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Exodus Please

UK coffee shops and cannabis clubs

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New experiences!!!

So, I've visited coffee shops in Amsterdam, restaurants in Morocco, dispensaries in the states, private clubs all over Spain and the Balearics and cannabis rum shacks in the Caribbean but I've never been in a coffee shop or cannabis club in my own country!! Crazy? It's not like they don't exist, I just don't live in a populated area to have access or mates who frequent them.

im aware of one or two and semi accurate location information but I'm looking to hear about experiences of Brits or foreign nationals who live here or have visited, are members or those who go regularly, know about or have been to a UK cannabis coffee shop or social club that really operates like Spain for example. E.g. Adamsden.

most interested in London locations but UK wide is the topic.

Sharing is Caring!! PM me if sensitive.


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Yeah, I would enjoy meeting other members.  If I were to go to A'dam sometime, I expect I could meet 2 or 3 in the Coffeeshop.  But how would we recognize one another?

I guess we'd just have to wear some club apparel or sumthin' with our Avatar-name somehow displayed....  LOL


Hmmm, that's an idea...


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I've met with a few forum members in Amsterdam over the years. Cannabis cups and other trips (45+ visits for work and pleasure over 15 years).

i actually find Barcelona clubs much more sociable places to meet new friends.

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Hey Exodus Please there is a guy called Mike Dobson who is in the process of setting up a licensed dispensary in Preston not far from where I am located you can read an article about it here on Peter Reynolds blog https://peterreynolds.wordpress.com/2016/12/09/the-uks-first-licensed-cannabis-dispensary/

The basic idea is that they will run a club called the Preston Cannabis Club http://prestoncannabisclub.co.uk/ and buy herb in bulk for members of the club who can get their ting at the clubs premises and consume it or have it delivered, they are in talks with dibble (Police) to stay within the law, but at the end of the day it this is still supplying a controlled substance which is against the law so I cannot see how they can achieve this legally.

Also the people running the club would run the risk of being charged with conspiring to supply a controlled substance, it will be interesting to see how this works out.


Likkle more

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There  is no such thing as a licensed in the UK .  if you speak to the UKCSC ,  they will tell you this Preston thing is a scam .

 There are a number of Bonafied clubs in the UK since starting this thread  I am a member of two..no permanent location, no promise of supply,  just building a club for future  law change .

 Check out the UKCSC website for a list of Bonafied clubs in your area !!

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