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  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
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  1. I decided to start my cheese for the cup entry. I've had the seed for a while and have wanted to start it and this was just a good excuse. I plan to fully implement my scrog regimen. as well as my full arsenal of toys, time lapes ,usb macros and videos. Now down to the basics Medium Nutrifeild loose Coco 70% Aztec coarse Perlite 30% Nutrients Advanced nutrients Jungle juice ( 3 part Base ) Fox farms Microbe brew ( root beneficial inoculent ) Botanicare hydroplex ( bloom enhancer ) General hydroponic Floronector (bloom sweetener ) Water management Ge sediment filter ( 1st filter in a ro system ) Milwaukee ph tester HDS ppm meter Lights 23w 6500k t5 ( clones ) 2x23w 6500k t5 ( pre veg ) 2x65w 6500k cfl fence type ( mothers ) 400w mh lumitec ballest ( veg ) 2x600 hps digital ballests ( flower ) Hoods Sun leaves Artic sun ( veg ) Sun leaves preditor cobra 6 ( flower ) 6x19 cool tube w/ bat wing ( flower )ill change to a preditor soon Ventilation C.a.p. 465 cfm 6" inline ( vents hood air ) C.a.p. 212 cfm 4" inline ( vents flower room and veg hood ) Can filter 33 200 cfm ( hooked to the 4" inline ) 165 cfm booster fan ( pulling intake air from under house ) 2x C.a.p. oval oscillation wall mount fan ( veg and flower ) emerson tower fan ( pre veg and moms ) Co2 Milwaukee co2 regulator ( up to 5cfm ) 20 pound tank Controller C.a.p. co2 4e ( controls heat, humidity and co2 ) Cameras Canon power shot sd1400 is ( 14.1 mega pixel ) Wingscapes plant cam ( timelapse ) Amcap usb micro scope
  2. Hello friends! I'm almost finished my autoflower grow and just can't wait any longer to get my Cup journal started. Especially since I picked up the seeds 2 days ago and my "secret weapons" shipment that I ordered from Holland on Friday, showed up here in Canada by UPS today Talk about fast! After the success that I saw switching to the Powderfeed with my auto's about 1/2 way through the grow, I decided to add to the free 1 kg of Hybrid Powderfeed that GHSC generously sent me (to be used for the Trainwreck during flowering) by purchasing 1 kg of Mother's Powderfeed for both strains for vegetative growth & 1 kg of Sativa (called "Long Flowering" for Canada & the USA customers lol) for the Super Lemon Haze plants during flowering. As you can see in the picture, they also kindly and generously sent me a free hat (my first GHSC item!) after I spoke with them by phone when my dumb ass (see also stoned) accidentally clicked and ordered 2 bags of Mother Powderfeed by mistake I have to say that the guys at the Powderfeed store were more than friendly and easy to deal with. Thanks Mike, and thanks to the kind gentleman who answered my call, in Dutch, and got a good laugh when I innocently asked if he spoke English and then replied in perfect English, "Why yes of course" LOL. Oh boy..most Dutch speak English don't they? I can be so ignorant sometimes I thought many did but.. I need to thank Bigbrown for the "Yin-Yang" name, when I mentioned the strains I was thinking he said something about it being a real Yin-Yang grow, and he's right with two powerful strains at very opposite ends of the effects spectrum My plans so far are to germinate 6 seeds, 3 from each strain, grow them all out until they are ready to transplant into the 23 liter containers and go into the scrog keeping the 2 best from each strain and culling the other 2. I'm also thinking of doing a comparison with some plants receiving only the Powderfeed & the others the Powderfeed plus a few additives but I'm not 100% sure how I want to do that with 3 plants from each strain or exactly what additives I want to use. I might try just Powderfeed on 1 plant from each strain and additives on the other 2 plants for vegging, then move to 1 plant from each strain receiving only Powderfeed and the other 1 from each strain Powderfeed plus additives once they move into the 23 L pots. If anyone has any suggestions or comments please feel free to