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  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
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  1. hello Green house cannabis cup contestents and just fans of the site. today i planted 4 GHSC White lemon's, and with that it is time to start my grow journal for the contest. So Below i will give you all the information with regards to my grow / nutrient test i am conducting for my first entry in the cup. For this grow, i will be using a straight Coco medium. No perlite, no vermiculite, no added nutrients to the medium. i am doing this so that the plants will be be responding souly to the nutrients i feed them and nothing else. As i said i planted 4 white lemon seeds today once the seeds pop i will start them on a floresent bulb until they are developed seedlings then slowly introduce them to the MH 400W blub for veg, after a short veg period i will start flowering at which time the MH blub goes back on the shelf and out comes the 400W HPS. a quick list of all the ingredients involed in this grow: 1. 4 GHSC White lemon seed's - free, thank you green house 2. 1 brand new powersun 400W digital ballest , mogel and reflector - 150$ canadian 3. 1 brand new 400W sylvania Metalarc MH blub for veg - 25$ canadian 4. 1 brand new 400W sylvania Lumalux HPS bulb for flowering - free with light kit 5. 4 2 gallon pots to start with catch trays for run off - free with lighting kit 6. coco for medium - so far i have used less then 5$'s worth of a 15$ brick 7. GHSC Powderfeeding Hybrid - free, thanks to green house seed co 8. General hydroponic's Flora nova - free left over from previous grow 9. make shift watering jug - 99 cents total cost for this grow $ 180.99 canadian, mind you i will get many crops out of my ballest and probably 4 - 6 crops out of the bulbs. so let's see what kinda damage i can do. a picture of the free kit i received from green house for entering the contest within the first 300 entries. i don't germinate seeds before planting them i just throw them in the medium about an inch down asshole up and apply water. so for now all i have to share is photo's of my set up but stay tuned as i will be updateing this journal very often, and share loads of pictures. GHSC White lemon not yet ready to come out of its shell but soon enough!!! stay tuned for an update as soon as they pop!
  2. Hello folks I have grown for around 14years starting with the HPS and last few years has been with quantum boards with the LM301h.Iam now testing a bunch of new stuff and would love to hear if you guys have any mthing you want to see tested I have made a new grow room and got a beautiful light to fully cover the growing space and give a perfectly even ppfd for optimum SCROG canopy. The light is dimmable and at 100% runs at 750w, but in this room will be run 30-60%. The room is a small hobby 110cm x 130cm and everything painted with polyurethane. I have been waiting for a delivery for the last polyurethane (as the store had run out) so I apologize for the bad position of the plants in the photos - they will be moved and the big Blueberry OG moved under a SCROG in the back. And in the front 8-12plants of different strains (we will see how fast the growth is and how many plants will be needed to fill the canopy). Currently we are in veg week 2 and will be vegged another week. Total 21days from seed to start flower. The growing media is biobizz light mix and fed with greenhouse seeds powder feeding and abit of supplements Any questions or suggestions I would love to answer. And only left to say is thank you for your attention and lets see how this goes together
  3. Hello friends, Back with a new journal... this time I've experimented some GH Exodus Cheese and also some Bubba Kush. A total of 6 plants in my boxes and used only a 600w HPS and also a 400w HPS (basicaly for the same amount of plants I used 600w more but because it was scheduled during the months of august to mid october I can't ad 600w because the heat inside the box was too high... For nutriment I've choose to work with Greenhouse Powder Feeding Hybrid + Power Feeding Booster... and feel happy of this choice So here we with some pictures from week 1 to week 12... unfortunaly I've lost some of my last pictures (some of the most interesting like the focus on the plant before cut them...) but I think this journal can be interesting anyway. Hope you'll like it ! Cheers & respect ... EVOLUTION6666 PS: I'll post personal comment of my session after the pictures....
