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  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
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  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
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  1. just about to begin another grow of Auto-flowering Purple Kush from Buddha seeds. had five seeds, put them all on to germinate, and from the way things look right now, all five have germinated. they were placed in between folded paper towel (as i did in my last grow journal as well), two days ago. now four of the five have first root sprouting from seed by about 1 CM, the other seed, has merely cracked, and no root is actually protruding from the seed casing yet. i think another day and it should be a bit further out. They will be potted, sometime tomorrow, in to 12liter square pots using Canna Coco as the growing medium, and more than likely canna coco nutrients A&B. they will be grown in a tent for possibly the first two weeks of their lives and then their environment will be getting upgraded. to begin with though, they will be put in a tent with a 12" oscillating fan, a 125rvk with carbon filter attached, and a 600W HPS using a pure sodium bulb. some people may argue the case for using a MH bulb for the first few weeks, or indeed just a dual spectrum throughout the entire time. i have a pure sodium bulb, and i expect these plants will begin to flower within two weeks, and from what i hear, they may take anywhere from 70, up to 90 days, so they may become rather large and i don't want that, so using a sodium bulb wont encourage too much foliage growth in the first two weeks, before it turns to flower and requires other part of the lights spectrum. i will try and post pics of progress as it all goes along. i have no idea of what to expect from these plants as i've only done automatics once before, and it was an 8 weeks auto, which i knew what to expect from. i have no idea with this. if anyone has any experience with auto's which can run 90 days, please let me know what you know. also, as always, anyone have questions about anything, feel free to ask and i'll try my best to answer. i'll try to update this as much as i can. i hoped to update my last grow journal at least twice a week, but its sort of dropped to once a week right now. i'll try to update this when i update my others as well. Peace!
  2. Hey Strain Hunters. I growed this Kings kush auto last year. I just want to show my plant, LOVE TO YOU! i used FEEDING from greenhouse! Give me some feedback on the plant thanks <3
  3. The Seedlings are all White Lemon, only 3 of the 4 look viable. They are 4 weeks old from the time I germinated them to what they look like right now. The Seedlings were originally potted in 0.45L Planter Bags with Seed Raising Mix. Pots have half an inch of pumice on the bottom, coco perlite is used as the medium. They are suspended in a static feed mix. The Grow is done in Autopots running a 13mm mainline down to 6mm inlet using Canna Cocos A & B nutrients. (47 liter reservoir). x2 400w Digital Balast's, dimable to 250w, 275w, 400w & 440w. I run x2 250w (500w combined) for Vege, and then back to 400w, after 3 weeks of flower I crank it up to 440w (880w combined). I supplement with FlairForm CMX as Cocos A & B tends to lack these core elements during the regenerative stage (first 3 weeks of flowering, also when they will stretch the most). I use the following additives: General Hydroponics Floralicous , House & Garden Roots Excelurator, House & Garden Aminos Treatment (These are Organic so need to flush main line once a week, or blockages occur), Shooting Powder for week 5 (single strength, makes the bud, bud over existing bud adding to its size and weight) & week 7 (double strength, makes the bud, bud over existing bud adding to its size and weight again, but stonger to give it a final push), PK 13/14 (week 5, adds weight, size to buds and resin production), Drip Clean (Stops organic build up from sticking to pipes and makes weekly flush easier), FlairForm Silika Magic (Good to keep stems strong, allows higher temps). Planning on getting Canna Boost for next grow, to decrease harvest time. Investigating to see if GHS Power Feeding is any better than Cocos A & B, thus simplifying my process. It takes about 3 hours to make up a cocos feed because you have to wait 2 hours after A & B has been mixed to add additives, which in turn have to be diluted into 1 liter of water, plus 2 liters for silkia which must be ph'd to 6.0 before adding to reservoir. 35 liters would mean 35 minus x amount of liters because of additives. Long process, get awesome results. Powder would eliminate the need for the long wait, thus making my life better lol. The plant next to the seedlings is Arjans Haze, I plan to use as mother and make cuttings to put on a bench I plan to make to put on the skirts of my shade and have a bunch of little ones to flower as well, kinda grow some treat buds In the grow room starting from back is White Rhino, then Super Critical, then White Rhino & then White Rhino again. First grow I did Super Critical & Green Poison, I got 13 Oz's Second grow I did all Super Critical & I got 16 OZ's (x1 Pound) (was very happy) This is my Third grow this time around. Plan my Forth to be White Lemon I like to bend over my main stems and SCROG them, fill all my space with as my laterals as possible to allow for an even canopy. After 3 weeks of flower I like to lollipop them, keep a foot from the top node and everything else gets stipped away. Lower canopy is not needed, thus why this is done to allow the plant to concentrate on producing big buds at the top. I use a TurboKlone to make cuttings. Super Critical takes 21 days to root and only makes root nubs. White Rhino takes 9 days to get full on roots. They say White Lemon takes 4 days, can't wait to try I'll keep posting updates...
  4. Alfie Noakes