voice them I'm hoping to see/show that while the plants with additives may do a little better, there is not a huge difference between them and that the increased ease of use, and lower cost of using just the Powderfeed makes it an awesome product. But we will have to see, the purely Powderfeed plants may even outperform the plants with additives..that would be cool!! What I'm really hoping that I see that purchasing all of these additives and mixing them is a waste of my time and money But I'm a tinker, I just have to screw with stuff and try and make it a little better lol I'm not germinating today, germination date is January 2nd, same date as the harvest of my 3 remaining autos which I will hang to dry in the grow tent since it will not be in use until the SLH & Trainwreck babies grow bigger (and since it has a carbon filter!). I would start them right away but my seedling area right now is in the same room as my veg/flowering tent and it is at about 30-32% rH right now to finish flowering. So just before they are done I will be cranking up the 9 gallon humidifier shown in the picture that I just purchased specifically for this purpose to get rH to about 60% which will be perfect for a nice slow dry of the 3 plants from my last grow, and high enough for seedlings to start off comfortably. More pictures and details about gear and nutrients will follow with germination pictures next post which should be Jan 03 or 04th. I am picking up a few new things..an intake fan for the tent, an EC meter, and a 4th LED for vegetative growth and supplementary flowering lighting in the tent for sure. So that being said here are a few pictures of awesome GHSC products to start of this grow journal, as well as the awesome new Bob Marley shirt I got as a Christmas gift Best of luck to all growers and friends! PEACE EDIT: Ya I just realized I put the wrong package of seeds in front of the wrong Powderfeed..in case anyone is concerned that I may not know which one to use with what strain LOL
  3. Equipment: Box 60x60x180 cm (0.36m2). Active air output at 100 m3/h. Passive air entry. Blowing air - canal fan at 100 m3/h. Pot - SmartPot 35 liters. Peat pot one litre. Substrate - "Ugro Pure Superior" Water - mineral osmosis 250ppm. Drip watering of my manufacture - tubes 5mm and a tank for 10 liters. Lighting: Collected by me according to my scheme. It includes an aluminum plate with ribs and active cooling - two 120 millimeter coolers (900 rpm), the size of a plate of 12 to 40 centimeters, a thickness of about 2.5 millimeters. Citizen's LED matrix: 3500k (50w); 3000k(50w); 3000k (100w) - all matrix connected to individual drivers from Mean Well - efficiency of about 91-93%. At a distance of 80 centimeters from the plant, the lamp gives about 33,000 lux, the chips are installed 90 degree lenses made of glass. Nutrients: Growth Technology ph down GHE PH UP GHE FloraMicro HW (not SW) GHE FloraGro GHE FloraBloom GHE G.O.Root Plus GHE Bio Bloom GHE Ripen GHE Diamond Nectar GHE Mineral Magic GHE FloraKleen Photo equipment: phopo box with illumination 5500k support tripod camera pentax kx (the second camera) camera pentax kp (main camera) lens smc pentax-DAL f3.5-5.6 18-55mm al ancient lens smc pentax-m f1.7 50mm ancient lens industar 61L/Z f/2.8 50mm + macro rings main lens - pentax HD DA 35mm f/2.8 Maсro Limited polarizing light filter Hoya hd circ Week 1 day/night - 20 /4 Growth - 3 cm pot - 1 L Water (no compote) 5,7 ph - 250 ppm - 23 degrees C. 0.08 L a day day/night temp. - 23.C/23.C 50% humidity distance from lamp to plant - 80 cm no smell Sprouting. Without any locks and other tricks. I take the sieve, I take a non-transparent package of zip-lock, I take two clean cotton discs, wet the discs with clean mineral water, squeeze them to become slightly moist and they do not leak water, put the seed between the discs, all this thing put in an envelope zip-lock and breathe in it with its "carbon" gas, then close the envelope and send to a dry dark place with room temperature 23-24C (in the box For example). Day D Two days of waiting... on the third day