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  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
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  1. Greetings grass people! I come to share with you this experience My Equipment A Box - 90x60x180 Air - Intra: Passive - Extra: Systemair Gas Sileo RvK 125 L1 323M³/H - Fac: ProActiv Carbon Filter - 125mm 400m3h - Ducting: Sono - Fan x2: Clip on Light SANlight Q-Series & Flex-Series Substrate/Grow - Probaly Light mix (plagron) + Perlite 50% (plagron) In Auto Pot 8L Fertilizer - Starter Kit (Bio Feeding) Gadgets - Hygrometer - Autonomous smoke detector and alarm - Fire extinguisher - Heater (wall poster 500watts) Variety Chemical Bride The chemical bride is a combination of our old time Classic Chemdog genetic from Greenhouse Seeds, with our selection of one of the big boomer in america from Seedjunky, the Wedding cake. The result is an amazingly compact flower production covered in glittering trichomes all over the surface and down to the leaves. The plant will not stretch a lot once switched into flower, it will grow in a bushy shape with strong secondary branches and short internodal length, a nice dark forest green often happens on the leaves like its father the Chemdog can have. The smell/taste of the Chemical Bride is a complex mix of both parents, with a strong creamy note coming to you first inherited by the chemdog and increased by the Wedding cake’s creaminess, then followed by some sour/gazy tones almost like a kind of OG smell, and finishing with a light earthiness that makes it an amazing strain for the palate. The effects of the flowers are very body relaxing and will last for quite a while, it will not produce a couchlock effect but more like a floating sensation where the body relaxes but the mind still works perfectly. A great smoke for creative/active people. Let us return immediately in the heart of the subject Germination (Humidified cotton) 2 seeds Hoping that my English is correct, I will make an effort! I already had the opportunity to try 2 strains from Green House, the Deep Candy (CBD) and the King's Juice, so it's only natural that I come to share that here too! [Deep Candy] [King's Juice] I will try to make a minimum of one update per week, just to see the evolution of the plants. I wish you a nice day, and don't hesitate if you have any questions or things to teach me, StrangleThorns.
  2. Comenzando a testear las nuevas geneticas desde Uruguay! Somos una pareja de autocultivadores en indoor. En este caso vamos a testear tres geneticas de Green House Seeds, una de ellas no ah brotado asi que preferimos volver a germinarla, de todas maneras la pusimos en tierra a ver si decide nacer igual Comenzando a germinar, a 48 horas de colocarlas en papel de cocina humedo ya comenzaron a brotar, nosotros preferimos dejarlas 24 hs mas para que crezca un poco mas la raiz y luego pasar a sembrarla. Como se puede apreciar la Lost Pearl aun no ah brotado por lo tanto decidimos dejar 48 hs mas y a tierra a ver que sucede... - K I N G ' S J U I C E - - C H E M I C A L B R I D E -
  3. Hello folks I have grown for around 14years starting with the HPS and last few years has been with quantum boards with the LM301h.Iam now testing a bunch of new stuff and would love to hear if you guys have any mthing you want to see tested I have made a new grow room and got a beautiful light to fully cover the growing space and give a perfectly even ppfd for optimum SCROG canopy. The light is dimmable and at 100% runs at 750w, but in this room will be run 30-60%. The room is a small hobby 110cm x 130cm and everything painted with polyurethane. I have been waiting for a delivery for the last polyurethane (as the store had run out) so I apologize for the bad position of the plants in the photos - they will be moved and the big Blueberry OG moved under a SCROG in the back. And in the front 8-12plants of different strains (we will see how fast the growth is and how many plants will be needed to fill the canopy). Currently we are in veg week 2 and will be vegged another week. Total 21days from seed to start flower. The growing media is biobizz light mix and fed with greenhouse seeds powder feeding and abit of supplements Any questions or suggestions I would love to answer. And only left to say is thank you for your attention and lets see how this goes together
  4. Hey'all! It's been a while. A long while. But i'm back at it! Finally! So: I've been long debating with friends (i guess we all do) about whether a plant would survive a 24/0 schedule, hence a 24 hours of light and no time for a nap. We all know where this discussion goes: "YES it's possible! NO it's not! It's not natural! But automatics!!" It's an endless cycle of despair, and nobody has a true, definitive answer to the question. Now, i know many people have done this before, and yes, i'm very aware of my economical expendancies, thank you. All i want to do is see it with my own eyes. Will the plant suffer because of a constant 24 hours schedule? Possibly. I want to see that. And if it doesn't, then it'll be just a big plus for me. Will the plant go hermie on me, because of light stress? Who knows! I'm here to learn. So here i am, drinking a cola, dirtying my hands, gluing soundproof panels to the walls. It took me a while, but hey, look at the results! Soundproofing the whole room took me exactly 145 50x50cm panels, by the cost of 4 euros each, hence a grand total of 580 euros. I've also boxed the extractors. Covered the lower one with panels as i didn't want to do occult ads, hehe. The boxes are inner-covered with soundproof panels as well. Noise inside the room, and Noise outside the room I've also decided to freshen my light rack. I'm using a good old shitty 65W Cob lamp, and in late flowering i'm going to add a couple extrashitty ufos, 9W each, just to add some colors to the white, dead spectrum of the COB. Some blurple can't hurt, amirite? For this run, i chose a Northern Lights (Feminized), and the schedule i'm gonna run on her is gonna be a 24/0 in the 2 first weeks of the VEG phase. If the extra light theory works, then that should definitely save me some time. Why did i choose a NL? Well, it's a pretty easy strain to grow, and responds well to techniques and stress. The whole idea of this grow is to be experimental, not