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Skiff Oil Made Simple

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Heya people! Ever harvested and wondered what to do with the leaves? Well here is a quick simple way to extract oils from them using just a grinder, couple of tea coasters and thats about it.

If you want to do this its best to keep the leaves in a freezer bag in the freezer.... the frozen temperature helps breakdown the oil in the extraction process.

First fill your grinder with as much skiff leaves as you can

and then i like to place grinder in freezer compartment for 10 - 15 minutes.... just to have a joint really

then take remove from freezer and grind and grind and grind until top of your grinder looks like this.....

and inside your grinder looks like this......

Remember the tea coasters? Well its good time to have them handy....... Put a coaster on top of grinder, turn grinder over and place on table, perhaps tapping top of grinder to make sure all the mix comes out

then place the 2 coasters together and squeeze, apply pressure and the oil should start to seep out

and voila......

You now have skiff oil from your trimmed leaves that perhaps would have ended up in the bin.... Sometimes i ran out of weed in the past and i went to my fridge and made this oil from the leaves i had saved in the freezer wink_smile.gif
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