    auto ak47

    From the album: White box LED Autos

    70 day. UFO LED in a white box
  5. Alfie Noakes

    Auto AK47

    From the album: White box LED Autos

    70 day. UFO LED in a white box
  6. Hi I'd like to Wecome new Strain in our collection. Auto Skunk Genetics: Skunk x Ruderalis (feminised) | 60% indica - 30% sativa - 10% ruderalis Height: 90-120 cm total height. Large, tall plant with internodes averaging between 8 and 12 cm. Flowering Indoor: 7 weeks flowering time with a yield up to 0.8 gram (dry and manicured) per watt per m2 (with 1000W HPS). 9 weeks total crop time. Let's start... Stage 1: Day 7 (Seedling) Plain water in soil under 4 pins neons 110W 6500K color... Click on Pic to ZoOm:-)
  7. Hola gente para los que ya vieron mis preguntontas en la sección de presentación les pido paciencia y al resto lo mismo jejeje. Les cuento ya devuelta en mi hermosa Argentina y con un variado grupo de semillas: 1x Hawaian Snow (Green Seeds)2x Super Lemon Haze (Green Seeds)2x Amnezia Haze (Royal Quenn Seeds)3x Dark Devil - Autoflorecientes (Sweet Seeds)4x Mix de indicas (Green House Seeds) Para arrancar y teniendo en cuenta que estamos a días de llegar a Agosto (Todavia es demasiado pronto para tirar las Super Lemon y las Amnezia por el frio y la falta de sol) quería empezar a experimentar con una autofloreciente (Dark Devil). Queria saber que recomendaciones podrian darme para empezar desde que tipos de germinacion, tierra a usar, macetas, etc. Obviamente todo progreso que vaya haciendo lo voy a ir subiendo. Preguntas: Es recomendable transplantar de macetas pequeñas a mas grandes las autoflorecientes? Saludos! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9/08 Bueno siguiendo las instrucciones (http://goo.gl/pezJBa) que dejan en la pagina de GHS germine mi semilla. Primero la puse a flotar 30 min en un vaso de agua y luego la guarde entre dos pedazos de servilletas húmedas (no muy mojadas) en un "tupper" pequeño que guarde dentro de mi CPU donde había calor y oscuridad. 11/08 La semilla ya germino como pueden ver y la puse en su maceta. Le puse un papel film para que mantenga humedad hasta que comience a salir a la superficie (especialmente porque estos días esta haciendo frió) (Perdon la calidad de las fotos pero estas salieron con el celular porque mi hermano tiene mi camara) 15/08 Despues de pasar por malos momentos con el asesinato a hocico armado de Galatea por parte de mi perro y mi inexperiencia que hongie toda mi pobre Nymeria vuelve con toda la fuerza y mostrando que la tercera la vencida Ruperta! Asi que acá está primero nos asusto un poco porque no se abrían los cotiledones y no queriamos romperlo nosotros. Pd: Perdon la HORRIBLE calidad de las fotos prometo sacar mejores cuando recupere mi camara 17/08 Se puede ver como aun sin abrir los cotiledones la primer hojita ya queria escapar! 18/08 Ya con los cotiledones abiertos (por sus propios medios) empieza a abrirse y darle espacio a las primeras hojas 26/08 Despues de una semana de sol radiante y una temperatura completamente extraña para agosto (aproximadamente 19 grados todos los dias) se noto como Ruperta crecio. Ademas de mucho sol le damos un soporte de 18hrs a 01am con una lampara de 105w de bajo consumo y luz calida (Equivalente a 500w). PD: La luz como esta en esa foto es solo una muestra para que vean cual era, no se encuentra a esa distancia, la mantememos a una distancia aproximadamente de 15cm y estamos pensando en hacer una pantalla cacera para ayudarla mas. (Estariamos ahciendo un outdorr y robando cositas del indoor ) De mas esta decir es que CUALQUIER dato/recomendacion/critica sera bien recibida ya que somos unos completos principiantes en el tema. 09/09 Ahi va esta empezando a agrandar las hojasss! 11/09 Se empiezan a poner pesadas las hojas, esta con mucha fuerza 15/09 Recibiendo toda la energia de la semana soleada Ya pusimos la primer Super Lemon Haze mientras esperamos las kalashnikova, les voy dejando las fotos 18/09 Una de las fotos de noche, quiere crecer esta imparable. Tambien de la bebé 23/09 Mirenlaa, tirando sexo en la segunda foto. Galatea. 26/09 Ruperta (Dark Devil) El sol de la mañana la despertó con toda Alguien me explica que son esos "pelos" violetas? Por la noche Galatea (Super Lemon Haze) 30/09 Creo que ya empezó a florar, igual se nota que sigue creciendo miren como ya alcanzo la luz! Mirennn los colores que va tomando! Las dos juntas, hoy toco dia nublado asi que mejor que aprovechen bien la luz