professional. Gonna use a 1Gallon (3.8 Lt) pot for this run. Small, compact, practical. Like a chocolate bar. Strain Date Week Phase Light Height L2 L2 Watts PH Nutes Action Action 2 Northern Lights 30/12/20 0 Germination 24/0 110 cm COB 65W 6,5 N/A N/A 31/12/20 0 Germination 24/0 110 cm COB 65W 01/01/21 0 Germination 24/0 110 cm COB 65W 02/01/21 0 Germination 24/0 80cm COB 65W N/A 50ml Water 03/01/21 0 Germination 24/0 80cm COB 65W 04/01/21 0 Germination 24/0 80cm COB 65W 05/01/21 1 Vegetative 24/0 60 cm COB 65W 6,5 12g VEG 100ml Water 06/01/21 1 Vegetative 24/0 60 cm COB 65W 07/01/21 1 Vegetative 24/0 60 cm COB 65W 08/01/21 1 Vegetative 24/0 60 cm COB 65W 100ml Water 09/01/21 1 Vegetative 24/0 60 cm COB 65W 10/01/21 1 Vegetative 24/0 60 cm COB 65W 11/01/21 1 Vegetative 24/0 60 cm COB 65W 12/01/21 2 Vegetative 24/0 60 cm COB 65W 6,5 6G Boost 150ml Water 13/01/21 2 Vegetative 24/0 60 cm COB 65W 14/01/21 2 Vegetative 24/0 60 cm COB 65W 15/01/21 2 Vegetative 24/0 60 cm COB 65W 16/01/21 2 Vegetative 24/0 60 cm COB 65W 250ml Water Lower Defoliage 17/01/21 2 Vegetative 24/0 60 cm COB 65W 18/01/21 2 Vegetative 24/0 60 cm COB 65W 19/01/21 3 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 6,5 12g FLO 500ml water 20/01/21 3 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 21/01/21 3 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 22/01/21 3 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 500ml water 23/01/21 3 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 24/01/21 3 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 25/01/21 3 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 26/01/21 4 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 6,5 6G Boost 750ml water 27/01/21 4 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 28/01/21 4 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 29/01/21 4 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 30/01/21 4 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 750ml water 31/01/21 4 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 01/02/21 4 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 02/02/21 5 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 6,4 1L water 03/02/21 5 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 04/02/21 5 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 05/02/21 5 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 1L water 06/02/21 5 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 07/02/21 5 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 08/02/21 5 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 09/02/21 6 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 6,4 6G Boost 1L water 10/02/21 6 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 11/02/21 6 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 12/02/21 6 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 13/02/21 6 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 1L water 14/02/21 6 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W Minor Defoliage 15/02/21 6 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 16/02/21 7 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 6,3 1L water 17/02/21 7 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 18/02/21 7 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 19/02/21 7 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 20/02/21 7 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 1L water 21/02/21 7 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 22/02/21 7 Flowering 12D12N 45 cm COB 65W 23/02/21 8 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 6,3 6G Boost 1L water 24/02/21 8 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 25/02/21 8 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 26/02/21 8 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 1L water 27/02/21 8 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 28/02/21 8 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 01/03/21 8 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 02/03/21 9 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 6,2 1L water 03/03/21 9 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 04/03/21 9 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 05/03/21 9 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 06/03/21 9 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 1.25L water 07/03/21 9 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 08/03/21 9 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 09/03/21 10 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 6,2 6G Boost 1.5L water 10/03/21 10 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 11/03/21 10 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W Major Defoliage 12/03/21 10 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 2L water 13/03/21 10 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 14/03/21 10 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 15/03/21 10 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 16/03/21 11 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 6,2 3L Water 17/03/21 11 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 18/03/21 11 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 19/03/21 11 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 4L Water 20/03/21 11 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 21/03/21 11 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 22/03/21 11 Flowering 12D12N 40 cm COB + UFOs 83W 23/03/21 HRV Harvest 0/24 24/03/21 DRY Drying 0/24 25/03/21 DRY Drying 0/24 26/03/21 DRY Drying 0/24 27/03/21 DRY Drying 0/24 28/03/21 DRY Drying 0/24 29/03/21 DRY Drying 0/24 30/03/21 DRY Drying 0/24 31/03/21 CURE Jar Curing 15m Air 01/04/21 CURE Jar Curing 15m Air 02/04/21 CURE Jar Curing 15m Air 03/04/21 CURE Jar Curing 15m Air 04/04/21 CURE Jar Curing 15m Air 05/04/21 CURE Jar Curing 15m Air 06/04/21 CURE Jar Curing 15m Air 07/04/21 CURE Jar Curing 10m Air 08/04/21 CURE Jar Curing 10m Air 09/04/21 CURE Jar Curing 10m Air 10/04/21 CURE Jar Curing 10m Air 11/04/21 CURE Jar Curing 10m Air 12/04/21 CURE Jar Curing 10m Air 13/04/21 CURE Jar Curing 10m Air 14/04/21 TEST So this is it, for now. I'll post the next update in a few days, with the lowered rack and the fantastic Green House Seeds fertilizers are pumped in. Until then.. Peace! Oh, and happy new year!