of the seed sprouted and showed the spine, it's time to "plant"! In my experience - I make an acceleration of growth, so that I help the plant first of all get rid of the helmet and run on the full processes of photosynthesis (I do not advise you to produce it yourself, if you do not have the experience of "dumping the helmet" because sloppy and inaccurate actions you can harm or worse - to kill the future plant). With the help of two clean "tooth cleaners" carefully remove the helmet from the sprout. Immediately plant it in a peat pot of 1 liter with a "no substrate" substrate, namely "Ugro Pure Superior", which contains 80% pure coconut fiber, 5% perlite, 5% guano bats, 5% endomycosis and 5% biohumus. This substrate contains nutrients that will last for 2 weeks of sprout life, but I'm going to feed the vegetable in the second week of life, and it will be very good to eat! Closer to the third or fourth week, I'll transplant the vegetable into a 30 liter pot "Smart Pot", but for now we are gaining patience and just waiting. Watering the first week i carry out without fertilizer, but well "acidified" water, PH 5.7, PPM 250. Watering, as usual, at the beginning of the light cycle, and the cycle is set to 20/4. DAY 3 DAY 6
  4. Setup 1: Tent 1 = 120CM X 120CM X 200CM Lighting = x2 400w Electronic Ballast's dimmed to 250w during vege & cranked to 440w during flowering stage. 150mm Fan & Filter Pots = Autopots running on a 13mm mainline down to 4mm line feed into Aqua Valves. Reservoir is 47 Liters Medium = Coco Perlite 70/30 mix Growstones on the top of the coco perlite to stop fungus gnats (Sciarid Flies) Nutrient = Canna A & B (Medium EC) Additives = General Hydroponic Floralicous, House & Garden Roots Excellerator, FlairForm CMX, House & Garden Amino Treatment, House & Garden Drip Clean & FlairForm Silkia Majic, House & Garden Shooting Powder, and Canna PK 13/14 (Will be planning to use Canna Boost, and House & Garden Multizyme next grow along with this other stuff, couldn't quite afford this last harvest).z Technique = Manifold (Mainlined) Nugbuckets Mainlining Technique, Once vege stage is done they are left in the dark for 36 hours then put on 13 hours ON & 11 hours off for the first 4 weeks, then down to 12/12 for the last 5 weeks of flowering. You will see that there is clearly 2 phenotypes with the White Lemon, One which is short and branchy and One that is lanky and branchy. 2 weeks into flowering now and I can already see they are going to be huge in 7 weeks time. Setup 2: Tent 2 = 120CM X 60CM X 200CM Lighting = x2 400w Magnetic Ballast's 100mm Fan & Filter Pots = Autopots running on a 13mm mainline down to 4mm line feed into Aqua Valves. Reservoir is 47 Liters Medium = Coco Perlite 70/30 mix Growstones on the top of the coco perlite to stop fungus gnats (Sciarid Flies) Nutrient = Canna A & B (Medium EC) Additives = General Hydroponic Floralicous, House & Garden Roots Excellerator, FlairForm CMX, House & Garden Amino Treatment, House & Garden Drip Clean & FlairForm Silkia Majic, House & Garden Shooting Powder, and Canna PK 13/14 (Will be planning to use Canna Boost, and House & Garden Multizyme next grow along with this other stuff, couldn't quite afford this last harvest). Technique = SCROG, Once vege stage is done they are left in the dark for 36 hours then put on 13 hours ON & 11 hours off for the first 4 weeks, then down to 12/12 for the last 5 weeks of flowering. Let me know what your guys thoughts are on this. thanks