  8. Some weeks ago I started my 2014 winter garden. Im using a GrowLab GL145 145x145x200cm tent, 4 x 20L DWC Buckets and 2 HPS lights
  9. Hi Hunters This thread is under construction! Just wanted to throw something up, as I keep putting it off, so many things to do. I will tidy this up tomorrow! Strains 1 x Sugar Gom - Grass-O-Matic 1 x Auto Bomb - Green House Seed Company 1 x Blue Mazzar - Dutch Passion 1 x Massive Midget - Heavy Weight Seeds Equipment & Other Sundries 2 x 185Wactual draw LED1 x 150W actual draw LED Rhino FilterVente accoustic temperature controlled fan upto 400m3 per hourHeated propagator12V intake fan17cm oscillating clip on, air movement fanBluelab Truncheon EC/TDS/PPM meterPH penHomemade Accoustic fan box1m silencerInsulated wallsRootit spongesDigital & mechanical timersSurge protected Extension gang for LED lightsThermometer & Humidty meterRoot growTM Mycorrhizal FungiMaxicrop - Seaweed – Plant growth stimulantBiobizz – Bio-Grow & Bio-Bloom & TopMax (fish mix & Bio-Heaven on order)Molasses - Black StrapBioBizz Lite Mix & Biobizz All MixPerliteHydroton –Clay pebblesDia Hydro - Diatomaceous Earth GranulesThe Cab Dimensions – H 200cm x L 106cm x W 53cmInsulated walls – Insulation for laminate floors usedUnder cab insulation – Lag jacket sections usedUnder cab waterproofed – Gutter repair rubberised compoundUnder cab additional insulation – Plastic coated ripstop radiator foilDoors additional insulation – Plastic coated ripstop radiator foilLight baffled intake fan – louvered vent cover – black pond filter media – cowled intake coverLight baffled doors – internal wooden baffle lip & E-profile rubber draft excluderLocks – 2 x mini bolts & 1 x star boltLED Lights Specifications 2 x Elitegrow Pro 200 (180W actual draw)11 Wavelengths inc IR & UVDiamond LensesBrigelux & Epistar diodes3W single chip diodes90o Lenses2 x 120mm cooling fansSwitchable modes – Vegetative/Flower/Full Spectrum11 Wavelengths of Color Output: 760nm, 740nm, 720nm, 660nm, 630nm, 615nm-480nm, 460nm, 440nm, 415nm, 380nmLED Quantity = 100Total power draw 185W (When using Full Spectrum)Dimensions – H 70mm x W 210mm x L 480mmTotal coverage 90cm x 105cm (Veg)Core coverage 75cm x 90cm (Flower) 1 x Vipar B2X3 (150W actual draw)5 wavelengths Blue(440nm/460nm), Red(630nm/660nm) & White(3000K)Secondary lenses80o LensesSwitchable modes 3 or 6 light modules on/off2x 120mm cooling fans Some pics, I appologise for the quality! I am no Photograoher. Peace Brothers Lams
  10. High together, I want to welcome you to my Autoflowering Grow Journal. After my White Widow (GHSC) harvest and drying procedure I put 3 Kalashnikova Auto seeds to germinate. Today the 3 seeds where put in soil, after germinating them with the Greenhouse method. (soak for 24h, then put on wet toiletpaper for 24h) The top of the pots where covered with plastic foil to create a humid enviroment. (initial root lengths when planted: about 4mm) The first medium I am using for my seeds is a premixed soil mix with perlite and low nutrition made by "ASB GREENWORLD". [N:150-500 mg/L,P2O5: 40-300 mg/L, K2O: 50-400 mg/L] My Kalashnikovas will recieve Greenhouse Powder Feeding when first growing stage is over (i guess in about 3 weeks) Everybody starts their Journals with some nice pics, right now I havent got any but will ad them soon when the babys sprout. All of us just have to be a bit patient untill we can see our babys.
  11. hi guys, I will soon be uploading a video of my present grow. 8 autos from Sweet Seeds - 5 Dark Devil(wonderful plant, with purple buds of various shades depending on the phenotype, and Creme Caramel, a delightful plant to grow and smoke. Will be up as soon as I can. Then , after the present grow, a white lemon and Flower Bomb Kush grow as promised. thanks to all, and hello to all my friends here, john
  12. Stunting Super Auto's for small spaces. Advice on growing the Super Auto "Ogre" from Lowryder's Joint Doctor :- The amount of growth and yields produced in so little time makes OGRE one of the fastest high yielding plants in the world. Indoor in soil plants require 1 gallon pots to start, sex will show between day 17-21, transplant to 3-5 gallons until harvest. Outdoor start plants outside in a greenhouse or similar in 2 gallon pots, after sexing transplant into 5+gallon pots or directly into prepared soil beds, harvest at 65-70 days. Pretty much What the guy in the video said. Peace Lams
  13. From the album: Autoflower's