  5. So. It is finally time to start this new year with a decent grow journal. Thanking GreenHouseSeeds for giving me this amazing opportunity to test out their WhiteRhino strain, and their Bio Feeding Line of powder nutrients. As mentioned in the inscription post, this will be my equipment: - 4x 6500K 35W LED - 4x Full Spectrum 45W LED - The GreenHouseSeed bank BIO Feeding Line - A 60x60x170 SecretJardin Grow Tent - Airflow with one small fan, and 2 filtered extractors (IN and OUT) for 108m3/h. - 2 initial WhiteRhino seeds, 1 will be chosen and brought to flowering. - Pot sizes, varying from 1L, to 6L, to 11L, to 18L. - A scrog net (this will be my first scrog attempt, please be merciful) - A lot of love and joy doing this. And duct tape. And beer. I plan to increase light power with the increased growth. - 1° Week 70W - 2° Week 105W - 3°-5° Week 140W - 6°-7 Week 140W + 45W FS - 8°-12° Week 140W + 90W FS - Remaining Weeks at Maxium Light Output (140W + 180W FS) With this i want to simulate the increased output of the sun, transitioning from spring, to summer. At the end of Week 7 i'll perform the switch to 12-12. I also plan to feed the girls 6 weeks for VEG, and 8 Weeks for Bloom. I'll start feeding at week 4, when i transplant from 6L to the final pot (which i still need to decide between 11 and 18L). This is the current plan for the grow, that WILL be revised as i go on. I'm sharing it just to give an idea. Date Phase Week Grow Feeding Bloom Feeding Light Power Light Schedule GERM 18 – 6 | 5.30 – 23.30 GERM 12 – 12 | 7.00 – 19.00 GERM GERM 07/01/18 GERM 0 1/8 /Lt Soil 90W 6500k 18 – 6 08/01/18 GERM 09/01/18 GERM 10/01/18 GERM 11/01/18 GERM 12/01/18 GROW 13/01/18 GROW 14/01/18 GROW 1 ¼ /Lt Soil 90W 6500k 18 – 6 15/01/18 GROW 16/01/18 GROW 17/01/18 GROW 18/01/18 GROW 19/01/18 GROW 20/01/18 GROW 21/01/18 GROW 2 ¼ /Lt Soil 135W 6500k 18 – 6 22/01/18 GROW 23/01/18 GROW 24/01/18 GROW 25/01/18 GROW 26/01/18 GROW 27/01/18 GROW 28/01/18 GROW 3 ¼ /Lt Soil 135W 6500k 18 – 6 29/01/18 GROW 30/01/18 GROW 31/01/18 GROW 01/02/18 GROW 02/02/18 GROW 03/02/18 GROW 04/02/18 TRAPIANTO 4 2G/LT Substrate 180W 6500k 18 – 6 05/02/18 GROW 06/02/18 GROW 07/02/18 GROW 08/02/18 GROW 09/02/18 GROW 10/02/18 GROW 11/02/18 GROW 5 ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k 18 – 6 12/02/18 GROW 13/02/18 GROW 14/02/18 GROW 15/02/18 GROW 16/02/18 GROW 17/02/18 GROW 18/02/18 GROW 6 ¼ /Lt Soil + 0.5g /Lt Enhancer/ Soil 180W 6500k 18 – 6 19/02/18 GROW 20/02/18 GROW 21/02/18 GROW 22/02/18 GROW 23/02/18 GROW 24/02/18 GROW 25/02/18 GROW 7 ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k 18 – 6 26/02/18 GROW 27/02/18 