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Found 13 results

  1. Hello Grower Witch strains of GHSC are IBL strains? I just want to know and record for my studies. I know just -Exodus cheese are IBL but can anyone tell me please. Please give me reference if you can. Thank you for any ans.
  2. Im about to crush and wrap up this beauty...From the South African soil
  3. Hi everyone im really on a search here an its been pretty hard to find my answers its an odd question but Ive heard different strains will have a better branch and node production, also some strains may have a max number or can reach a limit this is my concern. Im on the hunt for a strain that wont have a problem making many many colas for me I have 4×4×6.5 grow tent 400 watt hps/mh Proper tube and ventilation Im still debating weather im gonna start hydro for the first time or do my 3rd soiless grow . also was planing on supercropping and scroging the tent for flower .
  4. High all! In my recent travel, I have been taken to a couple wonderful places where people have been at it for 20 years or so. I have travelled the world, and I can say that just last week I have stood on one of the most beautiful place on earth, specially selected for it's microclimate. You would never imagine growing KIWIS north of the 50th parallel. Well you would not imagine the cannabis. I think the Quad denomination originates from this place, and when you get there it becomes absolutely obvious exactly why. Of course, it's hard to get there. I had to take a helicopter from the mainland, a ferry, drive north 4 hours all the way to the end, take a boat across to another island, and all the way up on the cliff of the south peninsula there was the promised land. And there it was, the Alaskan Thunderstruck (from thunder fuck) CBD strain. Highly medical analgesic, will put you right to sleep. I plan on returning soon, hopefully the amazing owners and growers won't mind if I take a few pictures. ALG
  5. High all! Very happy to join this forum. I read through a lot of posts before subscribing and found this place full of amazing and knowledgeable people. Regarding myself, I'm involved in different parts of the field. My daily business involves cannabis-specific nutrients, solventless extractions, delivery methods and a big focus on the pure R&D medical side of the industry. It so turns out that I am increasingly niching in the genetics and breeders world and am educating myself and meeting people that have been at it for much longer than I, some true old schoolers. Well I grew my first plant about 20 years ago but that's a different story. My first lesson was that breeders and growers simply don't speak the same language, and I've learned that the fishermen claims their catch is always a pound heavier and a foot longer until it's measured and weighted on a scale. It's nice when I'm lucky enough to meet those truthful people that under-promise and over-deliver! Looking forward to all our interactions. ALG.
  6. Yow there. Just a little thought. I really think it's great what Arjan and Franco are doing, helping to preserve landraces, and establish a bank of them. But if and when the new landrace lines are released onto the market, it is my firm belief that they should be released as REGULAR SEEDS ONLY. To do so otherwise would be kind of contradictory to the whole principle of Strain Hunters, to preserve and disseminate these genetics and get a good gene pool. There are plenty of great, great strain from Greenhouse already. If a customer wants feminized, they should go with one of those many options. But for the new Landrace genetics, I believe that you guys should morally really only release them as regular seeds , pure. Just my thoughts guys. Anybody else feel the same as me?
  7. Okay the weather gets better and time is running on us so it's about time we start our journal. My indoor cup aspiration has been demolished by my troubled grow @ the moment. Sorry GHSC for not competing after I had applied and started the journal! I'll be dedicated with these girls and will keep you guys updated. The remaining MM (6x) I'll use them for my new indoor grow and report that somewhere within the all mediums area on the forum. -------((Indoor I'm running an LED Spectrabox II Pro 250 Watt 10 colour Spectrum light panel, all the way this time probs, cause a possible light upgrade is issued once more and that could mean I"ll be revieuwing a dutch manufacturers LED panel along the way (they are going to send me the product for revieuw purposes) hope they will arrive before vedging the MM indoor. Or possible clones I'm going to be making from the specimen I put out. I also have my thoughts on running an other medium indoor and that is probs going to be a DWC setup))------. As this is about outdoor I've made a start with the germination GHSC style. This means the girls have had a bath in a glass off water ph 5.5 in the dark a little less than 24 hours, after that they went on a moist cottonpad and covered with moist cottonpads and plastic but no seal to have oxigen get to them, they have stayed in there a little less then 24 hours. I've been Germinating 4x Money Maker for the competition, 3 White Lemons (for tent grow and 4 Afgooey also for the tent grow, roots looked great after there preparation. And now they are places inthere starters underground. I keep my seeds in the refigurator when not used (spare, seeds) at about 7 C Celcius. They seem to sprout real fast from that change in temperature. So far all looked good except for 1 off the White Lemons. Here are the first pics. I'm working on some fancy layout for you guys like Ninja and other very respected members make cause I like those journals very mutch they get a great amount off attention witch really pays off I think! I'm going to do my best and make a GHSC worthy report on my GHSC grows, for the cup I'll be feeding with Powder Feeding off course! Till there head pops up they have an electrical controlled environment within the electrical Propagator on the pictures within this they stay @ 26 C Celsius for gemination.
  8. What strains produce the highest yields indoors resp. outdoors with a still good quality.... Please only real experiences, no hearsay or advertisement from brochures.