    Nefertiti (Black widow x White widow) autoflower grown under the sun with a little bit of extra food.

    © Dutchdane/99seeds

  14. Hello Strain Hunters, First of all id like to thank all at the GHSC for this second installment of the greatest cup ever conceived! Thanks x This thread is for discussing the upcoming Auto-flowering Cup! If your as excited as me then you'll wanna talk about it, sorry mods you can delete if necessary I must state that THIS IS NOT A SIGN UP THREAD so please keep the chatter about the cup and not a mad rush of registration attempts, thanks Anyway, onward with the games!! I guess the burning question is...what seeds are gonna be available? Greenomatic? Auto Bomb? Kalashnikova Auto? Sweet mango auto? NL auto? Super critical auto? Oh my god I'm in heaven.... Lets play!
  15. Day One Kalashnikova Automatic (Feminised) = Greenomatic (Ruderalis x Moroccan x White Dwarf x Low Rider) X Kalashnikova (AK-47 x White Widow) - Sounds promising. Indoor - 7 weeks flowering time with a yield up to 800gr/sqm. Can be flowered at 18 or 12 hours photoperiod. 9 weeks total crop time. Hi Strainhunters, I have got some room coming up this week under the light, so i am not going to waste it. I have gratefully received some Kalashnikova Autoflower seeds Which will be fed with Short flowering Powderfeed from start to finish. This will be my third attempt at growing autoflowers, the first time with Greenhouse Auto genetics, previously i have grown Think Differnt from Dutch Passion and Northen lights Auto from Royal Queen seeds. So will be happy to see how they compare. I will be using one of my trusty HPS 400w lights on a 12/12 light schedule.i have previously been growing them on 18/6 for two weeks then 12/12 on my previous two attempts. I am changing this time as i want to keep my electricity bills down, and if i have the light on 12/12 constantly, So I can grow a wider range of varieties, auto and feminised, all on a 12/12 schedule from start to finish.This will be my last indoor grow till August/September as I hope to start outdoors on the 1st May if spring ever arrives this year. Free light always a bonus and with a decent summer can get some good results outdoor. I will start my plants in small 2 litre pots then transplant them after a week to 10 days into 11 litre pots where they will stay for 9-10 weeks.I will fill the pots with my usual soil easymix from the local grow shop,then add clay pebbles when I come to repot them. I will start by filling the pots with soil, I will then drop the seed in a 1cm deep hole I have made,cover gently, I then give the soil a light watering with warm tap water over the seed, cover with a sprinkly of soil, mist that with tap water, I will then put them in a dark cupboard and wait patiently. i have only failed once using this method and that was my first attempt ever. So away we grow. Thanks Greenhouse
  16. antes que nada, quiero agradecer a la famila de green house por seguir brindandose a todos nosotros con esta trilogia fenomenal que han organizado, esperando poder estar al nivel de las exigencias. first of all, I thank helps the family of green house brindandose to follow all of us with this phenomenal trilogy organized, hoping to keep up with the demands. hace tiempo que quiero empezar este seguimiento pero no podia organizarme, pero que mejor fecha que esta para hacerlo time ago I wanted to start this track but could not get organized, but what better day than this date to start this track hoy 4 20, EL DIA ideal para rendir ofrenda a esta maravillosa planta que tantos momentos grantos nos brinda Today April 20, ideal for yield DAY offering this wonderful plant that gives us so many pleasant moments bueno, sin mas preambulos, comenzare por explicar basicamente las caracteristicas que llevara este seguimiento. Well, without further ado, I'll start by explaining basically the features that take this track. por falta de espacio y dado el corto periodo de cultivo