  5. The Seedlings are all White Lemon, only 3 of the 4 look viable. They are 4 weeks old from the time I germinated them to what they look like right now. The Seedlings were originally potted in 0.45L Planter Bags with Seed Raising Mix. Pots have half an inch of pumice on the bottom, coco perlite is used as the medium. They are suspended in a static feed mix. The Grow is done in Autopots running a 13mm mainline down to 6mm inlet using Canna Cocos A & B nutrients. (47 liter reservoir). x2 400w Digital Balast's, dimable to 250w, 275w, 400w & 440w. I run x2 250w (500w combined) for Vege, and then back to 400w, after 3 weeks of flower I crank it up to 440w (880w combined). I supplement with FlairForm CMX as Cocos A & B tends to lack these core elements during the regenerative stage (first 3 weeks of flowering, also when they will stretch the most). I use the following additives: General Hydroponics Floralicous , House & Garden Roots Excelurator, House & Garden Aminos Treatment (These are Organic so need to flush main line once a week, or blockages occur), Shooting Powder for week 5 (single strength, makes the bud, bud over existing bud adding to its size and weight) & week 7 (double strength, makes the bud, bud over existing bud adding to its size and weight again, but stonger to give it a final push), PK 13/14 (week 5, adds weight, size to buds and resin production), Drip Clean (Stops organic build up from sticking to pipes and makes weekly flush easier), FlairForm Silika Magic (Good to keep stems strong, allows higher temps). Planning on getting Canna Boost for next grow, to decrease harvest time. Investigating to see if GHS Power Feeding is any better than Cocos A & B, thus simplifying my process. It takes about 3 hours to make up a cocos feed because you have to wait 2 hours after A & B has been mixed to add additives, which in turn have to be diluted into 1 liter of water, plus 2 liters for silkia which must be ph'd to 6.0 before adding to reservoir. 35 liters would mean 35 minus x amount of liters because of additives. Long process, get awesome results. Powder would eliminate the need for the long wait, thus making my life better lol. The plant next to the seedlings is Arjans Haze, I plan to use as mother and make cuttings to put on a bench I plan to make to put on the skirts of my shade and have a bunch of little ones to flower as well, kinda grow some treat buds In the grow room starting from back is White Rhino, then Super Critical, then White Rhino & then White Rhino again. First grow I did Super Critical & Green Poison, I got 13 Oz's Second grow I did all Super Critical & I got 16 OZ's (x1 Pound) (was very happy) This is my Third grow this time around. Plan my Forth to be White Lemon I like to bend over my main stems and SCROG them, fill all my space with as my laterals as possible to allow for an even canopy. After 3 weeks of flower I like to lollipop them, keep a foot from the top node and everything else gets stipped away. Lower canopy is not needed, thus why this is done to allow the plant to concentrate on producing big buds at the top. I use a TurboKlone to make cuttings. Super Critical takes 21 days to root and only makes root nubs. White Rhino takes 9 days to get full on roots. They say White Lemon takes 4 days, can't wait to try I'll keep posting updates...
  6. Hello to the great GH community! I will make this quick and to the point for you. Been around this industry now for roughly 26 years. Have tried many many applications with varied results. Desert Grows using Palm Leaves as shading and bones, scorpions and local cactus for nutrient teas with sand medium to Indoor fully controlled environments. I dig them all! I currently have an unknown landrace Sativa that i discovered up in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Sonora / Sinaloa Mexico. I have been growing her for almost 3 years now with 20 grows. This is my 21st session with her at the moment which started with organic soil from Guadalajara Mexico and transitioned into an indoor Ebb n' Flo controlled environment with major training. FIM, Topped, Scrog, Super crop, de-scrog, tied and under canopy lighting. Will post more on a journal for all to enjoy, critique, comment or just learn from. I also have an account on GrassCity Forums (MultiTech) should anyone feel the urge to read up on my outing there as well. I am very excited to be a part of this great community and will be looking forward to others, nubez to tradesman, grows, techniques, questions and commentary. Saludos a Todos! -MultiTech
