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New seeds to test & Contest !!

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Yes, it can be frustrating to not be selected or to be simply too late in requesting participation in a seed test or in a nutrient test, so please allow me to offer some tips.  These tips are for everybody.   I enjoy seeing a filled participants list and journals filled with beautiful plants and wonderful new techniques.   I offer these thoughts in a friendly manner, so please don't take offense.  I want to help you succeed attaining your tester-position, and the better that the seed tests run, the greater the potential success for SH/GHS.


#1.  If you have only posted replies into the threads created by other members, and you have never opened your OWN thread, then how can StrainHunters feel confident that you have the skills necessary to open a grow journal and make regular updates.  There is nothing at all wrong with responding to the threads of others, as long as you remain on-theme, and don't hijack the thread, and don't insult others, and don't post forbidden content, etc.; it shows that you are surfing around in the forum and that you are participating somewhat in the discussions of the various threads; that's all good, but that might not be enough.  It might be a good idea to open your OWN thread with a RELEVANT theme and invite the participation of others by posting interesting content, interesting comments, interesting pictures and interesting questions.  I would imagine that before StrainHunters would choose someone to participate as a seed tester, they would want to know that the prospective tester has demonstrated at least the minimum skills as a forum participant and journalist in order to be confident in his ability to open a grow journal and post regular updates.


#2.  I imagine that StrainHunters would also make their selection based on your demonstrated skills as a grower.  That means that they may take into consideration journals of your grows that you have ALREADY published here in the forum.  It may not be enough simply to proclaim that you have X-many years experience and that you have grown this and that, and that you have 2 tents with lamps or 2 rooms full of plants.  They might want to first SEE that you ARE A GROWER in your initial journals before your requesting to be a seed tester.  I don't think that StrainHunters expects you to be an expert.  In fact, I think StrainHunters likes to see BOTH the rapid learning-curve of a beginner with limited experience side-by-side with the fine-tuned grows of the more experienced growers.  If you haven't already done so, I would suggest that you get yourself a digital camera.  It doesn't have to be a monster, it just needs to be able to take decent digital pics and upload them to your PC for later uploading into the forum.  Cellphone-cameras are not highly-recommended because of the GPS-data that is included in the data-files of each picture and because of the general difficulty to correct and save the orientation of some pictures upon uploading them into the forum.  Open YOUR OWN initial grow-journal here in the forum, and post updates on a regular basis showing your plants at various stages, such as Germination, Seedling-stage, Vegetative-stage, Flowering-stage and Harvest.  It is also good to include throughout the journal additional comments and supporting pictures describing your soil mixture or your hydroponics setup or your lamps and equipment, etc.  Comment and show also what nutrients you are using, and what problems you are having with pests and feeding, and what you are doing to correct those problems.  Once you have demonstrated that you can run a grow-journal, you may stand a better chance of being selected for a seed test.


#3.  If you are eventually selected, SH/GHS will need a name and address of a recipient in order to send the seeds.  As I undersstand it at the time of this post, SH/GHS will not send seeds to the USA because of their harsh federal laws, and there may be other locations that are similarly restricted.  If the Customs Agents in your land find those seeds, what will they do to the person named as the recipient on the package?  It has been reported in the news that police in a nation in the West-Pacific region are murdering people simply for suspicion of use or posession; and the president of that nation himself has admitted in open television personally conducting some of the murders.  What will they do in your land?  And if it is not addressed to you, to which "friend" will you have SH/GHS address the package?  You might consider that your risk of participation includes the first step, that of getting the seeds.  You can send a message to the Seed Test Organizer or to an Administrator or contact SH/GHS using the contact information found within the forum to ask what stealth measures SH/GHS can use to send them to you.  I cannot answer that question.


#4.  If you have also missed the initial announcement for a seed test by a few days or weeks, then it could be that your general log-on and participation frequency is quite sparce.  Are you a StrainHunter or are you only a lurker?  It has been my experience that SH/GHS usually announces one or two seed tests each year.  Of course, that frequency is not guaranteed, but if you log-on only every couple months, I expect that you will miss-out on the next seed test as well.  I would suggest that you would have better luck if you logged-on and participated in the forum at least once every week or two... at a minimum.  That way, you will be no more than one or two weeks late in requesting a tester's position.  If you jump onto a bicycle and don't push the pedals, eventually you will either fall over or simply lose interest and get off the bicycle.  It's more fun if you push the pedals.  Logical?


So, I hope that you can understand why it is important that demonstration of your skills might be a logical prerequisite for selection as a tester, and I hope that you will accept my suggestions and thoughts in the spirit of friendliness and helpfullness I have written them.

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I know I am new here and wouldn't be considered as a tester right now however I've just ordered strain hunters money maker and dinafem og kush to get a few reports on here. I'd like to build up a rep so maybe in a few months I can get my foot in the door on some new strains!  That cheese x widow sounds bitchin ??


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Yeah, Chemnutter, I see you have opened a topic in "Introduce Yourself", and  you have opened another topic in "News and Announcements".  I invite you to open a growjournal in "Grow Journals Indoor", that way you will get started on the right foot.

Click on "Browse" at the top of the webpage, then scroll down and click on "Grow Journals indoor".  Then open your first journal there, give it the name that represents your journal and begin uploading your pics and comments.  Then you'll be off and running.

I'm available from day to day via messages for more tips if you need them.

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Chemnutter and I have already resolved this issue for Chemnutter.  I post this response in here for the benefit of others who may be facing the same or similar problems.  And to try to keep this Thread on its track.

If you are accessing StrainHunters from a cellphone or an Android, some features do not run smoothly.  The Chats are an example at this time. The forum developers may or may not be able to resolve such issues immediately because the market for these devices is fairly new and the standards are changing so rapidly that it is like a moving target for the developers.  But you may be able to resolve the problem for yourself.

If you would access the site via a computer or a laptop, more features should work correctly.  If not, then try updating your browser to its latest version.  If that doesnt work, you may need to switch to a different browser that is more compatible with your computer or device, and is better able to display incoming data and features.

I am working to create a tutorial to act as a forum navigation-aid for those who need it.  If you would like to receive the latest version of the tutorial, you may send me a request (NOT in THIS Thread, but rather click on my Avatar and then click on "Message" and write your request and send it to me) and I will happily send it to you the next time that I log-on.

We should reserve this Thread for matters having to do with the Theme of this Thread, namely - Seed Testing and the Contest.

(Thanks, Jan.gh)



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Hey Jose I'd love to RE become a strain/nute tester 6 years later my brother been away for a while but I'm back fuzzy was the man to see but I see things have changed a bit and I love the idea of the comps 

Kind regards 

R4l aka no comment

PS new acc ?

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