  4. Hey guys this is a GHSC run. Four strains, powder feeding and PK booster from the great GHSC. Super Bud Jack Herer Big Bang Super Lemon Haze In 3,6L fabric pots. Unfertilized peat and coarse vermiculite. 40w exhaust fan 15w circulation fan (X2) 8-220w dimmable DIY COB LED (4x citizen clu048 1212). Great new light for some great new strains. This is part of my search for the new favorite strains in my grow room. The big bang and super lemon haze are free promotion seeds and both had bad germination. So instead of the planned 20seedlings only 15popped. So in a panic I cloned my quick flowering mothers and hope to add these clones to the flowering room a week or two later then the seedlings. This is a classic SOG style grow with no veg and many small plants. I hope they will fill out the grow room nicely with many tight colas.
  5. Hi, On this occasion I want to show the grow room of a good friend, whom we will call "Mr.K". He is a modest and reserved person, so then, I will publish his photos and data. Mr.K is a good grower, you will can see him soon :). He use nutrients Powder feeding by Green House feeding. Substrate: Soil Flowerpots: 50 Pot capacity: 7 Liters Medium: Cuttings Variety: Super Critical Light: 4 HPS The vegetative period started on November 7, two weeks are applied for root and plant development. During these weeks, water is applied with the PH regulated to 5.8 and Powder Feeding: Mother Plants The cuttings improve in a few days, they look vigorous and strong. I can see how the roots begin to colonize, little by little. Good nutrition is key, to get quality and fast results. The nutrients must be very assimilable, in this way, the plant can develop quickly. The intention is to make a medium-sized SOG, so do not give too much height to the plants. On November 21, the flowering begins. The light cycle is changed (time) and start watering with Powder Feeding : Short Flowering (orange package). The temperature is 29 ° with light, and 19 ° without light. It is perfect for plants that hate heat jaja This last photo is from December 3rd. In short time, the beautiful part will begins with buds and resin. In short, more photos. Regards
  6. Hi hunters I have finally started, we have 4 little babies making there way to the surface, at the minute 2 have been born to this world as you will see in pics and they were taken yesterday 28th October today abit taller. Im not feeling so good today so gonna make this short will take more pics when other 2 are born. Peace guys.
  7. Hi hunters As promised, something from me. We will start from day 14 from cracking seed, the first pics are up to 2 days before switch. In this grow we use 250w hid bulbs at different times untill switch, a mix of mh and hps however not together. Feeding will be GH powder feeding and pk 13/14. Hope you like the pics.
  8. 25 oct. First 5 seeds out of the packet After 2hrs soak 26 oct. All germinated within 24hrs Filled rockwool with coco and mykos and sowed seed Next step to place cubes in net pots after breaking thru coco Thats it for now, will be back as they say HELLO PEACE HUNTERS
  9. Starting a new grow of 16 Masa Critica BCN. The description raises a lot of hype of high yield with short flowering time but with taste, aroma, and potency. I purchased this strain with the intention of using it in a low clearance for root to fruit, aeroponic, vertical, scrog but decided I would also run some through ahead of time to size it up against with my most successful to date growing method and the BDS Special and Kush plant I've been harvesting with great rewards! Anyway, here is the 1st tote, already starting their week of Veg before flower in their habitat. Already, they're quite healthy with a very short inter-node space. They're a 75/25 Indica dominant Big Bud crossed with Afgani Skunk These plants are currently under a 600w MH being moved there from a table with a 6 bulb T5 seen here: I just finished the other growing chamber this evening so I have the opportunity to show you a little more of how I assemble it. First, this is made of a 27 Gal tote which I purchased in the US at a Home Depot. I modify the top of the tote as seen here: Notice above, the very edge of the lid is black and the majority of the lid is white. As the lid starts out as Yellow, I paint it black to block out light and then paint it white to reflect light and avoid unnecessary thermal energy in my res. I just ran out of white paint for this lid so I'll finish it next cycle. In this design intended for a very short veg period, I have 8 3" net pots with neoprene plugs and two 1 7/8" holes for wires, gauges, air hoses or whatever else I need to pass into the res. I use a basic window and door self