  7. Hello, Hello! This is a clonette from a current mountain landrace pure sativa that is from the state of Sonora Mexico. She was rooted in an organic soil from Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico under 1 32w CFL 6500k for 8 days. After which she was transferred outdoors and super cropped 7 days after transition, 5 days later topped and 3 days later (today Aug. 3) super cropped one again to set her up for high stress training in indoor hydroponic scrog. I will be posting a video of my method of rinsing the roots for the transfer to pure hydroponics with Lava Rock as medium. I left a central cola to grow. This cola to heaven will be surrounded by 32w t8 6500k fluorescents with a 400w HPS making her happy from above. The other outer secondary colas will have a 600w HPS with under canopy lighting as her mother has in my other current grow. Hydro Application - Ebb n' Flo design Medium - Lava Rock Nutrients will be General Hydroponics Flora Series with additives FloraBlend, RapidStart, KoolBloom, Floralicious and FloraKleen for flush. Ph down will be Phosphoric Acid (nitric acid for veg but no veg, straight to flower cycle), Ph up not needed. Water will be Reverse Osmosis (RO) Mini-split ductless a/c set to 18-25c depending on week in cycle and day/night environment. A small fan will be used to circulate the air around the babe and up the cola to heaven lighting chamber. Will be using basic Ph digital meter with Ph drops as well so everyone can see the exact shade of Ph in liquid test kit when compared to a calibrated digital Meter. Also digital PPM/Temp meter will be used. I am excited to see these results as it is my first attempt at the technique for a single cola and am curious to see if she will rob the lunch money from her sisters down below. I will be updating as she progresses so you can see my whole process from root rinse to build of her indoor home to harvest. I hope this strikes up some conversation and gets your minds twirling a bit. The mother mid week 6: Nutrients/Meters Clonette: My baby Dama, thinks Clonette is her baby and will not let anyone near her, only me... Great security! lol Unfortunately, no guard dogs in the flowering room.... Looking forward to your views and comments. Saludos!
  8. Hello all great to be here! I was doing some googeling when I discovered strain hunter and decided this would be a perfect place to share my awesome DIY covert fridge grower. I recently planted my own personal mixed bread I like to call Delicious Monster, She is a cross bread of White Russian and Blue Diesel. One of my best plants brought into creation by pure chance hahaha. Its a long story but in a nutshell Delicious Monster was the result of cross contamination but in my opinion some of the best weed I have ever smoked. I have recently planted and should start flowering within the next few days. I will soon post pics of my home made fridge grower and my scrog setup. Peace catch ya all on the flip side!
  9. Hello, I was wondering if a anyone from strain hunters could recommend a good strain for acting ,I have a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0metre tent, I have 2 air cooled hoods running my in veg and hps in flower, Using lumatek 400v - 600w ballast with lumatek lamp, I'm looking to have one plant in a 70L pot, or maybe 2 in 50L pots, using netting across the tent to completely fill all space left to right to get most yield, the problem I have is I have 3 monthly inspections, so I need to be able to veg and flower That time, and pack up then start again, I use seedlings which I sprout about 2 weeks before inspection, I would prefer to have only one plant, I also use co2 from a bottle during veg and early flower, triacontanal at week 4 of flower and run lights at 20/4, I was hoping to get 2 pound dry with the 2 600's, more would be good of course, any info on strains for this would be good, I have the doctor and superbud on hand, but the other problem with seed is I don't know which phenomenon I will be getting, so maybe something stable, thanks, I hope it's not too long and confusing.
  10. im new here but im not so new in growing i will show off some scrog grows as time goes on. first up will be the Super silver haze .
