and flower 5-8-4, bone meal 3-15-0, azomite, fire place ashes (k2O), crab meal 4-3-0, and bulb food 3-8-8 together in a custom mix. Each plant was given 2 feedings of this mix approx 3/4 cup each feeding. First week of september and I used leftover bone meal as ground cover around greenhouse buckets and outdoor boxes, approx. 2-3 handfulls ber bucket/box. A little left over bulb food 3-8-8 was also added to each plant no more than a few tablespoons each. 2nd week september early yellowing was noticed on a few plants (pro mix plant was the worst one) and so a few plants were dosed with fox farm grow big liquid fert 8-4-4 10-15 ml/gal and given 2 gallons each. Today, september 21, purchased kelp meal 1-0.1-2 and was perfect because early yellowing extended to a few more plants and slight potassium deficiency was noticed on my greencrack and east coast cookies. Another reason for the kelp was i read potassium should be higher than phosphorous in late flower and because overall potassium was low throughout the grow, especially when compared to amounts of phosporous. I also read it contains good growth enzymes which im hoping will help fatten up my buds here in the last few weeks. Greenhouse plants were given 1 cup kelp, outdoor bucket plants were given 3/4 cup per plant and individual plants got 1/2 cup. Plants will recieve no more fertilizer for the rest of there life cycle. 3-4 weeks depending strain and weather.
  21. Hey Strain Hunters. I growed this Kings kush auto last year. I just want to show my plant, LOVE TO YOU! i used FEEDING from greenhouse! Give me some feedback on the plant thanks <3
  22. Good Morning, good evening wherever you are hope all is well! I joined the Forum when i was younger and I had just finished getting caught smoking weed by my pops im 25 today. Something deep down told me I should fight for the right. I Lived in Miami and i tried some guerrilla grows off and on for almost over ten yeears now. I posted them on my old profile here Called SmokeyGreens. Today im working for PackHunters in Northern California. We sell pounds and pounds of fine medical grade cannabis. And We have a farm going! Woohoo I jumped to the west coast after finding out my pregnant ex girlfriend was pregnant. Well my son is 8 months now and growing beautiful. Yes I fucking said before my son gets any older ima give myself another shot and Man. I believe in the powerful healing of this plant and spreading the truth has been part of my life since I met marijuana. Ive been through hell and back but it was good for the experience and I know pur generation had to stand up and make a difference. Today Im back on the forum With something very neat and humble to show you theres alot of potential and its all part of a dream coming true. If its cool check out my snapchat and instagram ill be posting up pictures. @SmokeyGreens Medium: RootsOrganicFormula707
  23. Hello to the great GH community! I will make this quick and to the point for you. Been around this industry now for roughly 26 years. Have tried many many applications with varied results. Desert Grows using Palm Leaves as shading and bones, scorpions and local cactus for nutrient teas with sand medium to Indoor fully controlled environments. I dig them all! I currently have an unknown landrace Sativa that i discovered up in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Sonora / Sinaloa Mexico. I have been growing her for almost 3 years now with 20 grows. This is my 21st session with her at the moment which started with organic soil from Guadalajara Mexico and transitioned into an indoor Ebb n' Flo controlled environment with major training. FIM, Topped, Scrog, Super crop, de-scrog, tied and under canopy lighting. Will post more on a journal for all to enjoy, critique, comment or just learn from. I also have an account on GrassCity Forums (MultiTech) should anyone feel the urge to read up on my outing there as well. I am very excited to be a part of this great community and will be looking forward to others, nubez to tradesman, grows, techniques, questions and commentary. Saludos a Todos! -MultiTech
  24. Hi growers My question for you all growers, is that i want to know how to make a small cone greenhouse in a swamp.Shortly, The greenhouse is where there are blueberries growing and theres alot of moisture and it all is taking place in a pine forest My idea is to put 5-10 plants+ some outdoor just for fun and testing purpouses in natural swamp soil, But the main idea is, how to build that place in the swamp? The small greenhouse greenhouse(Round radius-3m): my idea is to use natural stuff, firstly dig 20cm around the tree, then make a cone skeleton against the tree with some long branches , After that i will but plastic over it all, so it gets sun and maintains heat, the wall bottoms I will cover with mud and green moss+blueberry plants. (making 2-3hours, 2 people job) i will need: Axe, spade, greenhouse plastic, rope, no nails needed, scissors watering: the swamp itself is really natural and clean+ it has alot of moisture, the greenhouse will have 5-10 5l bottels ontop of the tree, with small holes in itself, and they are going to be filled rainwater and the bottles are connected with hoses and they go into the plants I will need: 5-10 bottles, 8m hose, ducktape Soil: I can take soil from the swamp, it gets every year pine needels+huge amount of blueberries+many different mushrooms+moss is it great soil? i dont like vertisilers alot... :/ questions.... What cannabis plants should i use(id like to test 2-3 different varieties)? and will it grow? summer starts in my location in may-june and lasts until in the middle of august. Then it will get colder slowly. And how long do i have to grow themindoors? or can i just plant them in the soil, when it is a seed? How often should i visit them? and why? Can i give them, charcoal(how much), or other organic fertilizers? When should i trim my plants? Should i give them co2? go smoke some weed in there from time to time? or put some plants in there, wich will create co2 in there? How can i make more plants out of one plant? id like to put some outdoors next to some blueberries and in the soaky sunny swamp That are my ideas atm, can i do it? Can i grow in so many blueberries? or should leave some space between them? PS: i havent grown weed yet, but i am really really passionate about my project Pictures of the nature in the place

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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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