GROW 28/02/18 GROW 01/03/18 GROW 02/03/18 GROW 03/03/18 GROW 04/03/18 BLOOM 8 - 1 ¼ /Lt Soil + 0.5g /Lt Enhancer/ Soil 180W 6500k + 35W FS 18 – 6 05/03/18 BLOOM 06/03/18 BLOOM 07/03/18 BLOOM 08/03/18 BLOOM 09/03/18 BLOOM 10/03/18 BLOOM 11/03/18 BLOOM 9 - 2 ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k + 35W FS 18 – 6 12/03/18 BLOOM 13/03/18 BLOOM 14/03/18 BLOOM 15/03/18 BLOOM 16/03/18 BLOOM 17/03/18 BLOOM 18/03/18 BLOOM 10 - 3 ¼ /Lt Soil + 0.5g /Lt Enhancer/ Soil 180W 6500k + 70W FS 18 – 6 19/03/18 BLOOM 20/03/18 BLOOM 21/03/18 BLOOM 22/03/18 BLOOM 23/03/18 BLOOM 24/03/18 BLOOM 25/03/18 BLOOM 11 - 4 ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k + 70W FS 18 – 6 26/03/18 BLOOM 27/03/18 BLOOM 28/03/18 BLOOM 29/03/18 BLOOM 30/03/18 BLOOM 31/03/18 TRAPIANTO 3G / LT Substrate 01/04/18 BLOOM 12 – 5 180W 6500k + 70W FS 12 – 12 02/04/18 BLOOM 03/04/18 BLOOM 04/04/18 BLOOM 05/04/18 BLOOM 06/04/18 BLOOM 07/04/18 BLOOM 08/04/18 BLOOM 13 – 6 ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k + 70W FS 12 – 12 09/04/18 BLOOM 10/04/18 BLOOM 11/04/18 BLOOM 12/04/18 BLOOM 13/04/18 BLOOM 14/04/18 BLOOM 15/04/18 BLOOM 14 – 7 ¼ /Lt Soil + 0.5g /Lt Enhancer/ Soil 180W 6500k + 70W FS 12 – 12 16/04/18 BLOOM 17/04/18 BLOOM 18/04/18 BLOOM 19/04/18 BLOOM 20/04/18 BLOOM 21/04/18 BLOOM 22/04/18 BLOOM 15 – 8 ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k + 70W FS 12 – 12 23/04/18 BLOOM 24/04/18 BLOOM 25/04/18 BLOOM 26/04/18 BLOOM 27/04/18 BLOOM 28/04/18 BLOOM 29/04/18 BLOOM 16 – 9 ¼ /Lt Soil + 0.5g /Lt Enhancer/ Soil 180W 6500k + 105W FS 12 – 12 30/04/18 BLOOM 01/05/18 BLOOM 02/05/18 BLOOM 03/05/18 BLOOM 04/05/18 BLOOM 05/05/18 BLOOM 06/05/18 BLOOM 17 – 10 ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k + 105W FS 12 – 12 07/05/18 BLOOM 08/05/18 BLOOM 09/05/18 BLOOM 10/05/18 BLOOM 11/05/18 BLOOM 12/05/18 BLOOM HARVEST 18 - 11 I planned some more weeks for the flowering, just in case the girls decide to keep going a bit longer. I also tried to germinate one seed some days before the new year, but it popped the surface as a dead seed. The root grew (small), but the small plant never got rid of the seed shells (after 14 days). I started 2 new seeds, and am waiting for them to pop the surface. I will decide between the 2, who gets to stay. Below, some pics of the equipment: This is the light rack i've crafted. Pretty basic, huh? Pot sizes AND room space. The little white buddy on the bottom right is the dehumidifier, that will be turned on when i switch to 12-12. A special thanks to GreenHouseSeeds. You guys are amazing. Nothing left to say, till the girls pop the surface. Until then... Peace!