adhesive seal found in the weatherization aisle of Home Depot like this one which can be peeled into two separate seals which cover two boxes. It also makes it easier to turn corners without creasing the seal. Notice the light blue mess around the outside of the seal? That's OSI Quad petroleum based caulk. I use it often on homes and is an amazing product! Sticks like glue and remains permanently flexible. This stuff is blue, left over from a house I worked on. I'm lucky that 3" net pots with the lid available to me is perfect for this lid and hole size to easily be able to chisel out a retaining notch where I can clip my net pots into which secures the plant for the duration of the grow! I built this pvc manifold and attached it to a 395 gph submersible pump. When left on the floor and the A/C running I can maintain a res temp between 63*F and 70*F I will be using the entire GH Flora Seriese and additives but I suppliment with super thrive, House and Gardens root stimulater, Shooting Powder and Cal Mag if necessary; I have a relatively high ppm in my well water tap at 240-280 ppm and don't normally need it unless using coco. Most of the GH Flora nutes will be at or near 1/2 streingth as it always seems high for some reason. Beginning PPM is around 800 however 250 of that is from the well water. PH is currently set to 5.6 and I'm fine with anything from 5.5-5.8 at this time. My next cycle to compare is likely to be with the powder feeding line. I hope it can show up the GH stuff so I can KISS! I use two large air stones for the res Lastly, I swear by this short cycle panda timer where each slot represents approximately 40 seconds. I start with fresh clones at 40 sec on / 40 off and gradually work up to 1/6 on up to only 40 seconds every 20 minutes later in flowering. They are part of the reason I can get this on only my 4th day. I will be filling up this new unit with 8 more of the best of the critical mass plants from this cloner which a friend got started for me. I will keep you guys updated on my progress as I can. I hope you enjoy the show!
  10. Hello everyone! This is my first grow journal. For various reasons I'm starting it a little late (2 weeks in flowering), but hey, it's better late than never. This is my first grow using COCO as a substrate, so I was bound to make some mistakes. There were some PH fluctuations in the vegetative stage due to uncalibrated PH meter, but everything seems far gone now . This is also the first time I am using Greenhouse Powder Feeding (I got the idea off a friend, whos plants were looking very healthy). I had a plan in my mind for some reason that I would use the Mother Plants one in veg and then switch to Hybrids, as my strains are mostly hybrids. The strange thing that I encountered is that , using the mother plants feed, the girls were kinda slowing down on growing at the end of the second month and just making their stems at the bottom more wide ... or I was hallusinating maybe. However when I switched to the Hybrids feed and along with that switched the cycles - they exploded and some grew like 20-25cm in 3 days. Or maybe it was the pruning all alone... Overall the VEGETATION lasted 2 months and a bit. However for various reasons, the plants were in 1 liter pots for the first 3 weeks so that slowed down the growth. I also had deficiency issues in some plants, of different sorts and I always give them more time to heal. The issues slowly went away when I started feeding them with nutes EVERY OTHER TIME. I will be grateful for every and any advice on the project! : ) THE SETUP Room: 2m x 2m x 2m Buddha box Lighting: 8 x 300w LED panels (180w real usage), 3 watt Epiled diodes - 630nm -16pcs, 660nm -16pcs, 460nm -16pcs, 470nm -16pcs, 3500k -18pcs , 7500k -18pcs In a few days I will put 3 or 4 panels more in the less lit areas, just for fun : ) Ventilation: 1 Vents TT 150 extractor 520m3/h Carbon filter 600m3/h+ Moving fan 30W Substrate: 50% Coco coir/ 50% Perlite, presoaked in 1ml/l Calcium solution, RootIT sponges for the seeds, 11 liter PVC pots Feeding: Greenhouse Powder Feeding - Mother plants (veg), Hybrids (flower) - roughly 3 literes per plant - 0.5g/l first 2-3 weeks in the pots, then 1g/l every other feeding. PH according to the GH scheme for every week. Every week 10 liters flush with PH water, + 1ml/l Calcium the first feeding after Strains: 7 x Liberty Haze, 1 x Skywalker OG Kush, 4 x Cinderella 99, 2 x Critical Kush, 2 x THC Bomb, all fem (may have some GH Cheese also, dunno) All plants have been topped, rather late, and they have been "lollipopped" 80% right on the cycle change. Here are some low-q pictures of the girls, these days will post some decent ones: Stay healthy and be happy!
