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Found 34 results

  1. Presentation of the diary Hello everyone, and welcome to the new growth test. Let's skip the introductions, and we pass to the point -----> cultivation type : indoor, pot, coco mix + perlite, light groow MH, HPS for flowering, fertilizers pwf grow + hybrid flowering. Test is started with the germination of 9seeds (ch x ww) Start germination and hydration seeds (01/10) As my habit after the seeds have been hydrated for 24 hours or so, I placed them in an airtight container, after hatching directly into their pots inside a greenhouse. Below pictures: To be Continue....... :DDD
  2. Hello hunters! Back from 3months break from growing. And now i started again with these test seeds. Gear im using with this test: -120x120x200 tent -600w hps -350m2 fan/filter kit -2x Nutriculture NFT GT205 -Advanced Nutrients ph perfect GRO, MICRO & BLOOM 6.11.2016 -Soaked 6seeds and after 6hours planted to eazy plugs. 10.11.2016 -First plant A765 is fully open and started to count veg days. Put her under 45w CFL 11.11.2016 -Second plant A766 opened 12.11.2016 -Last two plants A767 and A768 opened. 14.11.2016 -Today prepared tent to ready for action. Put 600w HPS there and plants now enjoying it, they bit stretched under CFL. Plants A766 and A767 has grown roots thru rockwool cube, ill wait for the other two before starting nft's 2plants on each.
  3. Dear GH, One of my white widow plants (almost week 3 of flowering) is starting to turn yellow (see picture below, it's already a lot worse than on the picture, leaves are dieing out). I think it is because of the small pot (11liter) or maybe because this plant is sitting in the soil for the longest and I have to start giving a lot of nutrients, I don't know Can you please help me? Thanks, Max
  4. Hola compañeros aquí estoy para testear este bello cruce que nos trae GreenHouse Co. El dia 11/10 he puesto en remojo 4 ChxWW 24 horas después....... Ya tenemos listas las macetas para arrancar el ciclo. Este comienza en un pequeño vegetativo con luz BC 105w luz fría , para luego pasar al armario de floración. Los mantendre al corriente con el pasar de los dias. Espero que disfruten el seguimiento y los invito a compartir su opinion conmigo y los demas usuarios Me despido degustando un dirty de W46 ( white widow x 2046) Saludos !
  5. Ok so I have an account on here for a month or 2 I believe and so far only used this forum to look up grow journals for my previous frow (sweet mango) I'm mainly active on AFN, but since I liked Green House Seeds so much from the Sweet Mango I grew I thought I would share my 2 White Widow Autos by ofc. GHS here! (this is my 2nd serious grow, I'm also growing Massive Bud by Azarius in soda cans but that's more of a test to see if I want to grow with or without flushing.) the ladies are right now germinating in a paper towel. (which I dread because I prefer going directly into the soil, but they still didn't show root after 3-4 days now) My setup: - repurposed and worked on my own closet its about 50 x 70 x 200 (height depending on how I configure it) - LED vipar v300 300watt (180 watt actual draw), this one focuses on flower. - 1 x 45 watt cfl 6500K - I used a 150 watt 2700K for my previous grow but parents weren't very happy by the looks of the size. - 4 gal smartpot - Bio Nova soil mix - Bio Bizz starter pack aka: root juicebio heavengrowbloomtop-max- tap water - no ph-meter (and not interested in buying one atm my tapwater is perfect I'll grew the Sweet Mango without the entire grow) - a small computer fan connected to usb, I had 2, other one just broke + larger fan - melasse - music - and my company ofc since I spend most of my time living and sleeping in the same room I'm growing in! Light cycle 18/6 normally but for my sleep it might become 16/8 tho I can't leave the lights on so when I'm gone light schedule might be different sometimes depending on that. Which means that sometimes lights are off and growing from indirect sunlight. I am probably adding some more light during the grow when and if I have the money. I already need a carbon filter + exhaust fan I did my entire grow without last time and I am not interested in repeating that again with 2 large size plants and 2 small ones. (I don't know how this forum goes about sharing links to other forums if I have to I'll remove it, I know it's not a problem at AFN I know it can be tho!) if you want to see my entire Sweet Mango grow I'm updating that photo journal tomorrow and so you'll be able to see the entire grow start to finish day-by-day apart from at the end sometimes skipping a few days with little difference pictures of my sweetmango & the 2 new Massive Buds:
  6. Hey guys, I am into day 15 of flowering. Wonder if the buds are well?! Thanks for your comments.
  7. hey guys i was wondering if this little baby is going to be fine or not?? hope somebody recognize this weird deformities. here are some pics.
  8. From the album White Widow Critical Kush

    In the beginning


  9. From the album White Widow

    She vegged for 56 days, now in her 11th week of flower.......


  10. From the album White Widow

    White Widow she's 125 days old and in her 11th week of flower


  11. From the album White Widow

    The Harvest window is open watching closely


  12. [sharedmedia=gallery:albums:1421
  13. From the album Autoflower's

    Nefertiti (Black widow x White widow) autoflower grown under the sun with a little bit of extra food.

    © Dutchdane/99seeds

  14. From the album Autoflower's

    Nefertiti (Black widow x White widow)autoflower grown under the sun. It has a fantastic flavour and fruit-taste, the feeling (harvested 1 or 2 week earlier) was a nice combination of a body stone and head-high

    © Dutchdane/99seeds

  15. hi fellow growers, well after a year of seeking info and gathering supplies i decided that i will start to grow my own weed. it been a long road but i'm finally there. here are some pics from the girls. i'm in day 8 now from seed, and day 2 under 400 watts hps. and have a little problem with the humidity, can't get it higher than 55. hope i'm doing alright so far, every tip is welcome. and will be uploading once or twice a week, keep growing. bless
  16. Hi guys time to start my cup journal I've decided to run some GHSC White Widow with the short flowering powder feed. Sensi cal grow for growth part of grow Sensi cal bloom for the blooming Liquid carbo Load all through flowering Superior Potash (PK 9-18) for bloom booster Technaflora Ph Up Technaflora Ph Down
  17. From the album Untitled Album

    Six weeks flowering!

    © PRAshton

  18. Hey fellow hunters I thought I'd start a journal of some sorts for my WW. I've been in danger of clogging the LST thread with pics of this lady, lol She was germinated in volvic bottled water and then placed in paper towels for a night on top of my ps3. Then planted in Root Riot cubes. I started her on Floranova Grow from GH but then switched to Sensi Grow from AN. From the root cube I went to a 4" rockwool block and then to an 11ltr pot with coco/perlite. I vegged her for a month and then flowered with Sensi Bloom, Big Bud and Bud Candy. I've been feeding when pot feels light and flushing every two weeks. She has also had her first round of the GHS flushing technique and is due for day 28 flush on Tuesday Can't believe she's not even half way through yet ...... The one closest to the camera is my SLH, the rest are WW Here's them just transplanted into their 11ltr pots Here's her lookin fat It's the one I've entered in this months competition Will dig out some of the older ones and update with an edit

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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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