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Found 8 results

  1. Equipment: Box 60x60x180 cm (0.36m2). Active air output at 100 m3/h. Passive air entry. Blowing air - canal fan at 100 m3/h. Pot - SmartPot 35 liters. Peat pot one litre. Substrate - "Ugro Pure Superior" Water - mineral osmosis 250ppm. Drip watering of my manufacture - tubes 5mm and a tank for 10 liters. Lighting: Collected by me according to my scheme. It includes an aluminum plate with ribs and active cooling - two 120 millimeter coolers (900 rpm), the size of a plate of 12 to 40 centimeters, a thickness of about 2.5 millimeters. Citizen's LED matrix: 3500k (50w); 3000k(50w); 3000k (100w) - all matrix connected to individual drivers from Mean Well - efficiency of about 91-93%. At a distance of 80 centimeters from the plant, the lamp gives about 33,000 lux, the chips are installed 90 degree lenses made of glass. Nutrients: Growth Technology ph down GHE PH UP GHE FloraMicro HW (not SW) GHE FloraGro GHE FloraBloom GHE G.O.Root Plus GHE Bio Bloom GHE Ripen GHE Diamond Nectar GHE Mineral Magic GHE FloraKleen Photo equipment: phopo box with illumination 5500k support tripod camera pentax kx (the second camera) camera pentax kp (main camera) lens smc pentax-DAL f3.5-5.6 18-55mm al ancient lens smc pentax-m f1.7 50mm ancient lens industar 61L/Z f/2.8 50mm + macro rings main lens - pentax HD DA 35mm f/2.8 Maсro Limited polarizing light filter Hoya hd circ Week 1 day/night - 20 /4 Growth - 3 cm pot - 1 L Water (no compote) 5,7 ph - 250 ppm - 23 degrees C. 0.08 L a day day/night temp. - 23.C/23.C 50% humidity distance from lamp to plant - 80 cm no smell Sprouting. Without any locks and other tricks. I take the sieve, I take a non-transparent package of zip-lock, I take two clean cotton discs, wet the discs with clean mineral water, squeeze them to become slightly moist and they do not leak water, put the seed between the discs, all this thing put in an envelope zip-lock and breathe in it with its "carbon" gas, then close the envelope and send to a dry dark place with room temperature 23-24C (in the box For example). Day D Two days of waiting... on the third day of the seed sprouted and showed the spine, it's time to "plant"! In my experience - I make an acceleration of growth, so that I help the plant first of all get rid of the helmet and run on the full processes of photosynthesis (I do not advise you to produce it yourself, if you do not have the experience of "dumping the helmet" because sloppy and inaccurate actions you can harm or worse - to kill the future plant). With the help of two clean "tooth cleaners" carefully remove the helmet from the sprout. Immediately plant it in a peat pot of 1 liter with a "no substrate" substrate, namely "Ugro Pure Superior", which contains 80% pure coconut fiber, 5% perlite, 5% guano bats, 5% endomycosis and 5% biohumus. This substrate contains nutrients that will last for 2 weeks of sprout life, but I'm going to feed the vegetable in the second week of life, and it will be very good to eat! Closer to the third or fourth week, I'll transplant the vegetable into a 30 liter pot "Smart Pot", but for now we are gaining patience and just waiting. Watering the first week i carry out without fertilizer, but well "acidified" water, PH 5.7, PPM 250. Watering, as usual, at the beginning of the light cycle, and the cycle is set to 20/4. DAY 3 DAY 6
  2. Hi anyone grew Afgooey in polytunnel in UK or Ireland? When can it be harvested? Thanks
  3. Hi People, Here we go again finally it's that time of year again when we can harness the sun to grow our supplies, Prefer to grow outdoors as so many spectrums in the sun, which gives the end results a more varied high as the plants are given the chance to develop to there full potential. I have started last night by popping 2 of the seeds in to a glass of water at room temperature. I soaked them and removed them from the glass today. They are now sitting on a bed of paper towel in a warm cupboard. I have planted the 3rd directly into the soil an watered them lightly with the same room temp water,they to are in a warm cupboard. I wanted to see if it was quicker to germinate them way suggested on the GHS page, but will run a more comprehensive test when the indoor season starts again. I will be using Easy mix again for my grow provided by the local growshop. My friend has been meening to get them for a while so was a nice surprise when I got home to 200 litre's in front of my broken car. Didn't fancy the bus! Bit of a google translate job on the ingredients, sure one of the dutch speaking growers may have a better idea. veenmosveen - sphagnum peat turfstrooisel - peat litter woormenhumus - Worm molds/casts Pumic Stone - similar to perlite bemesting van n-p-k meststoffen en sporenelementen - fertilization of npk fertilizers and trace elements Dutch class over! i will be potting them in small 1 litre tubs then move them within a week to 17litre tubs (see pic). The 17litres won't fit in the mini greenhouse so thats why they are going in the smaller pots first. I will also use 3-5 cm of Clay pebbles in the bigger pots. Once sprouted and in the pots the mini greenhouse will go straight to the garden, unless temps going below 10 then they will go in the kitchen window. I like to get them out asap harden the little beggars up. That's about it for now. I do intend splitting the stems once they are bigger , slows growth for a little while, but makes the lower stems much stronger. Top tip from Dr.Green's Instagreen feed. A few pictures of my kit and freshly painted outdoor grow room. Quick question Mods, can i also show my 2 Kalashnikova Auto in this report as have 2 of them also going outside. Will stop the wife complaining about lack of plants in the garden.