  11. Alright, hopefully everyone enjoys the grow journal i'm starting that's using the Green House Seeds Powder Feeding program in my 15site Current Culture system. It's my 1st run for Flowering with the 1-part food and have previously been using Nutrilife's 3-part A/B/C Salt nutrients with good results. The reason for wanting to try the 1-part Powder Feeding for Flower was because of the success i've had with using their Mother Food. Strain wise I'll be running OG Kush that we've had in our mother bank for 2 years now with great success.There is are (2) 1000watt HPS candles in the VEG room with a 2-ton AC as backup for the warmer summer months that we're just heading into. They'll be in the VEG room for 3.5 - 4 weeks before going into the Flower Room that has (12)400watt HPS lights on the walls with shades and (8)1000watt HPS hung vertically in between each site for 12.8KW total. There's a 5ton A/C to keep the room cool with a CO2 burner. Each of the (15) site system have a www.robomatic.com PH and Food doser that keeps the water within' the set perimeters. I've notice since using the dosers the past 6 months that my PH UP & DOWN consumption has dramatically dropped. Also I've been running the water in my system for 3-4 weeks before draining/refilling. I know some people voice their concern on this but I have sized my chillers appropriately and my water temp stays 65-66degrees 24/7 with no hiccups. Also I run Current Culture "UC ROOTS" product which is their version of H2O2 to keep any unwanted bacteria and pathogens out that might find their way in. There's a float valve on the epicentre bucket that keeps the water level the same at all times that's supplied from the city water. The OG clones were cut (17) days ago from our Mother. Rooted for (10) days in a 1" rockwell cube, then transplanted into a 3" cube for (7) days. Set the PH to 6.0 and the EC to 0.8 then dropped the netpots in the system. Last step was a good foliar spray to keep and pests or issues away while the start their life in water. I've chosen the "SHORT" Flowering 1-part food for the grow. Looking forward to hearing peoples feedback on the grow
  12. Hello everyone, First of all, as usual, I would like to thanks Green House Seeds, Strain Hunters and all the people handling this contest, you are doing an amazing job. This grow will be focused on Auto-Bomb (Green-O-Matic x Big Bang Auto) and Sweet Mango Auto (Mango x Big Bang Auto). Two different crosses of Big Bang Auto, I already grown it and I liked it, was a very fragranced fruity smoke. I’ll use a regular photoperiod for this grow even if they are autoflowering, so it will start at 18h/6h at 250W 6400K° CFL bulb, then still 18h/6h at 600W MH 5000K° bulb after 2 to 3 weeks, then when the first flowers are out 12h/12h at 600W HPS 2000K° bulb. I'll use BioBizz Light mix as soil in the pre veg/veg, then AllMix when I repot, and will start the feeding with Powder Feeding Short Flowering (same as Mostly Indica) after the pre veg. The stuff detail : Room : Germination/Clones/Pre veg/First veg weeks 60x60x100 250W CFL 6400K° Bulb Extractor 150mm 300m3/h Humidifier 2L Pots Room : Last veg weeks/Flowering 120x120x200 Digital Ballast Lumatek Dimmable 400W - 600W 600W MH 5000K° for the end of veg 600W HPS 2000K° for the flowering Prima Klima Extractor 160mm 820 m3/h + dimmer Prima Klima Carbon Filter 150 mm Humidifier 6L 7.5L Pots +Some fans So I selected 4x Auto-Bomb and 6x Sweet Mango Auto. 11-04-2013 - Day 1 : Soaked in PH 5.5 water for 24h. 12-04-2013 - Day 2 : In closed box with a wet coton for 24h (some are open already). 13-04-2013 - Day 3 : 100% Germination success. 