  11. Hi Everyone As promised i got a bit of time today to do i DIY on the individual scrog pots i make. I will not go into measurements as they can be adjusted to suit anyones needs , i personally have 420 x 420 screens lol They say necessity is the mother of all good ideas , i am limited for height were i flower and limited in working area so i always though i would not be able to scrog as i need to move my pots around . i also grow perpetually and like to grow many different strains. All of these things were a roadblock in my quest to scrog . I had to come up with a design that was cheap easy to make , durable and could be moved around. Wood was out as it attacks mould and fungi unless really well sealed. I also didnt like the idea of a steel mesh as it wouldnt last and may rust. I started to play around with pvc pipe and this is where i got to i hope you guys enjoy Tools Needed: Drill 4mm Drill Bit 20m 2.5mm Lacing Twine Saw 20mm straight pvc joints pvc pipe bender screws 2 x 20mm lengths pvc pipe measuring tape if you do not have a pipe bender you can substitute the bends with store bought 90 degree elbows I like to use this type of screw as it works well Step 1: -Cut the desired length of pipe eg. if i want a 420 x 420 screen you would want to cut the length to 1.8m -mark the middle and make your first bend Step 2: -Mark the desired length for next bend eg for me i want it 420mm , i would measure 400mm taking into account the extra 20mm from the width of the pipe -Make the bend Step 3: By this point your pipe should be looking like this -Repeat step 2 to create your next bend Step 4: Your pipe should now be looking like this -Once again repeat step 2 to create the last bend Step 5: Your pipe should now be looking like this -Cut pipe down to correct size and use a coupler to connect the 2 sides Step 6: -Mark a piece of wood to create a template to make the holes -Place the frame on the template and mark the holes Step 7: -Drill Holes Step 8: -Thread the twine through the holes don't cut the twine, start by threading through on one end and just unroll as you need , we will cut at the end to not waste any -the twine must be in an under over configuration as it holds together better -Tighten up the screen and tie off Step 9: I keep all my screens at the same height but pot height differs so my leg sizes differ -measure and cut legs -squash the ends of the pipe in a vice or heat up and flatten Step 10: -Screw legs onto frame Step 11 -Fasten frame to pot DONE Hope you guys enjoyed it and if i can make one persons life easier i am happy Cheers Reaf
  12. From the album: Hydro slabs, led, scrog

    Pheno growoff on slabs.
  13. hello strain hunters, hello all! I've waited a long time for this and at last the time has come to grow my own cannabis. shout out to Ghost and Gonzo for your money maker journals and everyone else on here that's posted a journal on this strain. I'll be germinating One of three money maker seeds I received online I also have regular hawaiian skunk haze and strawberry blue feminized in my arsenal if I get overconfident but I'll be sticking to 1 germination this grow. I'm 50 days out from a move which will be interesting in flower but shouldn't be an issue so this will serve as my trial grow box-calibration run. This Will be a micro grow, I plan on SCROG or at least LST. So here we go... Seed: Feminized Money Maker (Master Kush X Hindu Kush And Skunk) Medium: 20"x13"x 25" Or 50cmX 33cmx 63cm give or take. white ikea cabinet inside and out, sealed with silicone Light: 135w full spectrum UFO (made in China, one bulb out, a few faded, hoping this will help with such small space) additional 2x 68w warm 3200k CFL if need be ventilation: 2x silentX PC fans; one intake, one outtake , one 4 inch desk fan for circulation ; two L-shaped PVC intake and outtake pipes one of which I've rigged with a thin liner sock holding carbon pointing downward tonight my seed soaks, while tmrw I'll be making my final purchases of a 3 gallon pot fox farm ocean forest which I'll cut with perlite 25% along with some tiger bloom and possibly big bloom. I'm torn between this feed or powder feed. though I do like the idea of organic. temp/humidity dealywhammer will come in mail soon enough. my only questions are. a.) with a 135w light doin have the space or am I going to burn? b.) I plan on using ocean forest to cover my short veg I'll have in my small space then just using tiger bloom, bloom big and molasses. c.) I want to be ready for pests, disease etc. I'm clueless here and could use y'all's help d.) will this metal screen work for scrog? e.) the hell am I missing tune in soon more to come once this bean cracks
