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Allow me to introduce myself

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Hey all! I'm new to strainhunters so I though I would introduce myself. My name is Travis but most people call me Skinny. I've been a MMJ patient for 4 years and growing about 3 years with a handful of succesful soilless and hydro grows under my belt. Last year, Our living situation became unbearable (Grandpa's having issues with mental stability, not sure what it is bc he wont be honest about whats going on. we spent years hoping it would improve or that he would get help, no such luck.) so my Mother and I had to move to a Hotel until we could find a place, which took ~4-5 months. I obviously couldn't set up my grow at the hotel very easily, so I wasn't able to grow the whole time, it was effin' torture... But now we got a new place, and luckily a neighbor has the same appreciation for skunk I do, but doesn't have time to grow for himself. for now I have a space to grow for myself again, and if he likes what he sees, I may take him in as a patient. I decided to get back into the online community to help others, learn a thing or two, and maybe get a hand when needed lol Im looking forward to being part of this community!

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Hello mate, welcome to the forum :)

It will be great to exchange information, experiences, tips, etc ... We can also help if there is any doubt. Photos, diaries culture, you can share what you want.


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Thanks! any thread thats got some good starter breeding info? I was helpin a buddy trim and we started talking about bringing out a certain taste and it kinda reawakened my interest in breeding... breeding plants... breeding two plants together, not me breeding with a plant... just clarifying lol first wake n bake in  years has me a bit foggy

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