19-04-2013 - Day 9 from seed : 250W CFL 6400K° 18h-6h Day : 24°C Night : 20°C Humidity 80% 27-04-2013 - Day 17 from seed : 250W CFL 6400K° 18h-6h Day : 24°C Night : 20°C Humidity 70% 04-05-2013 - Day 24 from seed : 600W MH 5000K° 18h-6h Day : 24°C Night : 20°C Humidity 60-65% Fed at PH 5.5 EC 1.5. (Yellow sign = Auto-Bomb, No sign = Sweet Mango Auto) 11-05-2013 - Day 31 from seed : 600W MH 5000K° 18h-6h Day : 26°C Night : 20°C Humidity 60-65% Fed at PH 5.6 EC 1.6 this week, they are stretching already even with the MH bulb. They show their first pistils. 18-05-2013 - Day 38 from seed : 600W HPS 2000K° 12h-12h Day : 26°C Night : 20°C Humidity 50-55% Fed at PH 6.0 EC 1.6 this week, they are going fast. 25-05-2013 - Day 45 from seed : Day : 26°C Night : 21°C Humidity 45-50% Fed at PH 6.1 EC 1.6 this week, they love powder feeding. Some are a bit faster, already some nice little flowers. 01-06-2013 - Day 52 from seed : Day : 26°C Night : 21°C Humidity 45-50% Fed this week at PH 6.2 EC 1.6, the tent start to fill up The tall Sweet Mango has stopped stretching (fortunately) 09-06-2013 - Day 60 from seed : Day : 27°C Night : 21°C Humidity 40-45% Fed at PH 6.3 EC 1.7 this week, I had to manage some hot temperatures, but they don't seem to be disturbed 16-06-2013 - Day 67 from seed : Day : 28°C Night : 23°C Humidity 40-45% Fed at PH 6.4 EC 1.8 This week. The Sweet Mangos are a bit faster than the Auto Bombs. On the pictures, the 4 in front are Auto Bombs, the 6 other are Sweet Mangos. They begin to gain weight, smell so good already. 23-06-2013 - Day 74 from seed : Day : 25°C Night : 21°C Humidity 40% Temperatures are back to normal, I fed them at PH 6.5 EC 1.8 this week and until final flush. The smell is more and more present, Sweet Mangos are still faster than the Auto Bombs. But Auto Bombs got "longer" buds. The 3 last pictures are Auto Bomb buds, all the other are Sweet Mango. 30-06-2013 - Day 81 from seed : Day : 25°C Night : 22°C Humidity 35-40% I did the last feeding this week at PH 6.5 EC 1.8 and will now start the final flush for 7 to 15 days at PH 6.5 EC 1.3, then EC 1.0. The leaves start to turn yellow, the end is near 07-07-2013 - Day 88 from seed : Day : 28°C Night : 23°C Humidity 35-40% I flushed them at PH 6.5 EC 1.3 then PH 6.5 EC 1.0. The fastest SMA has been flushed for 8 to 9 days and harvested today. The rest will follow this week or next week end. Harvest : - Sweet Mango : SMA 1 - Day 88 from seed. SMA 2 - Day 90 from seed. SMA 3 - Day 90 from seed. SMA 4 - Day 92 from seed. SMA 5 - Day 94 from seed. SMA 6 - Day 95 from seed. - Auto-Bomb : AB 1 - Day 92 from seed. AB 2 - Day 94 from seed. AB 3 - Day 95 from seed. Dry Stuff : - Sweet Mango : - Auto-Bomb : Dry Weight : SMA 1 : 26g SMA 2 : 33g SMA 3 : 38g SMA 4 : 34g SMA 5 : 30g SMA 6 : 32g AB 1 : 24g AB 2 : 24g AB 3 : 26g Powder Feeding Leaflet : For those who don't have it, maybe it can help. Click on a picture, then you can save it. Tips : Some tips for Auto Bomb and Sweet Mango Auto strains : -Auto Bomb : I noticed they react better if you water them with "cold" water. Because if you water them with tempered water (like 22°c), they may have the leaves dropping down after watering. 7 to 10 more days would have slightly increase the yield. -Sweet Mango Auto : React very well on both cool and tempered water. If you cut the lower branches you will have a big main bud so they react well to this. (But not recommended on a Auto). Smoke Report / Effects : -Auto Bomb : Hits strong and relaxing in same time, good for daytime if you are stressed or for bedtime. Fruity candy smell and taste. -Sweet Mango Auto : Hits strong, long lasting, good for daytime/bedtime. The smell is complex, Mango and milky sour fruits. Taste is like sour fresh mango, very fruity. Thanks for watching. -Peace.