  14. This is my first grow and I wanted to complete a journal to benefit and learn from it in the future. Any input and advice is much appreciated. I will be doing the SCROG method so I can get a larger yield and hopefully I am able to harvest a decent yield from the finished product. The details.. The Seeds: --1 G13 Blue OG --1 Purple Maroc --1 Bubblegummer The Setup: --32"x32"x54" Grow Tent (reflective lining) --Tek4 220 watt lighting (20,000 lumens) --5 gallon air pots --Oxygenated Water (air pump & air stone) The Medium: --Happy Frog Fox Farms Soil --About 20% Perlite mixed-in --The Andersons Humic Acid in the Blue OG only The Nutrients: --Mycos (Xtreme) --Superthrive --Growilla Veg Food --Botanicare Cal-Mag --Botanicare Bloom --Botanicare Compost Tea --Dutch Masters Liquid Light & Penetrator --Epsom Salt (magnesium) --Azamax --SNS 209 --Dyna-Gro Pro-Tekt (silica) Day 1 Blue OG
  15. Hey guys, I'm thinking of doing a SCROG with DWC buckets my next run, does anyone have any experience with this? What I'm concerned about is how people are changing their water because you can't move the buckets around with a SCROG net in place. I was thinking about putting 3-4 5gallon buckets on a platform in my tent so they would drain to another bucket below with the assistance of gravity. Another option was adding a separate reservoir bucket outside the tent and just adding water/nutes to that and change it when needed. Any input on anyone's SCROG DWC setup would be appreciated.
  16. Hi everyone! Brand new to the site and growing..time to get my journal and some pics up! Before I start I will say that I am VERY open to all comments and suggestions, and if I sound like I have any idea what I am talking about it is purely from TONS of reading and research lol..so if I am way off on anything please correct and help me! I started with 10 feminized seeds from GHS's..5 Moby Dick & 5 Pure Kush. I planted all 10 in jiffy started pots and all 10 popped within 72 hrs. Plan is to eventually cull down to 4 strongest plants which will go into a 4 x 4 tent with individual scrog screens for each plant. So far I'm down to 6 plants and I've decided to flower the 2 remaining plants under CFL in my veg dome that I built and get some early bud while the other 4 scrog. I've had some beginners mistakes that I am sure have slowed down growth a bit but overall I think they are doing pretty good now. They're in the 5th week and shortest is 6 inches..tallest 8 inches. I had problems with pH until pretty much my last water..my runoff was 7 - 8 pH for awhile..and I'm growing in 50/50 Pro mix soiless and Grodan rockwool growcubes..I know..ouch! It (combined with a bit of overzealous feeding) caused nute lock-out/burn and I had to get rid of some first and second leaf sets on some plants. I've been on my pH for awhile now and runoff is down too 6.5 pH when i watered last night. Also was running with a faulty hygrometer for the first 4 weeks or so..picked up an expensive digital thermo/hygro with memory..humidity was off by -18 %! So I was trying to veg plants with about 35% humidity..I even had the dehumidifier running at times thinking it was getting high for LED's [i've read a bit lower humidity is better with LED's (55% veg, 45% flower) because the reduced heat lowers evaporation and transpiration and I don't want them sitting in the same water for too long..I want oxygen to get to the roots..if I'm wrong please correct me!] So after all of that...the plants are still growing luckily Gear: - 50/50 mix of Promix and Grodan growcubes with hydroclay pellets on the bottom for drainage and on the top to reduce evaporation - Dutch Nutrient Formula success in a box complete line of nutrients and additives - Advanced Nutrients B- 52 vitamin supplement - Cal Mag plus (using R/O water) - T5 Sunblaster for seedlings - Glow Panel 45 LED for VEG in the chamber, with a second LED Glow Panel being added once they enter the 4 x 4 tent and go under screen to veg and train more. The 2 Glow panels will also be used to supplement the 600W HPS during flowering. - 600 W Hortilux Super HPS bulb with parabolic reflector - 6 " Ostberg Ck series inline fan for exhaust with Mountain Air carbon filter - My Hydro Home 4 x 4 x 7 tent - Zeo2 CO2 pads - 10 " Seabreaze internal oscillating fan Current temperature 21-25 degrees celsius night/day temps, just purchased a digital ceramic heater that I am going to use to keep the temp up near 26-27 daytime..