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33 minutes ago, Dust said:

I think the best for your style of growing would be to be in 12/12 always like i use to do and like jose did as well, 8-9L pots for everybody sativa or indica, and you can just harvest and add seeds whenever you want, and get good decent result with any strains, count they will veg more or less 20 days before showing sex and start the stretch and end up with good size most of the time. It would suit you pretty good i believe ;) DUST

i was doing that all year long and got 3 or 4 plants each month BUT due to running short of seeds and waiting since September for the Test seeds I had no other chance but start with only 6 - then I added 4 more. To get back on trail I got 4 new girls topped and with fat stems waiting to be put into the tent after I reap 4 others.


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Today the plants are full 7 weeks in bloom and a few do look darn near ready ! Tonight I will select a Blueberry Cheesecake and one of the Super Bud/Trainwreck girls, so that I got some of my own supply for christmas. I got some good commercial HAZE and smoking that got me high BUT man - I smoked a glass bubbler with one of my last Blueberry Cheesecake buds left from the last grow nearly 3 month old by now AND what a difference-not just the usual turn but some real potent brainwash. The difference between good weed and excelloent Cannabis - plus the aroma both in grinding it up, taste and the way the room smell for the next hour. Not as offensive as that sharp gun powder smell from that commercial HAZE.


Besides the Blueberry Cheesecake I got that LEMON KUSH I was skeptical about. It still is not so sticky but there is def. some aroma and real fat colas. Ideal for a SOG. Will be a surprise if and how potent the weed will be. I placed them next to the TOP DAWG and put the big bushy BLUE CHEESE inside of the tent, so that they can both be closer inspected.

I start with these pictures from the grow room. 2 of the TOP DAWGS are topped and got real thick stems, One was a substitute and is younger, so I had no time to top her...

The following pix show the Test Seeds - 4 in different sizes and in various states of ripeness...









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Forgot to show this picture, showing all 4 plants the best. Taken from the outside. All of the buds you see are Super Bud/Trainwreck. The biggest is central, one in a 6.5 liter pot was placed next to it for the foto and what is left to see are 2 more, incl. the one in the back, that I consider to be the ripest. looking beautiful, various colors can be seen on the ripe buds, they are frosty + sticky. Looking really promising...:-)


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Oh man, reaping some nice sticky ganja is something delicious..after all these months of smoking other people's weed, I can't wait till these two strains iare getting dry. That Blueberry Cheesecake is spectacular but the Super Bud / Trainwreck smells great as well. Christmas is saved. Nothing beats good homegrown ganja and at this size 7 weeks is enough to get a nice ready smoke..During this week I will cut more, only the DAMNESIA needs at least 2 or 3 weeks longer. The Lemon Kush needs a little while longer I guess-hard to judge when the buds are not frosty ..only getting browner.

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So by now all 4 plants have been cut down. Definitely ready..First plant reaped is dry by now and a joy to smoke. Excellent aroma, very unique, sweet and elegant. The best one is still drying. All of them can take some curing. As expected by the frost on the leaves + buds this is  definitely a superb strain-the only big minus is the real disapointing amount of buds perplant. I bet none yielded 10 grams - Combined I guess way under an ounce. Like I already said - just growing them from seed with out any tricks (SOG, LST this makes no sense to grow. Judging by the tiny stems, there is not much you can expect. Not even the size of a pencil. Way under 1 cm thick, 70 centimeter or so high with a tiny cola but a whole bunch of side buds around the middle -I guess if you try to spread these out you might get more product. I doubt that topping would really be an alternative. Best way is make cuttings and fill them in 3.5 litter pots and put 24 of them per squaremeter or VEG them forever and do some tricked out Low Stress action and use bamboo sticks to make a whole bunch of stems with colas.

Anyway - You can also just put 4 of them on the sides/front/back and mix them with some plants, that deliver 3 or 4 times as much on average. The high is nice, the taste excellent and best of all it makes me get up and do some chores around the house I simply had mo intention of doing smoking the commercial stuff. This is in fact a weed with medicinal value , lifting my mood.


Wish you all a merry christmas and a smokey new year


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I enjoyed your grow and your well-written conclusions.

If you have any more of these Super Bud x Trainwreck seeds remaining, maybe you could repeat the grow sometime in the future using multiple cuttings, the longer Vegg and those other supercropping techniques you had described?  It would be interesting to see the comparative results.  I know that you are capable.

But but but, of course, I know how much energy a good journal drains from one, so you might need some time to recover; that I understand fully.  Besides, the menu of other strain selections is so tempting, isn't it?

Good job as always...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Bam-Bhole.



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