  6. For my grow debut I've popped 5 feminized Laughing Buddha ( Barney's Farm) seeds. This will be a live soil/organic grow. The babes are currently in a closet with a small fan and a T5 Sunblaster. Starting off in Foxfarm's Ocean Forest + Myke Veg & Herb mycorrhizae. Scrambling this week with a long shopping list. Aside from soil base + amendments I have basically no equipment/supplies. Jumping into this head first! Thoughts and prayers appreciated, tips, tricks, and lucky charms also welcome. Below are some pics of my green pets and one unsolicited slipper orchid pushing out two buds. Happy growing
  7. Equipment: Box 60x60x180 cm (0.36m2). Active air output at 100 m3/h. Passive air entry. Blowing air - canal fan at 100 m3/h. Pot - SmartPot 35 liters. Peat pot one litre. Substrate - "Ugro Pure Superior" Water - mineral osmosis 250ppm. Drip watering of my manufacture - tubes 5mm and a tank for 10 liters. Lighting: Collected by me according to my scheme. It includes an aluminum plate with ribs and active cooling - two 120 millimeter coolers (900 rpm), the size of a plate of 12 to 40 centimeters, a thickness of about 2.5 millimeters. Citizen's LED matrix: 3500k (50w); 3000k(50w); 3000k (100w) - all matrix connected to individual drivers from Mean Well - efficiency of about 91-93%. At a distance of 80 centimeters from the plant, the lamp gives about 33,000 lux, the chips are installed 90 degree lenses made of glass. Nutrients: Growth Technology ph down GHE PH UP GHE FloraMicro HW (not SW) GHE FloraGro GHE FloraBloom GHE G.O.Root Plus GHE Bio Bloom GHE Ripen GHE Diamond Nectar GHE Mineral Magic GHE FloraKleen Photo equipment: phopo box with illumination 5500k support tripod camera pentax kx (the second camera) camera pentax kp (main camera) lens smc pentax-DAL f3.5-5.6 18-55mm al ancient lens smc pentax-m f1.7 50mm ancient lens industar 61L/Z f/2.8 50mm + macro rings main lens - pentax HD DA 35mm f/2.8 Maсro Limited polarizing light filter Hoya hd circ Week 1 day/night - 20 /4 Growth - 3 cm pot - 1 L Water (no compote) 5,7 ph - 250 ppm - 23 degrees C. 0.08 L a day day/night temp. - 23.C/23.C 50% humidity distance from lamp to plant - 80 cm no smell Sprouting. Without any locks and other tricks. I take the sieve, I take a non-transparent package of zip-lock, I take two clean cotton discs, wet the discs with clean mineral water, squeeze them to become slightly moist and they do not leak water, put the seed between the discs, all this thing put in an envelope zip-lock and breathe in it with its "carbon" gas, then close the envelope and send to a dry dark place with room temperature 23-24C (in the box For example). Day D Two days of waiting... on the third day of the seed sprouted and showed the spine, it's time to "plant"! In my experience - I make an acceleration of growth, so that I help the plant first of all get rid of the helmet and run on the full processes of photosynthesis (I do not advise you to produce it yourself, if you do not have the experience of "dumping the helmet" because sloppy and inaccurate actions you can harm or worse - to kill the future plant). With the help of two clean "tooth cleaners" carefully remove the helmet from the sprout. Immediately plant it in a peat pot of 1 liter with a "no substrate" substrate, namely "Ugro Pure Superior", which contains 80% pure coconut fiber, 5% perlite, 5% guano bats, 5% endomycosis and 5% biohumus. This substrate contains nutrients that will last for 2 weeks of sprout life, but I'm going to feed the vegetable in the second week of life, and it will be very good to eat! Closer to the third or fourth week, I'll transplant the vegetable into a 30 liter pot "Smart Pot", but for now we are gaining patience and just waiting. Watering the first week i carry out without fertilizer, but well "acidified" water, PH 5.7, PPM 250. Watering, as usual, at the beginning of the light cycle, and the cycle is set to 20/4. DAY 3 DAY 6
  8. Hi Guys, It's been a while since I made a grow journal on the forum , but it feels good to be back. I'm excited to get started with my journal, so I decided to start today despite my current grow having three weeks left. My plan is to pit Sweet Valley Kush against some other kush strains. So I will grow Sweet Valley Kush along side Em-dog , Kosher Kush and Mokum Kush. I will be growing in light mix soil with perlite from my local grow shop, as I like it more than the big brands. The grow will start on my window sill for three weeks, before going under a 250w MH lamp. Once large enough they will be flowered under a 315w CMH lumatek light. I plan to use the powder feed biofeed for my grow. So I have started the seeds in some PH'd water 6.5, which has been aerated to get rid of some chlorine. They will stay there for 36 hours before I place them in soil. So I will be back soon with the next episode.
  9. Hey! Iam in this contest also and iam very excited to grow the Sweet Valley Kush as I love kushes, but have never grown this. The grow is like usual with the greenhouse mineral feeding in veg and flower. Vegging in 1L pots and moved to 6L pots for flowering. Just a peat, compost and coarse vermiculite mix for media in round net pots. (Last few grows have been without the homemade compost, and now I have rats visiting my compost, so iam kinda fearful to see how it will work). Grown under dimmable 220w 3500K COB LEDs. ATM we're in veg week 2 with 8plants under 50w 5000K COB. After this grow is coming a grow with The Doctor, but maybe I have to squeeze a Blueberry OG grow in between..
  10. I am building a custom grow light with wavelength (nm) specific and temperature (K) specific LED lights. Some cobs are 40w, another 120w, another 700w. 1 cob, for example, is 7800ma (34-36v), another 1200ma(30-32v), another 3400ma(34-36v). How do I wire up multiple drivers to power the light as one unit? For example is it simply all drivers in parallel - powerIn--+Driver--+Driver--+Driver--+Driver--powerOut with each driver running it's given lights in parallel? i.e. --/+Driver--+Light--+Light--/+Driver-- Sorry for the poor analogy I am not an electrician or physicist.