(using CO2 pads). Here are some pics of the plants from seed up until 3 days ago which puts them at just over 4 weeks old, they are almost ready for me to put the screens on them and scrog em..probably do that in the next 2 days. Yesterday I transplanted 3 Moby Dicks and 1 Pure Kush (my 4 strongest plants) into 23 liter containers, transferred them into the 4 x 4 tent ready to scrog and placed them 2 feet under the 2 leds before the lights went off..unfortunately they had a 2 hour late bedtime as I wasn't able to get the transplant completed on time. I left the remaining 2 pure kush plants in the veg dome under a T5 sunblaster..going to transplant them into 12 liter containers in the next couple of days and then flower them under a CFL..I'd hate to just throw them away The 4 transplants showed no sign of transplant shock and are already growing really nicely. Gonna up the nutes a bit next watering..I have to be careful..according to my reading, both the LED's and the rockwool growcubes decrease the need for nutes, and so far I would have to say I agree with that..I'm using less than half the recommended nutes and they are definitely not showing any sign of deficiencies..if anything I've overfed them in the past. *INDIVIDUAL PICTURES OF PLANTS #1-3 ARE PURE KUSH AND PLANTS #'S 4-6 ARE MOBY DICK* I will take more pics tonight of them in the their new home Peace, good health and happy growing to all!
  17. Ok next one. my other projekt is nearly complete and the growroom is ready for the next ones. this time i have 3x kalashnikova and 1 el nino that i want to scrog. the setup: Growbox S silver (80x80x160) MH 250W for vegi and HPS 250W for bloom both in a cool tube smart pots 15 liter medium is plagron growmix mixed with canna coco to get a fluffy strucktur just like the soil from biocanna. this time i will use the rest of my biocanna fertilizers for veg and bloom, advanced natural power root stimmulator, biocanna bioboost, pk13/14 and mykos. I started three weeks ago with the germination. went good, then put them in soil filled peat hats. then when the first root peaked out at the bottom i put them in larger pots. there they are up until now. oh i forgot, cause my grow tend is full, i raise them under 2x 36w energy saver t-5 lamps till they travel under the sun. thats it for now. till next time
  18. Hi friends, and all that will get friends probably during this grow !! After my very satisfying first GHS grow with more kushy strains, i decided to do some haze. Additional to that the cann. cup grow will start soon with the MM... But i want to scrog/fim my hazes and so i want them a little ahead. I germinated 3x Nevilles Haze and 3x SuperLemonHaze After succsesful germination of all 6 i did a little timelapse that i put on grow.hd ...the link doesnt work so maybe search it self For this and the cup grow i have a new little veg tent. The homebox S in silver, nice little thing. So far 4x18W cool white installed, i think about what else, 1 out lti small, 1 little vent inside... I saw this morning that some of the rockwool cubes were rootet fully, so i put them into the 7,5cm cubes, a light Rhizotonic solution used for the first time, to reduce the re-pot stress. The flower room needs to be set up the next weeks, so far so good. I hope i see many of your thoughts and comments. peace
  19. Hello everyone! I promised that i will inform you about my first try to scrog some plants, so here i am. with the infos i got from lamsbread ( see here ) and other sources of information i think i have enough info to start this. first the setup: Growbox S silver (80x80x160) MH 250W for vegi and HPS 250W for bloom both in a cool tube 4 pots with 9.5L medium is soil ( biocanna) i fertilize with the biocanna produkts ( cause i prefer the bio way of growing) here i must make the confession that my plants are not form greenhouse seeds, but they will next time. let me introduce to you the wonderfull HEAVEN (it`s a rare plant from switzerland, when somebody wants more info just pm) they are now in the 4th week of growth. sorry for no pictures before. i will continue my report and post every week or two. hope you like it.
  20. a few days ago i added the scrog trellis to my 4 vegging super criticals. im gonna veg them for another few weeks. then im gonna flower these beasts
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