de este tipo de geneticas, ire colocando 4 semillas por tanda. for lack of space and given the short period of cultivation of this type of genetic, ire placing 4 seeds per batch. de esta forma seran 2 tandas de 4 y una de 2 terminando, si los calculos no me fallan, para fines de septiembre, justo para la finalizacion del concurso. in this way will be two sets of four and one set of two, if the calculations do not fail me to late September, just for the completion of the contest. se germinaran en un recipiente con servilletas humedas entre dos fuentes de calor (modem y conversor dtv) will germinate in a container with wet napkins between two heat sources (modem and dtv converter) luego seran colocadas directamente en macetas de 3,7lts y sustrato compuesto por 50% tierra negra, 15% perlita, 15% vermiculita, 15% humus de lombriz y 5% cenizas de hueso. then will be placed directly into 3.7 liter pots and substrate composed of 50% black soil, 15% perlite, 15% vermiculite, 15% worm castings, and 5% bone ash. todo esto bajo la calidez de una lampara de alta precion de sodio de 400W all under the warmth of a high precione lamp 400W sodium bueno, esto es todo hasta aqui con las caracteristicas tecnicas, de esta forma dare comienzo con lo mas interesante...las imagenes. well, this is all up to here with technical features, thus give you start with the most interesting ... images. espero sean de su agrado y que con el correr de los dias empiecen a salir mejor. I hope you enjoy them and that over the days begin to do better. Las semas: Germinacion: Buenos, hasta aqui llegare por hoy, nos vemos la proxima!!!! Good, up here cometh for today, see you next time!!
  17. Hi guys, Just wanted some answers to two questions. It is almost the middle of winter here in oz and i am on the east coast near the beach and we dont get frosts. It can get down to 8 deg c or so at night or about your 50 f. If i germ autos indoors can i take them out and use the sun as they have no photoperiod? Also the other question is if i buy 10 reg seeds and get half males and if i pick the most robust one if it pollinates the girls will they also be autos? that way i can stagger plant every two weeks or so for a small perpetual grow in my yard from the new seed and just les as i will have heaps of seed..... I am a bit stoned so i hope you guys understand me lol. Just dont want to wait till the end of summer in 9 months lol... And i wont buy fem autos as i dont have funds just to have one go and not get a clone etc... cheers guys please help
  18. Hello all, this is my first time writing something here in Strain Hunters! I wanted to share here the journal of my five Barney's Pineapple Express feminized auto and three Royal Queen's Amnesia Haze feminized autos. I have put them in water 5 days ago, now most have sprouted. Still waiting for three. I have some experience in growing but mostly indoors. This time I want to use the sun. I have chosen autos because I am looking for a quick harvest, hopefully the PinEx will be ready in 65 days and the AmHaze in 80. They are in pots that range from 5-11 liters, I want to do an experience with the different sizes to see if the ones in smaller ones actually get ready quicker. I will also try to top some so I can get 2 or 4 tops. Some I will leave as a single cola so it goes faster too and as an experiment. Any advices here would be welcome. Anyway I will wait for the third knot to do any topping, something I once heard and suppose is good to the plant. I am also sharing so I can get tips and hear what you guys have to say. Hopefully they will become beautiful plants! Thank you all, peace and toke on! A music to wish a good vibes to my plants:
  19. hey guys, i received my free package from the greenhouse, for the auto flowering world cup. and going to start my journal today. here are some pics from the goodies i received from greenhouse and some pics of the start of my first auto strain ever.
  20. Friar Tucker