  11. So the next flowering cycle is about to start. Same setup as before: 217w COB LED Cree cxa3070 actively cooled 30w circulation fans 40w exhaust fan Growroom 120*110, with 100*100tray Fertilized peat/spagnum mixed with some coarse vermiculite. Fertilizers during flowering will be GHSC powder feeding short flowering and PK booster. Sadly iam out of GHSC BioBloom. The veg cycle was completely organic. They are looking okay as we enter flowering alittle small, but I hope they will fill out their pots. Strangely two plants in back left show leaves clawing. I think this is a mix of too much fluctuations in watering, feeding and too temperatures. This run is very unprofessional with one plant per strain and I just learned 11plants is alittle too much for my lights, but still I will try anyways The strains are: Blue Dream Humboldt Seed organization Blueberry OG Barney's Farm Seeds Godberry Freedom of Seeds Original Amnesia Delicious Seeds Critical Super Silver Haze Critical cheese Dinafem Seeds C99 G13labs Seeds Dinafem Seeds Pineapple Express G13labs Seeds White Rhino Greenhouse Seeds Company Louis' Haze (the Louie's skunk renamed) OG Kush Amsterdam Coffeeshop I had 100%germimation success on the 7freebies from attitude seedbank. Then there is two seeds that have vegged one week longer, I got from a buddy. Two clones have vegged together with those two seeds and these four plants are in 9,8L pots. The 7UFOs are in 6,2L pots and vegged for two weeks. This is part of my hunt for a new strain and only the best will be kept to compete in following grows against 5 different GHSC strains. Along with some test of the organic vs non-organic GHSC feeding. Iam very excited and we have an amazing year ahead of us if all goes as planned.
  12. ¡Hola Amigos! Buenos humos desde Honduras. Hoy amigos, les vengo a consultar sobre los fertilizantes, he estado navegando por la web y me he encontrado varios blogs que aseguran buenas producciones usando leche, jugo de naranja, jugo de lentejas, hasta agua de tabaco como pesticida, ¿alguno de ustedes ha utilizado estos métodos? ¿Cual ha sido su resultado? ¡VALEN MIL!
  13. Hello everybody! / Hola a todos!! Me llamo Gonzalo, de Argentina. Actualmente tengo un indoor de 0,60x0,60x1,20 con un panel led Viparspectra 450W que me acaba de llegar de USA, dentro del mismo tengo varios esquejes femenizados que fui intercambiando y algunos propios. 4 Cream Caramel 1 Banana Kush 1 Lemon Haze 2 Desfran Si bien ya tengo experiencia, sigo siendo un principiante y me gusta ir aprendiendo cosas nueva. Me gustaría ponerme en contacto con otros cultivadores de Argentina, en principio de Capital Federal, para estar en contacto y mas adelante poder intercambiar esquejes o semillas. Saludos a todos
  14. Hi people! Hope you're all doing great. So a couple of months ago I started my first grow of an AutoBomb (64 days) indoor. I've been using a LED panel of 120w (3w leds). Now I think it's close to harvest time. I would like to hear your opinion about it. Probably you'll se the plant and think that it has some weeks till harverst but I'm lacking of time because I'm travelling so I have aproximately 6 days left, maybe 7... Here goes the pictures: So I've been using both Feeding Powder Growing and Short flowering during this grow. Ultimately I've prepared a banana tea with some honey for that extra potasium and sugars boost to increase the buds weight and I'm planning doing it again today. Some thing that concerns me are the size of this buds, altought they are distributed all over the plant they are quite small. Finally, I don't know what caused the purple leaves on the cup of the plant (excuse my english, it's not my first language so I dont know some terminology). Keep doing well!!
  15. Hey hey hey New run of girlies. I met this nice guy Louie at a party and he gave me my first proper dabs. (Dabs are not very common in my country). He gave me three seeds of some dank he had bought some time back. Only one seed popped, so you can imagine i was little nervous that one seed got potted outside and turned out to be female! Happy days, so in the fall i snipped some clones. And now as the green love potion has left the flower room it is time to see how louie's skunk will flower The mother was left outside to see how it would flower. And it seems it will be a ~10weeks flowering period indoor. The growing media is unfertilized peat mixed with coarse vermiculite and worm castings/compost in 20x20cm net pots. The lights are same like before (2x chinese COB LED (cree cxa3070)). The last is a picture of the mother as she looks now - i hope i get some purp on the flowers indoor, but not likely