  4. Now Loading, be patient... After huge fuck up in Cup topic(bleeding tent, total room mess,lol) i still got some seeds left to go. But beware, i dont do it on week updates, more like monthly(or even post whole grow after harvest), i'am kinda busy and shit like that this days(spring,wymans,boze,work,music,ect). For a while they be under 600w hps magnetic ballast and in tent, maybe one out wee see. So send fucks as usuall thru my side i try my best. Be patient, now loading.
  5. I am new to hydroponics, I want to use only strain hunters strains ( afgooey, money maker & caboose ) but I'm wondering if anyone has any info they could give me as to the powderfeeding. Can I just plant my seeds add the water & then just powderfeeding or do I need a secondary additive? Or could I just from start to finish go all the way with short flowering powderfeeding nutrients?? Your honest & non negative feedback is appreciated. Thank you all.
  6. I have ordered the Afgooey and Money Maker for my next few grows. I have a small tent that is only 2ft x 2ft (60cm x 60cm). I usually grow two autoflowers in here, but have decided to switch back to photoperoid plants for a while. I'd like to grow one Afgoo and one MM per cycle. I'd like the plants to get no bigger than 3 ft (1m). I grow in Foxfarm Ocean Forest (w/ added perlite) in 3 gallon pots. I also use their fertilizers. My artificial sun is generated by a California Lightworks Solar Flare 200 Watt LED. My questions are: At what size would you suggest I switch to 12/12? Should I go up to 20L (5GAL) pots? Anything else? Oh, and please don't tell me to switch to an HID. I <3 my light, thanks very much! Oh, and I might just make a journal for this. I'm sure some Strain Hunters fans want to see more plants before they buy seeds. Especially those on a commercial scale. Thanks, ~Gnoll
  7. Bueno brothers and sisters, llego la hora de comenzar con el seguimiento de las prometedoras AFGOOEY que nuestros queridos amigos de Green House me han enviado. Ya que estoy aprovecho la oportunidad para agradecer a ellos y a Strain Haunters la posibilidad de participar de esta competencia, que si bien hay un objetivo segundario que es lograr entrar en la premiacion, para mi, lo mas importante y la razon por la cual participo es por la experiencia y la buena onda, dos cosas que hacen de este foro uno de mis lugares favoritos cuando llega ese momento del dia en que me siento en la computadora. Ojala todos lo tomen como yo, y encuentren en esto una oportunidad de aprender sobre el cultivo que tanto nos gusta, y generar lazos de amistad y compañerismo. Si ven las cosas de esa manera no hay 15 premios en esta competencia, hay cientos, y todos los que participen habran ganado =). Dejando de lado las formalidades les comento algunas cosas introductorias. Sobre mi: Soy de Argentina, de un pueblo cerca de Mar del Plata. Llevo 4 años cultivando indoor. No me considero un experto pero creo haber adquirido cierta experiencia en estos años, mas que nada a base de errores y tambien gracias a la curiosidad y la posibilidad con la que la mayoria contamos de tener una computadora con internet jaja. Tarde unos meses en comenzar con el cultivo porque tenia que mudarme y hubiese sido muy dificil hacerlo con las plantas ya crecidas, porque como todos saben aqui es ilegal (como en casi todos lados). Y ahora si, lo que todos quieren, les presento a las futuras niñas AFGOOEY, en su expresion inicial, esas hermosas semillas sinonimo de futura vitalidad. Como pueden ver en las imagenes son 9 ya que una llego aplastada. Ademas tambien fotografie el envase de Power Feeding para que puedan observar su composicion. Y para finalizar este primer post les comento que para este cultivo estoy armando un nuevo indoor. Es de black out reflectante, 80x60x100 para vegetacion y 80x60x160 para flora. En vegetacion tendran una lampara de mercurio de 250W y en flora una lampara de sodio tambien de 250W. Se que lo ideal es 400 o 600 incluso 1000W, pero en mi pais eso llamaria demasiado la atencion sin contar el gasto economico en cada factura de luz jaja. Para el proximo post voy a subir fotos del indoor con mas detalles sobre sus componentes y si Dios quiere tambien sobre la germinacion. Se aceptan consejos y criticas sobre lo que deseen. Espero que aprendan de mi como yo aprendo de ustedes y sientanse libres de comentar, preguntar, consultar, etc. Paz y buenas vibras para todos/as To our american brothers and others who speak in english: I will not translate my posts, i will write two parts, one in Spanish and anotherone in English, saying the same things but not in the same way. First, i want to thank Green House and Strain Haunters for giving us this opportunity to cultivate new genetics, learning from others and trying to make others learn something from us. Awards aside, our biggest gain is the knowledge and friendship. About me: I'm from Argentina. I have four years cultivating indoor and although I'm not an expert but i've learned a lot in these years. You can see the first pictures above. In the next post I'll post pictures of the new indoor I built especially for this crop. Thanks for taking the trouble to read and feel free to ask, and give your opinions.

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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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