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duckfoot, its sativa / indica?

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Well i dont know what is the genetic of it, if i remember correctly the shape of the leaf it looked a bit more indica but not sure. In any ways it is not a new type at all it is just a selection of a certain phenotype that had a really diferent type of leaf not properly formed and they made a cross of it i guess ^^

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i believe it is more sativa leaning plant or like 60/40 hybrid maybe, i have a cross of ducksfoot with bling and continued that cross with couple other strains, so far the plants ive flowered have all been long flowering and slightly more sativa leaning i belive, but no its not something new it is just normal strain with weird leaf shape


i dont consider leaf shape to be a accurate indicator or the proper way to tell how much a cross leans to one side or another, it is just one of many many features we are looking for

you might have a tall lanky plant with indica leaf or the thin sativa leafs with fast flowering indica buds and high or mix of any features in the hybrid plants

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The Duckfoot is an autoflowering Hybrid. I read something about it and seen pictures of it and the strange leave size (which makes it hard to spot it as a ganja plant for outdoor gardeners) in a Grow magazine. If you are not sure about a certain strain best check seedfinder.eu for more info..

Let me see if I can find something about it there..

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Yep. It is an australian Hybrid brought on the market by a guy calling himself Wally Duck. It is mainly an outdoor plant. To bring up the height + yield a Sativa was crossed in..


I am sure there is a seed company selling it in europe, too. Can't remember if it was Sweet Seed or another one but that are the origins- not much en depth info available than Australia + Sativa. There is along story behind it on seedfinder.eu - just type in Duckfoot and you can read it..

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