  16. Hey i have finished moving and after one miserable tent grow i have now setup the new grow room. It is not perfect finish yet, but this will be a test run of the new setup. Especially looking at how i will control the high humidity. The setup is as follows 40w exhaust fan 15w circulation fan X2 110w COB LED X2 The room is covered in panda plastic and is 120cm x 110cm - much like a tent. In this run i will be growing 8x Green Love Potion and 6x White Rhino. The 8GLPs have vegged some time and will get topped multiple times. The 6WRs will hopefully develop one nice cola, kinda SOG, but these clones did very badly and i will see how goes... 12/12 light cycle was initiated 02/09 and i hope to give 8weeks exactly so i can start the next proper SOG grow quickly
  17. Hello Im baaaaack I posted here years back, but lost interest in the forum, but now iam back to chek out this amazing new line of bio ferts from GreenHouseSeedsCompany. Iam doing the entire grow indoors, as the seasons where i live do not allow outdoor growing. Lets get straight to it 15/01 - 16/01 The seeds were put in water, and afterwards put in moistened paper towel in a plastic bag. 18/01 8 of 10 seeds were planted in small pots(0,4L) with peat and perlite. Vegging under "50W" LED and watered with BioBizz RootJuice. 21/01 The 9. seed sprouted and was planted together with her other sisters. 28/01 The 10. seed popped (quite unexpectedly), and was moved from its prison in the papertowel and bag to ontop of my livingroom aquarium (a test of mine, hehe). I plan on flowering her in some kind of DWC bucket or something. That is all for now. The plan is to keep them in the small pots for another week(ish) and then transplant them (not sure if i should transplant to their final flowering pots (9,8L) or i should plan on doing two transplants - what do you guy think?). After transplant they will Veg until ~20th. February we're my flower tent will be emptied, harvested and theese WR babies can move into 12/12 in 9,8L fabric pots probably with peat and perlite. I hope to keep you guys updated weekly until then, and then we will have some real fun together when the flowering starts
  18. Hola chicos espero que no sea tarde para empezar mí diario, eh tenido muchas complicaciones personales y me ha costado mucho volver a estar conectado. El día 19 de Marzo me ah llegado la carta , casualmente el día de mí cumpleaños lo cual me puso muy contento, pero para mí desgracia esa misma noche mí teléfono murió ( una noche difícil), sumado a esto mí Notebook no funciona asique se me hizo imposible tomar fotos y empezar el seguimiento de inmediato. Sin embargo, creo que si ustedes se tomaron el tiempo de enviarme las semillas yo tengo el deber de hacerlo aunque sea 2 semanas después. Espero que lleguen a comprender mí problema, si entro o no en el concurso, a estas alturas es lo de menos. Empecemos con los detalles del cultivo: Darkbox medidas 1 M2 Luminaria Vegetativo: 250w Mercurio Halogenado Luminaria Floración: 250w Sodio x 2 Tamaño contenedor Final:10lts Cantidad de plantas: 6 Medio de cultivo: Sustrato a base de turbas de la línea Groxmix (Terrafertil) con un agregado de dolomita y humus. Fertilizantes : Línea Grotek, Delta9( cannabiogen), microorganismos de la línea humbolds nutrientes (Mycomadness). Aclaración: Me decidí por esta línea ya que en mí país no se consigue el powder feeding Booster PK , por lo que decidí usar solo una misma marca para no tener problema de alimentación. No tengo fotos de la germinación, solo dejo aclarado que el sistema que uso es el tradicional ovni ( adjunto una foto ilustrativa para que lo puedan entender) y previo a esto, coloco las semillas en agua para que se hidraten unas 12/14hs . Todas las semillas germinaron en el mismo lapso de tiempo, tardaron entre 24/36hs en abrirse una vez colocados en el "OVNI". Una vez puestas en su maceta de1lts estuvieron una semana para luego pasar a macetas de 3,5 lts. Aquí ya tengo unas fotos ( disculpen la calidad pero es lo máximo que pude gastar en un teléfono móvil) https://ibb.co/jQGO9x https://ibb.co/eL7fpx https://ibb.co/ngmUhH https://ibb.co/ko7D9x https://ibb.co/ioqdbc https://ibb.co/gu55NH Aquí unas fotos de las White rhinno con 16 días de vegetativo. Bajo una sola lámpara de mercurio halogenado 250w, próximamente sumaré la otra llampara de mercurio, cuando tomen un poco más de tamaño.S apreciar una especie de carencia de nitrógeno debido a la falta del mismo en el sustrato Growmix, por lo que decido añadirle humus de lombriz al sustrato y utilizar una aplicación en riego de humus liquido para solucionar la carencia en un futuro inmediato. https://ibb.co/c55GUx Noto un crecimiento bastante bueno, por la experiencia en cruces con ww , sospecho que voy a necesitar un sistema de tutorado o hacer un scrog para su etapa de floración. Sobre el trayecto voy a ver cuál opción elijo, siempre hago scrog y la experiencia juega a favor, pero el sistema de tutorado es algo interesante que me debo a mi mismo. Me despido por ahora y espero sus comentarios. Saludos a todos y éxitos en sus cultivos !!
