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Realbudz - Super Critical - 06-11-10

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Finally found the seeds in my mailbox, I received 10X Moby Dick and 10X Super Critical. Gonna germinate 5x Super Critical tomorrow for this grow and the next time it's Moby's turn , But for now here are the seeds.

10X Super Critical and 10X Moby Dick

Next update is gonna be when the seeds pop-up.

Gr Rbudz

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Hi, RealBudz! :)

I wish all the best for your grow, and happy testing!!!:))

I'm waiting for same strains.I 'm very concerned. I will follow your content! ;) What's your set-up?

Do you know what's genetik have this strains?

Or it's momental secret?It will b published later from G.H.S.C.


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Thanks everyone, I had a little issue with the authority and because of this I had to break down my tent and move my equipment. But everything is cool now and I can continue with the thread.

Mareska, I grow in a 1.20x1.20 Silverbox with a 600w bulb, normal reflecting hood, clipfan, 250m3 outtake and a 200m3 filter. I dont know what the genetics are neither, if i find out i'll let you know. Looking forward to your thread.

PS: pics will be on later in the night.

Gr Rbudz

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It's been a while since i posted an update, thats because i couldnt anymore due to some isseus. But now i can so i will continue my thread with a new seed.

On 15 januari she came above the ground but i dindt make pictures( didnt have a good cam), bought a new phone last week with a good cam. So i will keep posting new pictures starting today.

These are made today.


I,m gonna shave her legs tomorrow, i was thinkin to make some cuttlings with them will(will post that too).


As you can see she's been topped twice, but it's hard to see



Next update in a week.

See you then,


ps: This plant REALLY SMELLS!!!! Every morning i have to go take a smell from her lovely aroma :love:

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Tokage: Thanks, she's about 14 weeks old and a week into flower. The night temps are okey here, but i'm putting her inside my tent every day.


I dindt have all my pics with me here but i'll post some more this week. I trimmed her legs off and she's doing great.

This pic is from 3 days ago.


And these are the roots of one of the culings i made (transfered to a bigger pot), will post pics of them next update.


Keep smoking,


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