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Virus ? Problemas con el PH ?¿


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tengo una planta que algo tiene no se  si es un virus por hay me dijeron q puede ser que el ph del agua no le sea de su agrado, la verdad es q nose ahora a arrancado a florar y sigue  deforme pero florando, cabe decir que en el mismo indoor tengo mas plantas mismas condiciones y no les a pasado nada por eso pienso q puede ser un virus les dejo una foto, saludos



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Hello man, well if this started since the beginning it could be some kind of virus or simply a genetic malformation, it does happen while making seed that some ones get out like this. It is not common but i saw it before. what strain is this? 

If you wanna make sure it is not just a PH problem or something like this get 10 or 20L with the PH and EC controled and give her a big flush, collect the running out water that comes out of the pot and check if there is a big diference with the water you added, it can vary of 0,2 more or less from the start water but more means that the soil has something wrong and maybe some salts builded up or just a bad soil.


Have a good grow

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