    Jock Horror

    From the album: One Green Thumb & One Middle Finger

    My first Attempt at growing autos

    © Friar Tucker

  21. Well im just asking about my TDs. They are about 4 and a half week old and they are doing pretty good. Im wondering 2 things : Should i start useing my BioBloom now? I havent been using any grow stimulates exept root grow. Does it affect the taste and does it make a big difference? And Secondly if you look at the plants bottom they are pretty naked trimmed. My m8 trimmed them down and im not sure was it good. What you think? Im growing in a small closet with 250w hps and a 15w led is coming tomorrow to give them some red and blue spectrum. They are growing ina special soil/vermiculite mix and the ph has been steady 6.4 the whole grow. The temperatures have been a bit high 25-26 C but they are still growin pretty good in my perspective. Im a Virgin grower so any advice and comments will be appreciated. just dont be 2 harsh. And if some1 can give me any picture about the yield i might get i would be very thankful. i kinda need to know how much i get so i can plan the The Festival Season properly
  22. Hi Guys & Girls, time for my first journal. In the moment i have 25 seeds growing in my green house, you can see the description on first picture, is a lot of work talk about 25 strains, so i'll do the journal about my old strain is a Big Bang Auto(GHSC), i use an Nutriculture Aeroponic System and for feeding i use Advanced Hydroponics of Holland. Today is 20th day... Peace my friends enjoy the pics Tuga_Farmer
  23. Hi , this is my first post in this forum. This is my sweet creature, is planted 3 week ago I have use : NL auto Green House Seed lamp 400w hps water rain extracting machine fan Now Lamp work to 18/6 hour
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