  13. High together, I want to welcome you to my Autoflowering Grow Journal. After my White Widow (GHSC) harvest and drying procedure I put 3 Kalashnikova Auto seeds to germinate. Today the 3 seeds where put in soil, after germinating them with the Greenhouse method. (soak for 24h, then put on wet toiletpaper for 24h) The top of the pots where covered with plastic foil to create a humid enviroment. (initial root lengths when planted: about 4mm) The first medium I am using for my seeds is a premixed soil mix with perlite and low nutrition made by "ASB GREENWORLD". [N:150-500 mg/L,P2O5: 40-300 mg/L, K2O: 50-400 mg/L] My Kalashnikovas will recieve Greenhouse Powder Feeding when first growing stage is over (i guess in about 3 weeks) Everybody starts their Journals with some nice pics, right now I havent got any but will ad them soon when the babys sprout. All of us just have to be a bit patient untill we can see our babys.
  14. I am new to hydroponics, I want to use only strain hunters strains ( afgooey, money maker & caboose ) but I'm wondering if anyone has any info they could give me as to the powderfeeding. Can I just plant my seeds add the water & then just powderfeeding or do I need a secondary additive? Or could I just from start to finish go all the way with short flowering powderfeeding nutrients?? Your honest & non negative feedback is appreciated. Thank you all.
  15. Hello sisters and brothers I have been growing these 2 ladies for a few months now, we are at day 17 of flowering and they're looking good I have topped them both and they are slowing down vertically They are being powder fed with the mostly indica from GHSC and are currently taking 1.5Ec The porn pics will follow
  16. From the album: Cosillas

    Powder Feeding Mother Plants
  17. !!!Germination will start as soon as my outdoor strains arrive for the outdoor cup!!! - Hope to see you soon everyone
  18. Hello everybody, this is my first grown report and my first grown session.... so be indulgent please, i never do that before.... Let's have a look about my gear: mylar box 900x500x1600mm 400W MH/HPS with cool tube. home made hydro system include mixing pump, air pump, water heat. air intake 100m3/h. air out with carbon filter 300m3/h. cool tube 300m3/h. T° controller with 2 speed dimmer, 1 for the cool tube and 1 for intra/extra linked together. 3 liters airpots. root riot starting cube. powder feeding mostly indica. auto controlled humidifier. ec and ph tester. starting with 4 kalashnikova from green house seeds... now the pics... the empty box: seeds in germination: all seeds popped in 2 or 3 days then put them under 400w MH in my mini green house.. babies in veg: hydro veg +5 hydro veg +9 this one died, she was the most beautiful... hydro veg +23 hydro veg +25 babies in bloom: bloom day 00 bloom +5 (today) Settings: for the germination phase: just tap water ph 5.5, EC 1.1 in spray over the root riot, once a day (before night). air temp 26-29°C. hygro 80-90% RH. for the veg phase: ph 5.5~5.8 EC 1.8 (with tap water EC 1.1) at the start then went to 1.3 before bloom with only powder feeding (addition of 12 liters of tap water PH 5.5 EC 1.1 every 5 days). water temp 22~24°C air temp 25-26°C the day and 19-17°C the night. hygro 60-70% RH. for the bloom phase: ph 5.5~5.8 EC 1.72 (with tap water rectified to EC 0.7) water temp 22~24°C air temp 25-26°C the day and 19-17°C the night. hygro 55-60% RH. these settings will change along the time.... I lost a babie because between the 2nd and the 3rd week of veg, PH went to 3.5..i saw it 2 or 3 three days later.... this one never heal.....god bless her.... i wil try to put some pics and comments at least once a week, and hope to have your feedback to be sure not to bullshit... thank you all in advance...
  19. hi all you strain hunters out there I would like to no what additives and Bloom Boosters you use with Green House powder feeding what ratio you use and what type's ?????