  19. This is about Lightimetunnel 3ooWatts topic which is a good way running and it does cheaper than other lights and has high quilty & high technology. dont no how to just post pictures,so here is what i been working on for all to see,this is white blaze with a couple bulbs and roleadro 300W( I actually got two of them) ,i breed and came up with a fire line,still working her want to be right,lmao. these are 56 days into flower,both grown natural,i have a tall pheno and a short one both are very hungry younguns,tester have recorded massive growth threw veg with some of the leafs maxing out with average of 9in leafs and as you can see they dont slow down for a silly flower. she has a sweet smell to her,tast test coming to a store near me soon,lmao This Gold Blaze and Brass Monkey .... I really really like the mini 300Watts stuff.Kinda think it's goonna change to 600W.https://www.amazon.com/Lightimetunnel-Spectrum-Heatproof-Greenhouse-Hydroponic/dp/B01MPY7YC2/ref
  20. Hello to the Green House Seed Co. Crew, Community and all the hard working men and woman of this stoked out industry!! It has been roughly a year since my last journal posted here! This is going to be another fun round! Currently there are two great seeds that were germinated and started! Caboose! This is going to be an organic soil with compost teas for feeding and One being transferred to a solid indoor ebb and flow hydroponic application that is of my own production. Lots of stoke and excitement going on over here and I am very happy and humbled to be able to share my techniques, grows and info to the great community here! Looking forward to bringing this to you with maybe some kool things you have not seen or really payed attention too....? Thanks for taking the time to scope things out! Saludos! MultiTech!
  21. can anyone help me get kush in india not the indian weed but the pure kush strains please !!!!! thankyou
  22. Hi everyone, So, after introducing myself, this will be my first ''official'' post. First of all a background: I acquired 2 Liberty Haze seeds and 2 Purple Kush seeds. I assembled a secret jardin grow room (2 feed large x 3 feet tall) and I purchased the 100w light equipment. After some weeks, when the plants were already popping out, I was submited to surgery and hospitalized. Case to say I'm still recovering but 3 plants died. Miraculously, one LH was still alive and kicking despite her state. I managed to focus all my attention on her. She entered vegetative stage in the beginnings of December. A few days ago I decided to use the space that I have, since that I only have just one vase there, so I went to a store and upgraded the lights to 400w in order to have more yield which was what I intended in the beginning. What happened is that as soon as I did this, the usual stable atmosphere of 25ºC/45% switched to +30ºC/30% or less humidity. I do not have a humidifier here, only a dehumidifier, so the only things I have been doing is sprinkling water on the walls of the tent which grant me some 45% of humidity for some hours, or I heat a pot with water and put inside for a few minutes. I already managed to lower the temperature to what it was when I used the previous light system by purchasing a new fan but what should I do now? In only one night 4 big leaves of my baby already got some scary yellow marks (totally different that in the picture I'm showing you). Should I buy a dehumidifier? Did I stress my plant to much? Should I switch to the 100w lights again and just stick to less yield this time?
  23. Stage 1 Presentation Strain; Exodus Cheese from Green House Seed Co Feeding; Powder Feeding Hybrids from Green House Seed Co Medium; Prostone RFX-1 mix Jiffy Pots Set up; Stewart Grow box for germination. Grow Tent 1,2 GHE Waterfarm x 4 Hailea AC09610 airpump x2 Airstone Golf Ball 50mm x 4 LUMII stucco Reflector x 2 Power Plant Superveg MH 400W x2 Sylvania Grolox HPS 400W x2 Extractor system air UFO 160m3/h Intake fan 125mm 185m3/h x2 Digital PH & EC Meter Advanced Hydroponics ph -Bloom and ph -Vegetation Camera; Samsung ST5000 14,2 Megapixels And who am I? Well I’m Jimmy, a dude how become a member on Strainhunters in the beginning of 2010 and it changes my life forever. This will be my 10th grow/journal here in the forum. The GHSC/Strainhunters team is the most amazing people in the world, and to make a World Cup Cannabis Indoor is awesome. The GHSC team and Strainhunters have give my so much during this years I been a member. So I decided to give back to GHSC and Strainhunters, so I purchased one bag of Powder feeding and 5 seeds of Exodus Cheese. You guys how know me knows that I love Exodus Cheese, it´s a really amazing strain. So let´s start this growth and do one amazing journal for Strainhunters, GHSC and you guys.
  24. Hi guys, how are you? I bought a new growbox (60x40x60cm) to speed up my crops. I put inside a 125w cfl lamp (white veg) and 6 seeds: 2 ZOMBIE KUSH (RS), 2 BUBBA KUSH (GHS and HSO), 1 CHOCOLATE MINT OG (HSO) and 1CRITICAL KUSH (RQS). Now I'm in the 4th week of veg and I've almost finished my last last 3 plants (LEMON OG - Moxie, KOSHER KUSH - Reserva Privada, SUPER LEMON HAZE - GreenHouse Seeds) in the flower growbox (1,2x1,2m). I'd like to take some clones from the new strains and I don't know exactly when is the best moment to do that. Before the switch? After the switch and reveg the clone? I have also to calculate the time the plant uses for root and the days to reach the top of the box (60cm). I thought I can take some clones in the second week of flower and reveg them. (about 15 days to root, 20 days of reveg and then bring again in the flower box).. I appreciate every suggestion!