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yes I have been known to use it, although I usually just buy EM-1 instead of making homemade lacto; you need so little of this stuff for making fermented plant extracts or for bokashi, a liter bottle will last you quite a while. You can feed it raw and as is(watered down like 1000:1), but activating it or making products with it is a more effective use IME

I hate buying things and avoid it wherever possible, but for the sake of quality and consistency I find it easier to work with EM-1, who I am in no way affiliated with professionally by the way, in case you thought I was some sorta company shill

but yeah cannabis likes lacto for sure, just don't go getting any on aloe vera unless you want to watch a spectacular and quick death apparently. I have never been so unfortunate, was a mate of mine that told me. There are other plants that won't like it either too. But cannabis likes it raw in small doses, and loves the fermented products you can make with it. Also very easy to do but a bit beyond the scope of this thread unless you are actually asking... It's a lengthy explanation is what I'm saying but dead easy once you have done it a few times and makes very very effective organic nutrients for pennies on the dollar.

How do you think they make that bottle of fish hydrolysate on your shelf anyway my friend? ;) 

Good luck with it

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