  20. Hey everybody its that time again ive been having empty closet idous and need to get back to work. as the title says i am doing, GHSC Powderfeeding & bud candy COMPOSITION / COMPOSICIÓN N-P-K-Mg: 16+6+26+(2) CONCENTRATION OF ELEMENTS / CONCENTRACIÓN DE ELEMENTOS 16% N Total Nitrogen 11% NS Nitrogen Nitrate 5% NA Nitrogen Ammoniacal 6% PO Nitrogen Phosphorus 26% KO Soluble Potassium 2% Mg Soluble Magnesium (=2% Mg) 0.02% B Souluble Boron 0.04% Cu Souluble Copper (as Chelate form EDTA) 0.1% Fe Soluble Iron (as Chelate form EDTA) 0.05% Mn Soluble Manganese (as Chelate from EDTA) 0.01% Mo Soluble Molybdenum 0.01% Zn Soluble Zinc (as Chelate from EDTA) VS. General Hydroponics Flora Nova bloom, advanced nutrients bud candy ( i am no longer gonna use the shooting powder on this grow) general hydroponics floranova contains: 4 - 8 - 7 Nitrogen (N)....................................................4.0% 0.25% Ammoniacal Nitrogen 3.75% Nitrate Nitrogen Available Phosphate (P 2O5)............................8.0% Soluble Potash (K 2O).......................................7.0% Calcium (Ca).....................................................4.0% Magnesium (Mg).............................................2.0% 2.0% Water Soluble Magnesium (Mg) Sulfur (S)..........................................................2.0% 2.0% Combined Sulfur (S) Boron ( ........................................................0.01% Chlorine (Cl)...................................................0.01% Cobalt (Co)...................................................0.002% Copper (Cu)...................................................0.01% 0.01% Chelated Copper (Cu) Iron (Fe)...........................................................0.1% 0.1% Chelated Iron (Fe) Manganese (Mn)...........................................0.03% 0.03% Chelated Manganese (Mn) Molybdenum (Mo)......................................0.003% Zinc (Zn).........................................................0.01% 0.01% Chelated Zinc (Zn) Derived from: Ammonium Molybdate, Ammonium Phosphate, Calcium Nitrate, Cobalt Sulfate, Copper EDTA, Iron DTPA, Iron EDTA, Magnesium Sulfate, Manganese EDTA, Potassium Borate, Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Phosphate, and Zinc EDTA. ALSO CONTAINS NON-PLANT FOOD INGREDIENT: 3.0% Citric Acid Advanced nutrients bud candy ( to be used on both plants) contains : as written on the new label. Magnesium (Mg)..........................................0.5% altho the label says it only contains magnesium they have said that this new label is made the way it is because of laws and that the bud candy still contains the same formula i dont know so im gonna try it out i found out that it still contains all the old ingredient's the only difference is that they switched to a different type of molasses apparently because of complaint's from people with hydro set ups so here is a list of whats actually in bud candy N-P-K 0-0-1 Bud Candy Application Rate 2 mL / Liter during weeks 1 to 6 of flower Additional Application Instructions from a hydro retailer (not on label or AN website) May be used as a carbohydrate stimulant to feed beneficials during vegetative stage at 1/2 strength. Bud Candy Ingredients Soluble Potash (K2O), Potassium Sulfate, 72 trace elements, Organic acids, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Polyphenolic Compounds, Esters, Raw Cane Juice, Sweet Brown Molasses CARBOHYDRATES: Xylose, Maltose, Glucose, Galactose, Aribinose EXTRACTS: Cranberry Extract, Grape Extract, Malt Extract, Fermented Yeast Extract VITAMINS: B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6, B-7, B-12 AMINO ACIDS: L-Alanine, L-Arganine, L-Asparagine, L-Aspartic Acid, L-Cysteine, L-Cystine, L-Glutamic Acid, L-Glutamine, L-Glycine, L-Histidine, L-Isoleucine, L-Leucine, L-Lysine, L-Methionine, L-Threonine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Proline, L-Serine, L-Tryosine, L-Tryptophan, L-Valine Bud Candy MSRP $29.90 / 1 Liter $76.20 / 4 Liter $169.98 / 10 Liter ...which means that Bud Candy costs $0.52 per fluid ounce. ( these prices are american i payed alittle more for the bud candy at $33.95 a L) the medium i have choosen is a straight half & half perlite to coco fiber. made a mistake and killed my whiteberry seedlings so im back to square one, i have decided to go back to doing green o matic so i am gonna give it another run just a straight half half perlite to coco and i bought a new ph tester, i am starting this grow within the next few days so update will be added as soon as they pop, i will growing both plants under HPS i have 2 150W HPS sun systems lights and i am basically growing them both under the two lights. (picture is of the new ph tester in the coco perlite mixture i pre mixed the seeds go in on wensday)
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