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Himalayan Gold, White Lemon, Special Queen

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Hey guys !

I would like to post my garden here, consisted of Himalayan Gold, White Lemon and Special Queen no.1 from RQS.


Plants are topped and nicely developing side and lower branches, my question is, will it grow any taller ? My biggest plant is at around 70cm.


Thanks ! and i will keep it updated :)









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The HimG is a slow mover in veg but sky rockets once in bloom and builds some very nice ice cone shaped buds.


Plants look nice & healthy, good work.

Have a good grow ;)

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Hey man, you gotta cool neighborhood

I agree, these girls have more growth-time in them.

What is the red plant amongst the cannabis with the metal placard standing before it?

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Hey man, thanks for the reply! 

The Red plant is to keep water voles away, if they eat the roots, They will die, but this plant was so big it threw a shadow on my MJ, so i ripped it off the ground :-)

The thing in ground is just wood when i was covering my Girls against Rain, water etc when they were smaller :-)

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waaahhh   NICE !!!!


struggling to get mine that nice & green with all this RAIN ( grrrhhh ) comin' down for weeks and weeks.


Keep it green man, looks nice and organized. Good Job !

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Thanks man! 

Maybe try adding some N, plants are usually pretty nice and Green if you add nutes with lots of N. 

I personally use like 16-7-12 Npk ratio. 


By the way, its normal gardening fert called Kristalon, here in Czech rep  but i believe it is made in Netherlands so you can definitelly order it from there :-) keeps my plants nice and healthy. 


Also, Few pics of my unmentioned Auto Jacks, that are flowering atm




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They have been fertilized gently already to stabilize the N.


Basically I want to avoid most of the salts OD, mostly using Bat Guano , EWC,  Compost &  DolLime ( same is ID actually, where I also add Enzymes )

Only when they grow so strong that this Bio stuff cant keep up we add salts in small amounts.


Since we have heavy rain for over a month now, it is OK for them to have been some-kinda N-washed for now. They still grow like mad and have no other defs..

Ours is in the wilderness and not in a garden btw.   


When the sun comes and the rain gets modest they will turn nice & green...that's the plan :)



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Ohhh  Auto Jack Herer from GHSC ??


I just took some down of those ID.   Nice smoke, nice smell and tase but bag appearance lacks fsar behind its smoking qualities. Also trimming is kinda painfull

cause the buds has many leaves.  Not bad but not a keeper. I had at least 4 different main phenos, The taller ones producing up to over 100gr dry bud indoors.

It heavily depends what phenoes you get, some of them are tall and tiny buds and need 13-14 weeks, even under very intense hps and etc...

The smaller ones generally peak in week 10-11. I could not manage the given times of the catalog but was 1-2 weeks over with the fastest ones, and weeks to come for the slower ones. count week 10-14 as your harvesting weeks, depending on phenoes and trichome colors.


It's also a nice ice hash strain, mild to smoke, not too intense so you can still pretty much do all you want. Very social strain but the plant itself needs and overhaul, less leafes and less phenoes that are not not ID qualified.



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Just came to my mind while looking at your plants again and again and again..:)


The sun is real intense where you are located, covering the soil around the plants with hey and loose dry dirt will help prevent drying out the soil and baking it hard so it wont intake water directly when it comes but runs away.  Just a minor thing that I did to mine to prevent baking the soil.


The HimG I have grown myself just recently and I tell you, this plant goes HIGH and WIDE and has nice, mostly cone shaped buds :)    Havent smoked them yet...in a couple weeks I can tell you how they taste :)


Otherwise...excellent man !!

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Hey all watching my thread! 

Some info about  my auto jacks and himG

Something gnawed or it might be Wind, who knows, the whole side stem 


Auto jacks looking really nice and they are starting to smell already! 




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I agree...

just flush the root area to rid of salts...

let them stand 2-3 weeks, then still 2 weeks more and really impress your neighbors with big fat buds...

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18 hours ago, FallenCZ said:

Thanks alot! 

Im assuming its like 2 or 3 weeks until harvest!  What do you think 

Considering it's an Auto strain ... yes.   


I would judge by colour of the trichomes and general ripeness and feeling of the bud(s) and not by a mark in the calendar, especially not with Autos.


I think some more fattening could take place so you get some yield ;)

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