  9. Just out of curiousity what strains you are going to grow and have in the storage After the Great White Shark i am going to grow the testers. Thank you GH! -Money Maker -The Doctor This remains in storage: -Great White Shark -The Church -Big Bang -Zamal (la reunion island) (Regular seeds) -Manga Rosa (Regular seeds) -Colombian Gold (Regular seeds) -Punta Roja (Regular seeds) Hoping for some nice strain ideas for the future Peace
  10. Can anybody please give me any more information about this strain and have strain hunters looked into this? I think this would be really interesting if GHS/ STRAIN HUNTERS looked more into the genetics of this strain. In 1999 Cannabis Culture reported on a strange new strain of marijuana (CC#19, Grow Down Under), which had a very different appearance and growth pattern than normal pot. We were introduced to this strain by Mr Ayers, who had come across it as an outdoor grower in Australia. He reported that although it lacked in potency, the strain was incredibly hardy and frost-resistant, and unrecognizable as cannabis without close examination (CC#27, Aussie mutant update). The structure is quite different than regular cannabis. There are no fan leaves, all leaves are quite small with an irregular distribution of stamens. The plant grows more like a shrub, without the typical candelabra shape of most cannabis. We dubbed this new variety Australian Bastard Cannabis (ABC), and we gave away many seeds to interested breeders, as well as giving away a large batch of ABC x Flo. We hoped that inspired breeders would find a way to combine the potency of the Flo with the camouflage and hardiness of the ABC. We received feedback from readers who claimed to have encountered this strain before. One Australian grower told us that the ABC was known as Mutant, and that some thought it might be a "colchicine polyploid experiment gone wrong." Colchicine is a mutagen which is used to produce strange polyploid effects, and so could possibly explain the plant?s odd leaf structure and characteristics. Of the many ABC x Flo crosses which we distributed, the vast majority lost the ABC look. Some breeders reported that the ABC x Flo had the Flo appearance and potency, but nevertheless seemed hardier than the straight Flo, indicating that some of the ABC toughness had been passed on to the cross. One local horticulturalist named "Volcano" grew out some of our last batch of ABC x Flo seeds. He germinated the seeds in a greenhouse in BC during March. "I germinated at 70?F (21?C) between two plates on moistened paper towels. I placed the plates on top of a florescent fixture to provide bottom heat, and checked every day to ensure the paper towels stayed moist and to supply fresh air to seedlings. The seeds had all germinated in seven to ten days. "Once the root hairs showed, I planted them using Sunshine Mix #4. I started all the seedlings in 4 inch pots, and the first leaves showed up in about 10 days." Volcano said the first set of leaves looked identical to regular cannabis, and it wasn?t until the first true leaves appeared that differences became evident. "Those leaves came out completely unlike the serrated leaf," said Volcano. "In fact, there are no serrated edges on these leaves. They are darker green, shiny and succulent looking - they usually got no larger than two inches." Volcano reported that the plants grew quickly, requiring re-potting as they increased in size. "A cannabis-like smell was evident when leaves were rubbed," he added. "On April 1, I put the pants into a 4' x 8' cold frame outdoors. I watered with collected rain water and used organic compost teas used as fertilizer. "The males flowered early, some before the end of July," reported Volcano. "The females were compact with short internodes. They were heavily branched with many leaves. The buds formed differently on each plant, but they were all very resinous with cannabis-like buds. But nevertheless, the mature plant does not look like cannabis." The plants reach an average height of about three feet. "With fuller exposure to sunlight, they would have gotten much bigger," added Volcano. The plants were harvested in November, trimmed and hung to dry. "I got an approximate yield of three dry ounces per plant," said Volcano, "and I was also able to harvest seeds for next year!" Volcano shared his ABC x Flo harvest with the gang at CC. The buds smoked clean, with a light, spicy flavor. The high was Sativa-like, soaring and euphoric, stronger than we had expected. This is definitely a strain worthy of further experimentation and breeding. With further effort, ABC could become the ultimate camouflage strain of the new millennium!
  11. Hi, i really guessing which Strains are the best to catch some Sleep when u got a kind of Insomnia illness. I have bad Problems with a kind of Insomnia which comes from the Nervoussystem. Since ill be 14 yrs old i cant fall asleep without usin Medical help. A gd Friend of mine,which is a Medical Mariuhana Patient in Germany,told me to research wchich Strains i can use as a opinion to all the Tabletts i have t use. Cuase the Tabletts make me ill, cant eat very gd always gd props with my liver and my stomach. I really apreciate any recomandation which Strain could help me. Thx so far Urban Ninja
  12. Do you think Bubba Kush and Erkle will let off flowering aroma that would attract attention in a suburban back yard? I suppose if the genetics are skunk I'd get a non stealthy attraction? I'm in California, and I am 215 legit, but my particular city has some ban on outdoor grow due to the smell of SKUNK. I'm in a nice neighborhood and on the very down low. Any input would be great for future stealth action in the suburbs.

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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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